2025report.com thanks sir fazle abed- sustainability's greatest hero in 60 years since my family first reported at The Economist critical impacts of asia's majority of our human race

welcome to college year 2021-22 aka 37/40 of 2025report.com major talking points & Diary of
last best chance to design world where next girl born -or child of any skin color has nature's greatest chance of a good life
my father norman and lifelong journalist at the economist was last journalist to interview von neumann- whose biography of industrial revolutions IR3 and IR4 he later wrote- our core belief :

we 7.5 human beings have all the tech and abundance of nature to design good life opportunities for all if we unite/collaborate in doing so

BUT unlike IR1 sharing machine energy which rolled out slowly and partially, IR2-4 completely changed human potential in under a generation; we made a mess of ir2 communications tech, and the UN was born to resolve, and by 1957's death of von neumann kennedy and others were uniting the world in hope of soon no mission impossible
round any dynamics unique to human being

.transparency questions we seek to mediate in 21-22 our 37th year of updating 2025 report's countdown to sustainability generations-
  • what is the most entrepreneurial way teachers need to explore 4 industrial revolutions if today's younger half of the world especially poorest or colored halves are to celebrate their communal contributions to sustainability?
  • can leaders of entrepreneurial revolution learn systematically from what chances have we so far missed between 2021 and 1945 and 1760 when the machine age started to be webbed around the world out of Glasgow University thanks to brothers James and Adam ie through systems connecting alumni of engineering and social-economic mapmaking
  • welcome to abedmooc.com - 30 collaboration networks -a billion village women app'd to end poverty -2021 TOP 100 ways to change education and prevent species extinction - special thanks economistdiary.com and economistUN.com
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    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes from washington dc and glasgow summer 2021: dear 7.5 billion human brains and beings - valuing youth's futures was easier ack in 1984 our book 2025 report, lead editor the economist's norman macrae, and biographer of von neumann's legacy of 100 fold more tech each decade 2020 back to 1960 -...

    valuetrue.com- help profile ten wizard tricks for ESG-Environment Social Governance-positive cashflow business models interest me- they are both the only way to scale sustainability of all our children and how to extinguish our species
    the difference is to be found in a purposeful and transparent model that is multiwin including society's need that the business is preventing the greatest risks it sectors experts know most about versus a short-term model where owners are taking from every other stakeholder every quarter
    even more interesting is a partnership network of business models; unfortunately if even one core partner is not sustainable the whole network may collapse on society
    as a statistician i have spent 50 years searching for most purposelful networks in the world- i don't expect to find one more purposeful than that built over 50 years by fazle abed and a billion poorest village women - goal 5 100% livesmatter communities 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 ref Safiqul Islam 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6

    ABED & - help map who advises younger half of world to connect friends and alumni of late sir fazle abed founder of BRA-Coop = Bangladesh Rural Advancement and Cooperation with billion Asian poorest women sdgs and community building enterprises

    Scots are about 1/400 of human species, 80% living around the world. Over two thirds of the world's mothers are Asian. In 1760 we Scota started up age of humans & machines: naturally what we have discovered about chances of human sustainability have come mostly from servant leaders of billion asian village mothers and a few euro-american maths wizards, notably von neumann, einstein
    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes: Dad, Norman Macrae, end poverty sub-editor of the economist during most first 45 years of the united nations died in 2010, the 250th year of humans and machines started up by Glasgow University's Watt & Smith: soon afterwards Japan's Ambassador to Dhaka arranged for a dinner party to celebrate Sir Fazle Abed as humanity's greatest entrepreneurial revolutionary - can you help us share the knowhow abed empowered a billion asian women to network? it could just save our species..EconomistDiary.com Xglasgow.com

    Friday, December 31, 1999

    Son of The Economist's Macrae: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes:In 1999 I gave my only lecture at harvard: 20 years research showed that the west's biggest market players fanned by fake media were deviating from their markets' sustainable purpose - i was told that while my research as a statistician might be correct nobody in usa would fund it. 21 years on when the world meets in my family's home town glasgow i trust smithians will demand transparent maps from big corporate world- their leaders and investors - chris mactae ma statitics damtp cambridge corpus christi college
    Economistmaps.com Goodhubsguide.com dedicates freedom & happiness of rural keynesianism TO fazleabed.com & chinese barefoot medics since 1970, all women under 30- quarter of humans- 90% of sustainability solutions......................

