2025report.com thanks sir fazle abed- sustainability's greatest hero in 60 years since my family first reported at The Economist critical impacts of asia's majority of our human race

welcome to college year 2021-22 aka 37/40 of 2025report.com major talking points & Diary of
last best chance to design world where next girl born -or child of any skin color has nature's greatest chance of a good life
my father norman and lifelong journalist at the economist was last journalist to interview von neumann- whose biography of industrial revolutions IR3 and IR4 he later wrote- our core belief :

we 7.5 human beings have all the tech and abundance of nature to design good life opportunities for all if we unite/collaborate in doing so

BUT unlike IR1 sharing machine energy which rolled out slowly and partially, IR2-4 completely changed human potential in under a generation; we made a mess of ir2 communications tech, and the UN was born to resolve, and by 1957's death of von neumann kennedy and others were uniting the world in hope of soon no mission impossible
round any dynamics unique to human being

.transparency questions we seek to mediate in 21-22 our 37th year of updating 2025 report's countdown to sustainability generations-
  • what is the most entrepreneurial way teachers need to explore 4 industrial revolutions if today's younger half of the world especially poorest or colored halves are to celebrate their communal contributions to sustainability?
  • can leaders of entrepreneurial revolution learn systematically from what chances have we so far missed between 2021 and 1945 and 1760 when the machine age started to be webbed around the world out of Glasgow University thanks to brothers James and Adam ie through systems connecting alumni of engineering and social-economic mapmaking
  • welcome to abedmooc.com - 30 collaboration networks -a billion village women app'd to end poverty -2021 TOP 100 ways to change education and prevent species extinction - special thanks economistdiary.com and economistUN.com
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    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes from washington dc and glasgow summer 2021: dear 7.5 billion human brains and beings - valuing youth's futures was easier ack in 1984 our book 2025 report, lead editor the economist's norman macrae, and biographer of von neumann's legacy of 100 fold more tech each decade 2020 back to 1960 -...

    valuetrue.com- help profile ten wizard tricks for ESG-Environment Social Governance-positive cashflow business models interest me- they are both the only way to scale sustainability of all our children and how to extinguish our species
    the difference is to be found in a purposeful and transparent model that is multiwin including society's need that the business is preventing the greatest risks it sectors experts know most about versus a short-term model where owners are taking from every other stakeholder every quarter
    even more interesting is a partnership network of business models; unfortunately if even one core partner is not sustainable the whole network may collapse on society
    as a statistician i have spent 50 years searching for most purposelful networks in the world- i don't expect to find one more purposeful than that built over 50 years by fazle abed and a billion poorest village women - goal 5 100% livesmatter communities 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 5.6; 4 livelihood edu for all 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 4.6 ref Safiqul Islam 3 last mile health services 3.1 3,2 3.3 3.4 3.5 3.6 last mile nutrition 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 2,6 banking for all workers 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6

    ABED & - help map who advises younger half of world to connect friends and alumni of late sir fazle abed founder of BRA-Coop = Bangladesh Rural Advancement and Cooperation with billion Asian poorest women sdgs and community building enterprises

    Scots are about 1/400 of human species, 80% living around the world. Over two thirds of the world's mothers are Asian. In 1760 we Scota started up age of humans & machines: naturally what we have discovered about chances of human sustainability have come mostly from servant leaders of billion asian village mothers and a few euro-american maths wizards, notably von neumann, einstein
    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk writes: Dad, Norman Macrae, end poverty sub-editor of the economist during most first 45 years of the united nations died in 2010, the 250th year of humans and machines started up by Glasgow University's Watt & Smith: soon afterwards Japan's Ambassador to Dhaka arranged for a dinner party to celebrate Sir Fazle Abed as humanity's greatest entrepreneurial revolutionary - can you help us share the knowhow abed empowered a billion asian women to network? it could just save our species..EconomistDiary.com Xglasgow.com

