Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Over 40 years at the economist 1948-1988, dad norman macrae, wrote over 3000 leaders at The Economist. of which only 25 were signed - one per year from 1962

his debates turned the economist into a global viewspaper; there were 2 most popular topics

entrepreneurial revolution or future history in which norman typically chose to debate the consequences of 40 years of 1000 times more tech per decade -including the loss of human species if we failed to prepare for 2020s as the most exciting and collaborative decade ever- the last one when parents could realistically expect their millennial children rise as the first sustainability generatin

futures of regions- particularly asia where two thirds of humans live and the continent which was most trapped by the era of colonial empire and the first 185 years of humnas and machines started up in glasgow of 1760s- 

all of these topics may have unique sinificance n 2021 both with glasgow ghosting cop26 in november- covid having become probably the first warning through which every human being is simultaneously what else ha everyone failed to prep in this 21st c


dc's last meeting of species concerned folks

nyecsis jan2020 dc the greatest debate

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