download ABED hunicorns catalogue help us find startup networks so valuable to sustainability that they are not to be exited by investors nor quarreled over by politicians
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50 YEAR SEARCH FOR HumansAI top 100 hUNIcorns (networks that never exit life-dev purpose) - from 100000 village to first 50 new universities who share sdg alumni- also current top 10 at abed 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

In 1999 I gave my only lecture at harvard: 20 years research showed that the west's biggest market players fanned by fake media were deviating from their markets' sustainable purpose - i was told that while my research as a statistician might be correct nobody in usa would fund it. 21 years on when the world meets in my family's home town glasgow i trust smithians will demand transparent maps from big corporate world- their leaders and investors - chris mactae ma statitics damtp cambridge corpus christi college dedicates freedom & happiness of rural keynesianism TO & chinese barefoot medics since 1970, all women under 30- quarter of humans- 90% of sustainability solutions......................


hu100- abed's legacy:
hu100: purpose of university in 3rd millennium era of global village networking youth as sustaiable generations

hU01 when fazle abed first built 16000 homes for
100,000 villagers he did not realise that over the
next 50 years this would become the deep data lab for
microfranchise solution partnering in helping empower
village women build the rural nation of bangladesh and
that chinese village women needing similar solutions
would incorporate social business capitalism into china's
rural keynesianism- all told 1 billion asians would not
have improved health, ended famine, become the world's -celebrated greatest education leaps with the least resources without resilient
& safe community building -more on hu01
At The Economist 40 years ago we started debates on
future of health, education, tech; 50 year ago on finance and legislature of western organisations; 60 years ago how two thirds of humans living in asia needed new engineers to end poverty and collaborate around sustainability
Are you influencing your city's green collaboratory events? - example among 40 in-network collaboration cafe cities new yorkers helped mediate this 2009 while americans were free to celebrate green millennials
.BBCGREEN & Bangla5000 selections 2021-2000
21 lbs- africa's turn +hunicorn100 hughes
21-health equity:LBS: -cf AI 18..19..20..21
19 50 years building number 1 ngo collab with abed bhai.. GATES __NotesU-saving lives
13 khan asks musk- did your college plan include taking over NASA
03 bezos - gold rush or next electricity
over 50 million Chinese died of famine by mid 1960s so by 1968 chinese village parents began Goals1-4 search; bangladesh joined in by 1972- its bangladesh story we have spent 10 years researching ... already by 1960s japanese koreans and chinese diaspora had the money and the motivation to help all asia rise...

Friday, April 16, 2021

        For some engineers, building 16000 homes at 5 dollars each housing total of 100000 people might have been miracle enough but then abed saw 16000 village mothers and 60000 kids starving or dying of diseases like diarrhea- so he designed microfranchise businesses for women to be the village food security and basic health servants - and two american chinese missioaries said can we swap some of your village micrfranchises (we need oral rehydration) with those in village china;

 and then james grant of unicef said why not replicate your village solutions all across bangladesh, and is there something extra unicef can do for you - abed said can you arrange for the government to vaccinate half of bangadesh while our village networks do the other half. and so a blend of bottom up disater relief and sustainable micrfranchises became the world's largest ngo partnership- and all the while bottom up hunicorns networks had no taxes or traditional top down aid- empowerment is a very different way of nation building- and across the two thirds of humans who are asians - women just did it whereve extreme poverty was ended

hu01 - resilient community   hu02 oral rehydration -nation wide moters training
huo3 -last mile hrlth service franchise - one village women weekly door t door 300 homes selling basic non-prescrition drugs and being mothers source of  health news
hu04 - 5 times more productive village rice production...


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