    Monday, December 31, 1973

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    Entrepreneurial Revolution 1976 The Economist by Norman Macrae
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    2025 report - 37th year of re-editing at bidenuni.com
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    fazle abed ,AI SD goal 1 END POVERTY BY nations,cities, markets, tech and uni coalitions .
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    20 reasons why top male bosses in english speaking nations are destroying their peoples
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    100 ways standardised testing destroys youth's sustainability
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    2020 what would adam smith make of man & machine @260
    non virus solution curricula to sustainability goals 1-16
    covid19 5th grade curricula -corona virus
    what would florence make of health servant leadership
    9* Sir Fazle Abed
    borlaug, deming & royal triad of japan uk netherlands kuan yew ka-shing
    von neumann moore and mit
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    85-25 valuing 9 times healthier human networking absolutely critical
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    smithian scholars class 260 - hi-trust markets united human goals
    Leon Botstein, Soros and other greatest educators of sdg generation
    zoom to tele-education -post corona world
    do you know how to value 3-dimensional economics- of globe, of 200 nations, of top 50 categories
    whats new and old about 75th year of learning how to Unite Nations
    OSUN first global university empowering sdg generation coalitions
    fazle abed and a billion people's favorite education network
    Soros 50 countries
    bezos versus ma- how american peoples lost 4th new economic model
    BU Brac University 2.0 - sdg womens greatest university partnership?
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    Agricultural/Rural economics- blunders and freedoms
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    what if jfkennedy had met royals of UK japan- sustainability consequences
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    50 years of english language economies destroying humanity
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    Mapping India's 17 most exciting races
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    Sustianability's Year 49 The Economist search 30K community rising business & service models
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    there is not a sustainable place on earth yet- why not?
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    UN extinction or trade that is the question.
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    #BR0 young leaders : naturally china largest gdp by 2030 whatever trump does
    China Capitalism - How Women & Youth were asked to Change www sustainability
    supernation economics valuetrue maths crisis: nature values geo & eco systems more than humans
    How can you help students and teachers who discover sustainability's missing solutions?
    Love & Sustainability: NormanMacrae.net remembered by son and grandddaughter
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    Case 1 learning from world's largest livelihood educator and cashless bnaker
    Sports Arts top 10 non-sustainable market
    Will USA lose First 100 Nations of Sustainability Status?
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    How about Soros & Francis & Kim if your politicians ban ending poverty with Asian Girl Power
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    2020s to 1945 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G Moon 60s UN1945
    Technology leapfrogging and the end of poverty
    Is it possible to sustain planet earth without west's g7 nations?
    what were the 2 world wars really about? freedom to trade...
    Shall we design markets for 10 billion, 3 bn or zero people?
    learn from most conscious network in girls world
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    Mapping Economics of Ports & Railroads & Digital
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    Privatization - good, bad, terribly no-sustainable?
    Cost of Girls True News
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    BRi.school why under 30s need to value boats & trains more than cars and planes
    My favorite europe university east of glasgow is in mortal danger?
    Who's Afraid of Diversity of 195 nations
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    economies where mass thrives, do no evil to poorest, east belt road economy since 1950
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    what scottish economists actually said
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    top 8 job creators jinping, pope francis, sir fazle, jack ma, jae-in &
    Brac's curriculum - of how girls built 8th most populated nation on trust and love
    BELT - mapping future of places if youth are to be sustainable everywhere in 21st C
    welcome to AI sustainability trade mapping BELTUSASIA,com
    marketing's new ;playbook
    lessons from first 3000 US alumni trained by jack ma gateway17.com detroit
    New York Sept 2018 - Is teaching sustainability possible?
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    belts 65 industrial zones- exploring links to jobs, tech hubs and learning exchanges
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    help quarterbilliongirls.com draft urgent request to world bank jim kim
    Optimistic reasons 2018's sustainbility summits will leap to changing education round 3 bn new jobs
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    Feb 2018 par 1/6 months girlsnchnage education at United Nations
    imagine if media was used for youth to debate top 7 job creators
    alibabauni.com why BAT is not FAG
    Mastermind Quiz- saving human race from extinction 2030-1946
    History's WRJC including Gandhi Marx Smith Keynes &
    can education help youth save humanity from extinction?
    who do you know - world record job creators or destroyers?
    100 years of reporting the market for poverty alleviation
    2019-2020 Beijing Belt Road Forum 2 May 2019; Japan G20 and Alibaba Olympics
    2018 year that india and china raced to end poverty : together!
    Celebrating East West South North- What 3.5 billion elders Can do in next 1461 days
    aiib 2018 mumbai june
    WISE@UNGA 2018 september new york
    4.5A - changing education
    trade maps - development of peoples by goodwill (health) and finance (wealth)
    do you know joyful stories of sustainability gen's students and teachers
    3 new banking summits: aiib mumbai, sco qingdao , brics joburg
    3 WISE SUMMITS - Accra May, UN New York Sept, Paris March 2019
    Ali Baba - TOP 5 ECONOMY OF 21st C
    WRJCbook not facebook