    3 HEALTH
    4 EDU

    hu100- abed's legacy:
    hu100: purpose of university in 3rd millennium era of global village networking youth as sustaiable generations

    hU01 when fazle abed first built 16000 homes for
    100,000 villagers he did not realise that over the
    next 50 years this would become the deep data lab for
    microfranchise solution partnering in helping empower
    village women build the rural nation of bangladesh and
    that chinese village women needing similar solutions
    would incorporate social business capitalism into china's
    rural keynesianism- all told 1 billion asians would not
    have improved health, ended famine, become the world's -celebrated greatest education leaps with the least resources without resilient
    & safe community building -more on hu01
    At The Economist 40 years ago we started debates on
    future of health, education, tech; 50 year ago on finance and legislature of western organisations; 60 years ago how two thirds of humans living in asia needed new engineers to end poverty and collaborate around sustainability
    Are you influencing your city's green collaboratory events? - example among 40 in-network collaboration cafe cities new yorkers helped mediate this 2009 while americans were free to celebrate green millennials
    .BBCGREEN & Bangla5000 selections 2021-2000
    21 lbs- africa's turn +hunicorn100 hughes
    21-health equity:LBS: -cf astra.place AI 18..19..20..21
    19 50 years building number 1 ngo collab with abed bhai.. GATES __NotesU-saving lives
    13 khan asks musk- did your college plan include taking over NASA
    03 bezos - gold rush or next electricity
    over 50 million Chinese died of famine by mid 1960s so by 1968 chinese village parents began Goals1-4 search; bangladesh joined in by 1972- its bangladesh story we have spent 10 years researching ... already by 1960s japanese koreans and chinese diaspora had the money and the motivation to help all asia rise...

    hot gos - 2021 year 37 of only transformation can save our species

    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - in search of massive under 30 collaborations 1 2 3 4 5 writes 

    in 1984 i co-authored the future history 2025report.com valuing education more than economics -at least for those who wanted our great grand children to inherit opposite futures from orwell's 1984- two opposite futures- nothing i between- would spin from 100 times moore tech every decade since the legacy of von neumann which started un arounbd jfk's moon race decade, gordon moore's 100timesmoore silicon valley and ai labs facing pacific out of standford and atlantic out of mit boston

    fast backward from hot chats in 2021 

    may  actually this year  there are about 50 people -and 100 universities students unions i am trying to collaboratively linkin because they can help 16-30 year olds change how they study or act in urgent directions such as ending covid, rectifying climate, ending student debt, creating livelihoods under 30s need to be the sdg generation

    i hope some immediate connection will pop up between three of you -here's summary of what i understand you are urgently connecting but please correct any misemphasis /error on mt part

     my understanding is inger and zasheem are committed to making sure youth connect through cop26 nov
    and abubakr has been helping my friends understand what the dubai expo december and Home > RewirEd will pull together with educators in december including all the un energies of unicef unesco, gordon brown un edu envoy including at least 3 refugee education partnerships of 70+ countries  who have been announcing since unga75 sept 2020 that dubai is where their education networks will meet - actually there are at least 3 education networks i know better than dubai but the hope is they can all empower youth- abubakr's number 1 concern is livelihoods of sudan youth; he's spent nearly a decade in malaysia, china, japan, dubai having started with a commonwealth program on missing ways of developing under 30s apprenticeship

    ZASHEEM IS AT GLASGOW UNIVERSITY UNION; this whole 750 person space is available for youth events on mid saturday of cop26  nov 6; this is also 260th reunion space of where engineering began around adam smith and james watt - trying to understand how can youth celebrate connections before during and after cop26 is a core purpose of zasheem; he's also into 11th year of publishing 21st c journal of adam smith economics; coming originally from bangladesh he is interested in the sdg solutions that have been built through women empowerment over 50 years around such inspiring leaders as the late sir fazle abed - my number 1 hero ;;;; - and muhammad yunus- my family is in its 100th year of trying to make east-west connections starting with my maternal grandad whose 25 years of mediation with gandhi in mumbai led to sir ken writing up legalese of independence a nightmare of a rushed project in 1945 which was when my father came back from spending his last days as a reen navigating airplanes in allied bomber command stationed in modernday myanmar- so arguably father had a google map vie of east west before anyone else and applied this to over 40 years of sub-editing the economist around smithian end poverty goals

    inger and i exchanged some ideas a decade ago but she is now mobilising scandinavian youth connections with cop26 and more broadly eu erasmus exchanges- this has huge relevance to british youth- in brexti our youth have been thrown out of erasmus and told to build turing youth exchanges; if we dont accelerate that out of glasgow most british youth will get left out
    all the best chris macrae  37th year only edu transformation can save species http://www.2025report.com 
    +1 240 316 8157  wash dc region