Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Mike’s Plan:

  • Establish a national 311 service that citizens can call, text, email or tweet 24/7
  • Improve the 20 highest-priority federal services used by the public
  • Partner with existing 311 programs in cities to create a seamless system for providing services at all levels of government
  • Help expand local 311 services to underserved communities across the country

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Mike’s Plan:

Establish a national 311 system that will provide services across all platforms

Citizens will be able to access information and services and report problems to a central hub that will coordinate help for all federal agencies.

Identify the 20 highest-priority consumer-facing government services

Mike’s plan will upgrade customer service to a standard comparable to the private sector. This includes little-to-no wait times, mobile-friendly “trackers” on the status of requests and the resolution of all requests in a short time frame.

Set a goal of creating a network of local 311 services across the country.

Mike will work with local leaders to build on the success of existing programs and expand the reach of 311 into new communities.  

Mike’s Record:

Mike will get this done, because he’s done it before as mayor of New York City.
He established a 311 system for New York City that continues to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in nearly 180 languages. It allows people to submit photos and videos with their requests for service improvements. Citizens called for help 160 million times in the program’s first 10 years and rated their satisfaction above the private sector standard.
Before Mike integrated 311, the city government had 40 different call lines to city agencies and no centralized way for the public to get information from the right source. Insights from residents enabled innovative new methods to identify and resolve quality of life issues. The service has become an essential tool for government accountability and a data-driven guide to areas that the city should address. New York City’s 311 system also has become a model for international and domestic cities.