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Idea sustainability of humanity will depend on girls as job creators

Exciting - it still needs a billion girls to help it happen

Where did idea start? While there are different cultural views of someting so briliantly human, I first heard about when members of china's quarter of a billion girls shared ideas with the world's number 1 investmnt partnership in girls that used to be hubbed solely out of Bangakdesh but is now to be found wherever the most courageous girls and boys are to be found linking in solutions to sustainability goals -

partnering 7 billion peoples' S-goals-Goal 17

Monday, July 4, 2016

IDAY 2016 breaking news : the nation developed by women and girls - Bangladesh - is celebrating owning the largest cashless bank in a developing nation - designed with knowhow from the same coding team that built Kenya's cashless bank with a little help from brilliant coding youth at MIT and the legatum bank out of the fastest growing youth micronation Dubai

Happy IDAY2015 -just spent 4 days with 1000 creative choldren form all over the world on the elipse outside white house- never seen so much talent in DC before -what's the world coming to?

breaking news - new year 2013- congrats to our friends who started at jamii bora (kenya's happy family banking started by orphans out of a slum in 1999) - without you ihub mpesa, joywo would never have emerged
The Economist says Kibera may be most entrepreneurial place on planet

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