    ngo rankings by friends of norman macrae foundation
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    Exciting Development Economists - Norman Macrae
    whathappened USA
    13 years left for 3.5 bn explorers of sustainability 2.0
    is diesel one of the dirtiest of energies?
    Belt up 9 regions
    top 5 micro word trade platforms for creating 3 billion news jobs for under 30s
    lessons from lessons from 80 country club redesigning investment banks round green infrastructure
    who's who of celebrating end of tv ad age
    how south korea is pullin all stops out to be china's best supporter of sustainability generation
    characters at aiib 2017 include
    East's 70 years of amazing development economic models
    exploring the world's history and future through eyes of young chinese ladies & auld scottish allies
    fast changing question - who can finance humanity's life critical goals?
    explore young world's top 25 job creating platforms
    how can everyone build the most valuable idea the world has ever heard of
    year 34 of why not free trade with russian people
    un year of ecotourism
    4th grade Girl's 20 stories of futures worthy of human race
    is cnn destroying its value
    rejuventaion of media - why youth alumni of happy east will sustain humanity, dismal west wont
    chinese millennials -sustainability half billion lead storytellers
    world cultural entrepreneur - who?
    100 days -- 1/14.6 #TheEconomist
    what is the future of retail?
    How to design 3 billion new jobs around youth
    #youthtech - worldwide brand charter search by Baltimore
    world's most valuable question- which markets are good for all the peoples?
    2020,2019,2018 = now!
    west baltiimore - the most collaborative urban city space for sustainability (goal 11)
    Sustaining fully employed youth and 100$ graduate degrees
    Conscious Post Its
    why parents need to mentor kids in email curriculum k-12
    Can world's biggest broken system be fixed? - yes only with mass collaboration
    The Games of World Record Job Creation
    how to value partners
    10* jinping and other world record place leaders
    1* Jack Ma
    where is #learninggeneration going to and coming from?
    future history sustainability #1461
    8* Muhammad Yunus
    which corporations/sectors are making education their main corporate responsibility
    America's number 1 crisis - antisocial media -god bless us
    What would world miss if JYK hadnt existed 2012-2022?
    HOwen OPEN space
    old socialbusiness.tv
    Alumni of Gandhi/Mandela
    old entrepreneurialrevolution.net
    Emperor Hirohito ( Showa ) One of Greatest Leaders ever by Norman Macrae
    Newest branches of POP - West Africa 014, Vatican 013, World Bank 012
    the most valuable satellite guided learning tour - sustaining 7 billion being's community nursing
    Grassroots rural networks save the world
    Diary of YunusBrand.com , YunusOlympics.com and myUNuslab
    When are Bono's Pop Stars On Song in Claiming investing 10% in Agriculture best way to end poverty
    Exponential Goals
    44th annual newsletter of elearning millennials and job creation started at The Economist
    Comparing world bank #2030now structure wit other millennials world class end poverty networks
    business models
    bottom up pieces of solar, and linksin to future of green finance
    bangla economic miracle lesson 1 first trillion dollar audit of a sustainable nation is healthcare
    valuing millennials
    Help curate Soros ineteconomic invitation to millennials to rethink economics and open society
    inbox; could the next 5 years of elearning make or Break our human RACE
    old considerbangladesh.com
    Game 1 Top 10 Open Universities that value youth most?
    valuetrue search for most human value of internet
    Saving Youth - Top 100 Videos to Viralise
    brac.tv: people i wish i had introduced the poor world's greatest jobs creator to
    searching bookworm
    Blank page
    20 classes -cataloguing frames of partners in publishing world record job creation
    Why nature will not sustain human species unless act now on biggest mistakes economists made Q3 C21
    Which brand most collaboratively values millennials goals to 2030?
    old entrepreneurialunion.com
    will partnerships of catholic universities be first to free business curriculum 21st women and youth
    Course World Record Job Creators -by friends of The Economist's Macrae's Net Generation's Heroes
    Leapfrogging curriculum- humanity's greatest value multiplying revolution
    MillennialHealth Curriculum - next half billion jobs
    Dont you just love economics and media? aka jobs and the curriculum of youth economics
    1758 birth of moral viewpoint of economics as social action
    Will enough Under 35 year olds know how to map goodwill value chains for 21st to sustain human race?
    Mindset's Great Escape: elders economics war on youth
    Curriculum of safe community banking
    Curriculum of The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger
    Diary of when/where youth can linkin to sustain world
    2030 curriculum of Gandhi
    youthworldbanking.com - year 14 of gossiping good news of OMAGINE
    Nobel Peace Summit Curriculum Competition
    curriculum of washington dc - worst of best pro-youth capital
    Conscious Capitalism $64 Trillion Dollar Curriculum - Purpose of Hi-Trust banking 99% of humans need
    Who was missing from cast of first social good summit-mooc?
    9 minute mooc - youth futures depend on whether ceos sustain or destroy value chains
    Which trillion dollar markets have even one ceo leading best for youth futures
    debates with big funders of end poverty schemes
    will media barons ever learn to value connections between likes and dislikes?
    The Future History of Social Business Since 1976
    how does conscious capitalism relate to valuetrue exchange
    VT & collaboration entrepreneur revolution of micrifranchies and bottom-up value chain mapping
    VT and the compound risks of unseen wealth
    The Economist & Bangladesh - VT & 1976's 2 great calls for wholeplanet redesign of 21st C systems :
    3 most important metrics of pro-youth economics: goodwill, sustainability, transparency
    Book Introduction to economics of youth
    chris macrae linkedin
    old grameen.tv
    old grameeneconomics.com
    old yunusworld.com
    UNwomens - 10 years of leapfroging - bangladesh paradise lost?
    #BR0 China & #TheEconomist
    #BR9 Africa #theeconomist economistafrica.com
    #BR3 Russia #BR4 East Europe #TheEconomist
    #BR7 Middle East #TheEconomist
    #BR11 Arctic Belt Road
    Will Americans lost First 100 Sustainability Nations Status
    Dear Parents - do you want children to still be born in 4 generations time?
    Can geneva sustain the world
    leon botstein and greatest educators of sdg youth
    Leon Botstein and greatest educators of sdg generation

