download ABED hunicorns catalogue help us find startup networks so valuable to sustainability that they are not to be exited by investors nor quarreled over by politicians
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50 YEAR SEARCH FOR HumansAI top 100 hUNIcorns (networks that never exit life-dev purpose) - from 100000 village to first 50 new universities who share sdg alumni- also current top 10 at abed 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

In 1999 I gave my only lecture at harvard: 20 years research showed that the west's biggest market players fanned by fake media were deviating from their markets' sustainable purpose - i was told that while my research as a statistician might be correct nobody in usa would fund it. 21 years on when the world meets in my family's home town glasgow i trust smithians will demand transparent maps from big corporate world- their leaders and investors - chris mactae ma statitics damtp cambridge corpus christi college dedicates freedom & happiness of rural keynesianism TO & chinese barefoot medics since 1970, all women under 30- quarter of humans- 90% of sustainability solutions......................


hu100- abed's legacy:
hu100: purpose of university in 3rd millennium era of global village networking youth as sustaiable generations

hU01 when fazle abed first built 16000 homes for
100,000 villagers he did not realise that over the
next 50 years this would become the deep data lab for
microfranchise solution partnering in helping empower
village women build the rural nation of bangladesh and
that chinese village women needing similar solutions
would incorporate social business capitalism into china's
rural keynesianism- all told 1 billion asians would not
have improved health, ended famine, become the world's -celebrated greatest education leaps with the least resources without resilient
& safe community building -more on hu01
At The Economist 40 years ago we started debates on
future of health, education, tech; 50 year ago on finance and legislature of western organisations; 60 years ago how two thirds of humans living in asia needed new engineers to end poverty and collaborate around sustainability
Are you influencing your city's green collaboratory events? - example among 40 in-network collaboration cafe cities new yorkers helped mediate this 2009 while americans were free to celebrate green millennials
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21 lbs- africa's turn +hunicorn100 hughes
21-health equity:LBS: -cf AI 18..19..20..21
19 50 years building number 1 ngo collab with abed bhai.. GATES __NotesU-saving lives
13 khan asks musk- did your college plan include taking over NASA
03 bezos - gold rush or next electricity
over 50 million Chinese died of famine by mid 1960s so by 1968 chinese village parents began Goals1-4 search; bangladesh joined in by 1972- its bangladesh story we have spent 10 years researching ... already by 1960s japanese koreans and chinese diaspora had the money and the motivation to help all asia rise...

Friday, September 11, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

1 we discussed the plan of empowering yuxuan and amy to be chinese youth with the most timely information in world of solving sustainbilty goals by developing the OPPORTUNITY portal in chiense and englise with global youths most exciting opportunities (ie skills or jobs you access by participating as intern, hackathon co-producer, young leader of a global peer to peer learning franchsie, best relations with superdoders of apps etc)

2 this plan's critical action is best partners developing girls lives- betrween us we mapped best partners through new york (and realted 1776 superplaces) and each of our alumni networks; we willbe asking sir fazle abed if he wants to liknin his best partners in world of girls livelihoods; we aim to work out hiw dubai-mit can be a best opportunity source, we will try to discover who in world bank is operating kim's youth oppporunity dream 

3 jose i realise your china visit will just miss mine but please brief yuxuna and all of us on where you want to installl your wi-fi towers to transmit 200 miles of rural and have best reception through your extraordinary receiver- i mentioned yuxuan is spending a year as village chief in the yale-linked program which you indicated familiartity of- while yuxuan comes from province nearest north korea, she graduate from chinas top university tsinghua, is a fellow of wise, hosts pan africa summits out of liberia, is potentually amy's and all of us's best chiense youth sustainability friend; i am hugely privoleged to get 3 days of her time in beijing sunday through wedensday evening - do skype into us etc if you have questions or answers!

4 john thank you for the summary of networks of of camilo and rodrigo; i wasnt fully aware that they had spent 5 yeras of summit search for best latino oppportunities - when you are next in conversation with them please ask if they need more info from maurice about how to be celebrated by vatican university- if you are arranging for stephanie to meet eg dianne please see if amy can join in too- two people who know the 400 world bank youth in development network is huge 

5 stephanie i domt have words for how much i love your work on crowfunding apps by and for girls especially- the vagina app can be central to all of bracs adolescent gorls networks and the lancets missing peer to peer curricula we were briefed on at world bank; i would think that even jim kim would want a note about it delivered by hand to the 13th floor where i know how to get to his secretary in extremely important cases; i hope you find the best back office supporters of your youths crowdfund ypou most need; between 2008 -2011 i was most cotnnected with yunus paris networks- could you intriduce us to the parisian who trains up your crowdfuners - i need to be in paris at the 8000 convergences conference at start of september whose founders zasheem in glasgow and i know in september; glasgow university was sir fazles alma mater so we have a big favor to ask him in helping scotland leap beyond brexit-  congratulations on arrangiong october youth entrepreneur competition at UN

6 peter what did i forget - if you have words of encouragement on what a good idea opportunity web is please tell amy so she makes a quichk start as she relovcated to new york starting about july 11; i guess mostofa will write in to us when he is free to tell us which eladers in UAE support november dubai 29th competition and which coding labs at mit depend on uae or suadi funds; i realise that we need to turn mit dean into a collaborator with amys idea- 

7 so how/when do we do another leades quest to mit; and does anyne want to do a leaders quest to beijing before 9 august when yuxuan's village chieftain job starts for a year

any errors in reporting mine alone
thanks for being the most extraordinarey people i have ever met