Monday, July 4, 2016

IDAY 2016 breaking news : the nation developed by women and girls - Bangladesh - is celebrating owning the largest cashless bank in a developing nation - designed with knowhow from the same coding team that built Kenya's cashless bank with a little help from brilliant coding youth at MIT and the legatum bank out of the fastest growing youth micronation Dubai

Happy IDAY2015 -just spent 4 days with 1000 creative choldren form all over the world on the elipse outside white house- never seen so much talent in DC before -what's the world coming to?

breaking news - new year 2013- congrats to our friends who started at jamii bora (kenya's happy family banking started by orphans out of a slum in 1999) - without you ihub mpesa, joywo would never have emerged
The Economist says Kibera may be most entrepreneurial place on planet