    surprising AI (Artificial Intel)  : network-mapping research - tourism economics- 3 times less vovid with no tourism - even less covid if welcome tourists but 1 no nightlife, 2 test tourist staff twice a week, 3 control crowded spaces- research sites include - nagano japan greece   utellus chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - related ai cameras can chech temperatures of 200 people a minute entering a station; ai spectacles worn bu security staff can identify who's temerature who

    voiceprint research - cough into a mobile app and it will tell you if you have covid - coming soon from carnegie melon's rita singh and alumni

     click below to download linked ppt including detailed reports uniting nations round human's greatest innovation challenges

    discuss how to co-survey with educators around the world-where/when can we celebrate post-covid world and youth as sdg generation

    3 zoom-me-ai examples-click here


    .7 ai wizards

    7.1  voiceprint AI wizards-carnegie melon's enabling AI to listen to who's cough has covid may be best news of 2020- however  AI 5 senses offer amazing opportunities; i first had my eyes opened by rosalind picard MIT 2009 she explained how we can transfer senses- so the way a robot sees can become spectacles for a blind person - not only can they start to enjoy sight the way a robot sees but their other senses are much more tuned than the rest of us- in the future people we historically called disadvantaged may invent what the rest of us can't 


     Can you help with 37th annual survey of humanising tech started in the economist (further ref 2025 report)- theme for 20-21 : help worldwide cooperation survey on AIforSDGS or AIforGOOD


    1000 SIGNATORIES https://futureoflife.org/ai-open-letter-signatories/   2025 report 40 year dealine- exponentials - goal 1 end poverty, food tech, health tech , edutech, peace/safety tech, greentech, resilient communities fintech


    ..DICTIONARY OF AI bridges all 2020s tech - alphanumeric soup includes 5sense, 5g, 3dprint AI blockchain cloud drone edutech fintech greentech healthtech IOT/: JOY ...  




