writes from washington dc and glasgow summer 2021: dear 7.5 billion human brains and beings - Back in 1984 our book 2025 report lead editor the economist's norman macrae and biographer of von neumann's legacy of 100 fold more tech each decade 2020 back to 1960 - argued that of the 5 deepest sustainability goals communities are built or destroyed around - education goal 4 needed total transformation so as to achieve goal 3 last mile health, 2 last mile nutrition, 1 end of poverty as well as goal 5 100% inclusive community- we haven't got on to 2020s sustainability orbits yet for the younger half of the world- while all 5 sdgs are crashing into each other we still believe that transforming education can resolve every other challenge - in the 2020s this viw was reinforced by 15 visits to bangladesh to listen mainly to fazle abed who built a netwtek of 100000 personal trainers of womens empowerment - his 50 years of servant leadership influences our top 100 catalogue of how education can save planet and humans from extinction

ABED & - help map who advises younger half of world to connect friends and alumni of late sir fazle abed founder of BRA-Coop = Bangladesh Rural Advancement and Cooperation with billion Asian poorest women sdgs and community building enterprises

Scots are about 1/400 of human species, 80% living around the world. Over two thirds of the world's mothers are Asian. In 1760 we Scota started up age of humans & machines: naturally what we have discovered about chances of human sustainability have come mostly from servant leaders of billion asian village mothers and a few euro-american maths wizards, notably von neumann, einstein writes: Dad, Norman Macrae, end poverty sub-editor of the economist during most first 45 years of the united nations died in 2010, the 250th year of humans and machines started up by Glasgow University's Watt & Smith: soon afterwards Japan's Ambassador to Dhaka arranged for a dinner party to celebrate Sir Fazle Abed as humanity's greatest entrepreneurial revolutionary - can you help us share the knowhow abed empowered a billion asian women to network? it could just save our

Thursday, December 31, 1970 asks: can you help us log Fazle Abed's 100 best friends and alumni of sustainability's urgent links to empowering the eighth of world who are female younger poorer-abed gravitated billion dollar networking solutions around the first 5 sdgs - poverty<> food security<> health<> education<> community 100% lives/livelihoods matter-  as well as goals 17-1 the younger half of the world (as first sdg generation's) most trusted local to global partners in deep data innovating as fast as nature's evolutionary designs demand-

 in remembrance of Abed we coin the term HUNIcorn -start up networks too valuable for true investors to exit or public servants to quarrel over -

eg HU3.3 vaccinating rural asia nations = a triple-win partnership between unicef led by james grant during banng;adesh's first 17 years, and womens BRA& CRA- Rural Advancement Bangladesh/China - without this rural nation scaling solution women would not have been empowered to be as productive as men, and BRA-Coop would not have becomes the ngo world's largest partner and Hunicorn mapmaker to all hemispheres where girls are not yet born free due to failing communities as well as failed nations

Name and current job with link to past abed coop

2021 commitments relevanto to abed hunicorns



U1 Henrietta Fore UNICEF director general new york in 2021 fore is most connected person in un networks of education -all of unesco unicef oecd browns 1 2 3 edu commisions and refugee edu networks will debrief at dubai edu expo dec 2021 as will sec general connctors: youth minister; brown's sherif - debriefs on digital cooperation in goals 1 2 3 4

news Generation Unlimited t gu-b 4.3

HU4.1-4.6 Promising to coordinate learning passports and action report dunai december rewired21 with all UN edu leaders eg envoy gordon brown unesco leader oecd leader ; un hq newsleader on refugee edu,

without unesco dir gen's late 1970s + coop with BRA/CRA on vaccinating and hydrating a nations infants and mother one billion villagers in bangladesh and china would not have started up the journey of ending extreme rural poverty; although abeds rural keynsian model ie microfranchising was different that china's village capitalism models - life critical action learning networks in health multiply value in use in exactly opposite ways than zero sum thing consumption - see also neumann above zero sum games 

Lead connector of world economic forum commitmemts to change education- all un edu leaders likely to celebrate ai education leaps at dubai expo along with dubai consisten itu partner #aiforgood



























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