    .can we celegrate 75th birthday of UN... by changing how all people in government serve we the peoples see mulilateral ai

    why did the first mongolian to go to stanford give up post as gov minister and lead sanitation ai? 

    The Toilet Revolution: Oyungerel Tsedevdamba / Leader of the "Let's Change Our Toilets" Campaign
    1 Multilateral ai

    Since taking over un late 2015 and era of sdgs guterres has linked in a lot of world class tech connectors – here are main reports I know of – some involve meetings guterres has continuously chaired in new York ; others itu Geneva
    The previous leader of UN,Ban ki moon, is one of 2 signatories to 10 transformation of un2.0  https://www.platformglobalsecurityjusticegovernance.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/UN-2.0-Report-June-2020.pdf   Guterres seems to have created a new sub-secretariat http://www.un.org/en/content/digital-cooperation-roadmap/assets/pdf/Roadmap_for_Digital_Cooperation_EN.pdfMost stream 365/24/7 day long youtube un videos between June and September as celebrations of unga75 Guterres who started year round debriefings round an expert panel on digital cooperation 2.5 years ago with 20 idea leaders from all hemispheres eg Melinda gates and jack ma- the latest report in this series has focused on practical examples of the peoples money https://digitalfinancingtaskforce.org/ 

    download aisurvey ppt

    if you value further understanding of anything at this web - we offer a free half hour zoom - book it with chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk which section of web do you want to action?


     what happened to education in 2020 year of covid - of our 37 annual reports tracking education since our 1984 book - 2020 was like 20 years in one- instead of the 21st c blending classroom and zoom smoothly - those who could zoomed; those with little infrastrucure went back to rado to link in a country's children

    nominations of extraordinary individuals :https://www.4littletrees.com/ - wrldcty viola lam -what can hong kongers do to light up education worldmillion $ teacher prize yidan prize hk 50 years - double million dollar teaching laureates per year out of hong kong by co-founder tencent

     osun of soros fazle abed botstein crow awuah .... continuing news of the greatest education coalition we have ever had the privilege to interview

    mit & tsinghua AI & oxford ethics/diversity/livrsmatter- tracking what schwarzman scholars  can do...

    what happened in the last 75 years? why did so many powrful westerners steal youth 's sustainability joys in most market sand most places?

    1995-2020 was interesting- for the first time the two thirds of people who are asian got chances to co-create with computing and communications at the same time as america and the west- what will happen as we peoples go beyond covid- will ever more western community livelihoods be destroyed by their own leaders ? how did big brother gameplays take over the west

    -see the games : round 1 bezos who designed ecommerce around managing the market with the biggest stock ie books: versus china's number 1 young english teacher and tourist guide jack ma who was accidentally visiting usa for first time - seattle while amazon was launching in 1995; ma had 10 years to brainstorm anf find partners; he didnt want to handle stock, only the ai of continental wide last mile delivery services;25 years on china can deliver testing anywhere while bezos owns the most cost efective postal service in us; this is only one of 20 ways in which us has blocked every community development of tech while asia has celebrated- searh for stories of how differently bangladesh -and world's poorest women villagers app'd first mobile phones to the west

    45-70s - americans invented youth futures 5 greatest opportunities but only used two of them- 100 times moore computing power per decade, and satellite coms mainly used for governent defence until mobile wireless became unstoppable; back in mid 20th century asians appd solutions for village sustainability such as borlaugs work which probably prevented a billion asians from dying of famine

    and asia started valuing engineering workers to the fullest -japan was the first to book up deming for every training session; its almost incomprehensible how americans tv age developed round not importing ideas from anywhere else- if americans had welcomed japans bullet chains the states would be interconnected in positive future work youth need rather than pork bareeling senate with each drtiest market a state its jobs deprend on

    what happened between 1970 and 1995 is saddest of all for americans- nixon hated the way youth had opposed his tardiness in ending vietnam war so he poison pilled the future costs of college- already by 1984 the washington monthly was tracking how much universities were ripping off youth; on and how increasingly dc politicians hated serving the peoples- please see rob johnsons clarification of the roots of 7 no trumpers going back to 1970s   


    what's your happiest zoom and your expert network's biggest challenge of 2020? examples

     https://www.wrldcty.com/agenda/ - Thank you to Chris Fair

    President, Resonance & Founder, Best Cities View More: I'm so glad you could join us for what is going to be a journey unlike anything you've ever experienced before around the world enjoy an array of unique experiences that celebrate the developers around the world to attract residents and visitors and investment to their communities study and measure quality and price for more than four hundred cities .2020 is unlike anything we've ever experienced at least in our lifetimes. World Economic Development culture travel well-being and sustainability are all in play.. our cities that celebrate them to incredible event -thanks everyone for their willingness to embark on this adventure with us and all of our speakers for contributing their time and energy to making this event a reality questions for which we don't yet have answers but working together. I'm confident we can only find solution to the challenges facing us today but also Forge of better more sustainable cities and communities downtown health and well-being of not only the cities in which they live but of the planet as a whole working together to forge a better Collective future overcoming challenges such as climate change and health and jobs in every community. 

    Our thought leaders include: 

    RICHARD FLORIDA Urbanist and Author toronto

    DAN DOCTOROFF CEO, Sidewalk Labs ny

    SHIN-PEI TSAY Director Policy, Uber

    FRED OLAYELE Chief Economist, NYC

    CHIP CONLEY Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy, Airbnb

    DAVID MILLER Director, C40

    CHRIS BOARDMAN olympian and Cycling and Walking Commissioner, Greater Manchester

    MICAH KOTCH Managing Director, URBAN-X by MINI

    ANDREW WEIR Chairman KPMG China

    ANDRE BRUMFIELD Principal, Gensler

    Our cities include:

    LOS ANGELES Namaste your Day with Manhattan Beach’s Justin Randolph

    HONG KONG Wander through West Kowloon’s Art and Culture

    TORONTO Mix your Mind with Toronto’s Genre-Bending Musicians

    SINGAPORE Stop Everything with a Global Meditation Journey

    NEW YORK Seed an Uban Farm with Brooklyn Grange

    CAPE TOWN Savor Cape Town’s Wines from Township to Terroir

    LOS ANGELES Get Spin-Savvy with DJ Masha

    AUSTIN Inspire Your Inner Hitmaker with Songwriter Mélat

    We can restore trust in our cities and communities and youth generated solutions for climate change - the program we put together for WRLDCTY over the next three days runs around the clock .There's something of interest for you wherever and whenever you want - and come back and community linkin on demand


    problems experts most empower we the peoples to  solve locally and globally 


    A Financial System That Extracts Wealth Instead of Creating It

    Podcast featuring Dennis Kelleher

    Dennis Kelleher, President of the NGO Better Markets, outlines how the financial system is serving the wealthy, how it has been reformed in the past and how it can be reformed again to serve Main Street instead of Wall Street.

     take no joy in reporting the fact that american politiciacians failed to celebrate yoyth's moon races on earth - not asians - have failed lives matter; i know full well my fatherwouldnthave survived serving in bomber command as a teenager without americans. -lets return to
    ;positive ways back to the furture that can be mapped if we all share braistorming from 1995 as if we wanted every next child born to be sustainable-the games

    a post covid plan for ecery parent and teacher of 9 yars ols up

    by the time your child needs work she will need to know howblend with compter artificial intel just  as much as we now see blending zoom, classroom and community is far wiser than one can be

    so teachers and kids and parents in every school should celebrate covid when it ends in 2023 by mapping what does or communitydesperetly need to renew; what data dies the coommunity need to own to know what getting better is


    you can compare this with hundreds of ai projects the un has started up in communities missing one or morethings intgral to health safey food security, education or investing in lives matter


    United Nations Activities on
    Artificial Intelligence

    The UN compendium provides further details on UN agencies, members of the AI for Good UN Partners, experiments with AI to improve their response to global challenges.



    To any young woman or man born in 21st c who is concerned whether her children will see the 22nd century, I recommend benchmarking knowhow of alumni of fazle abed first. I was privileged to visit Bangladesh 15 times to see him and his peoples. These 7 wonders are my way of remembering what he shared on 50 years of building BRAC a 100000 person organisation to serve the worlds poorest vIllages and the worlds largest ngo partnership. I have settled on 5 dimensional frameworks because my mind cant recall a larger number of dimensions. Anyone wanting to understand sir fazle deeper than I can describe should contact people at his university coalition brac-osun


    5 factors of 17 sustainability goals

    5 levels of mapping worldwide value chains

    5 markets women villages need to lead to help build a rural nation starting with next to nothing unique other than hard working loving family mothers

    5 markets next generations need to lead both to end poverty and to prevent falling into a middle income trap and nationalism

    5 “e” core designs of microfranchises – the social-economic solution sir fazle and friends in south china pioneered to scale family owned business across hundreds of thousands of villages delivering health and other life shaping services

    Searching for partners who helped the poorest stay ahead of the 5g decades – according to moores law and from 1972 branding of his silicon valley alumni there would be 100 times more computing power to apply each decade from 1g 1980s to 5g 2020s

    5 post war solutions that were ready to change the world from the start of the 1960s -this moon race decade was the  globally most hopeful of all I have experienced -and if back then we could land on the moon with a trillion times less machine brainpower than 2030, why couldn’t millennials unite by celebrating sdg orbits and livesmatter everywhere by 2030

    SHELF  bottom up INTEGRATION UNITING NATIONS  2021now transformation of top-down- valuing younger half of world 2020s as first sdg generation


    resilience of community to nature

    last mile health services

    personal safety in community all lives matter 

    Borderless good relations -life critical knowhow flows


    Types of health and nutrition local services needed so no mum or child dies through lack of basic care

    connecting world immunologists and epidemiologists

    health as missing peer to peer edu curricululum from 4th grade pre-adolescence up 


     EDUCATION ilivelihood skills 

    age of humanising machine and personal connections


    lifelong including interruotions eg refugees, family crises 

    at pre-school 

    at primry

    through adolescence /many need apprenticeships or community learning not closed classrooms

    college for lifelong teaching and studying- era when half of most valuable knowhow changes every 5 years and is opposite of disciplianry or cultural silos 


    servant leaders and professions are embedded in communities, resolving systemiv breakdowns- this cant be done top-down; the worst constititution in 21st c is the perfect one when horse was fastest way to communicate

    before 5g to 0g decades - the Economist hosted dialogue on entreprenurial revolution if future lives matter - redesign every system to valuing sme netwrks not large organisations 


    examples of tranformed finance thanks to blending digital unga75 peoples money 

     by 1960 5 extraordinary solutions looked ready for exponentilly risinghuman progress  mapping 5 gravitaional factors if you find 17 sdgs too many to recall or interact
     e1=EFFECTIVE e2 -EFFICIENT e3=expandable to any community in need e4=electrification e5= e- aka digital  V1=one  VILLAGE v2=200k villages national global worldwide real & virtual

     old jotting


    united nations at 75 - can markets be designed to sustain our species - we explore this question through seven 5 point unnovation networks inspired by listening to some of the world's most extraordnary heroines and heroes of poverty alleviation - special thanks to the late great fazle abed 1 2 3 and his friends who welcomed us to bangladesh on 15 occasions between 2007 and 2018

    5 livesmatter bottom up markets shelf; 5 top-down markets that 2020s need to value younger half of world

    5 exponemtial solutions that emerged un years 1-15 - 5factor target practice of sdgs

    how bottom up marketers integrate global values- 5es of microfranchising; 5 vs of place mapping

    leaping ahead of moores laws 100 times more machine analytical intel 5g 2020s 1g 1980s

    letterfrom america 2020 -sadly our peoples are up the creek in deep shit- how come US lost peoples' trust world class nations trade on? neither media, nor educators nor politicians value:


     BOTH US POLITICAL PARTIES HAVE IGNORED THIS BUT TRUMP HAS STIRRED LIES AND HATE THE WORST COCKTAIL FOR LIFE CRITICAL let alone livesmatter.city -exercise for students & teacher- help with : map 1 what most life critical info was shared sept 2019 new york at events of 74th UN assembly- map 2 as 75th un zooms virtually where in world will share what life critocal knowhow?

    Economisthealth.com: america's powerplayers has designed public health to be 3 times more costly and 3 times less efficient than any frr nation- every vested interest inside the beltway has compounded this over last 25 years- consider how and why american is designed to be a laggard in global crisis of virus

    specifically the virus first test trusted cross-cultural and borderless/silo-leaping expert friendships - fauci wasnt included in asian respiratory experts of infectious diseases- if he had been he could have learnt from taiwan at start of 2020 

    having failed to quaratine people flying into america, tesing became critical-america's testing sector are used to charging 100 dollars per test and distributing results slowly to doctors

     so even if bill gates helps invent a home test the way bezos built commerce shipping was private to amazon not nationwide public like jack ma built- so americas test still take average of 7 days plus to turnround which rather defeats value of testing for being infectios

    the next safety net would be testing for those with antibodies- that would tell you if hopkins case data is less than fifth of world infections ie that asympomatics may be 4times greater than those with symtoms- when the japanese first heard of thie problem the whole nation was concerned - a disease that kills the very oly but trabsmits through the socially active most of whom wont know they have the disease

    i hope you get the point bordeless knowledge flows are life critical- every wall of distrust a nation builds puts it at ever grester expoential rosk

    i assume local is beautiful is understood by any parent but if you sincerely need any clarifictaion i am here chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk  

    download invitation to make 2020s most loving decade ever from family foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

    download most exciting 2 day zoom agend www.livesmatter.city has ever seen

    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk gets out The Economist archives of entrepreneurial revoluotion and asia rising to debate 
    what happened to humans over last 38 years-? free download: our 1984 book 
    2025 Report: updated with various countries to 1993 sweden- 

    explore what tech could do if we valued education and health of every child/community

    clearly we are way off our visions- not because 100 times moore tech failed to arrive the way we timelined but because

    THREE GENERATIONS - MOST EXCITING TIME  = TO BE OR NOT TO BE- sustainability goals join the masterclass100.com 
     happy.JPG 4 billion younger brains (under 30s) and 4 billion older brains (parents and grandparents) have not be globalised in sustaiable ways- can we get back to sdg 2020s- yes but not with more fumbles like big politics response to subprime tragedy and superpower response to 9/11 which has multiplied refugees all across eurasia borders to immense harm of both refugees and the vast majority of european and asian states- livesmatter.city outofbeltway.com economistfuture.com zoomuni.net we are very interested to hear from city mayors who now realise both virus safety and species sustainability is up to them curing what big nation states eg g8 with exception of japan have turned into fake media and right old muddles chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk outside washngton dc's beltway 

     Our 1984 scenario of an internetworking world

    The great technological event of the next 40 years will be the steady rise in importance of the Telecommunications-Computer terminal (TC for short)... Eventually books, files, television programmes, computer information and telecommunications will merge. We'll have this portable object which is a television screen with first a typewriter, later a voice activator attached. Afterwards it will be minaturised so that your personal access instrument can be carried in your buttonhole, but there will be these cheap terminals around everywhere, more widely than telephones of 1984. The terminals will be used to access databases anywhere in the globe, and will become the brainworker's mobile place of work. Brainworkers, which will increasingly mean all workers, will be able to live in Tahiti if they want to and telecommute daily to the New York or Tokyo or Hamburg office through which they work. In the satellite age costs of transmission will not depend mainly on distance. And knowledge once digitalised can be replicated for use anywhere almost instantly.

    Over the last decade, our friends have researched  and written many articles in The Economist and delivered lectures in nearly 30 countries across the world saying the future should be much more rosy. This book explores the lovely future people could have if only all democrats made the right decisions.


    Norman and Chris Macrae, 1984. chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk , 2020 summer


    Changing communications, and what makes people distant, bossy etc

    Telecommunications are now recognised as the third of the three great transport revolutions that have, in swift succession, transformed society in the past two hundred years. First, were the railways; second the automobile; and third, telecommunications-attached-to-the-computer, which was bound to be the most far-reaching because in telecommunications, once the infrastructure is installed, the cost of use does not depend greatly on distance. So by the early years of the twenty-first century brainworkers - which in rich countries already meant most workers - no longer need to live near their work.

    All three revolutions were opposed by the ruling establishments of their time, and therefore emerged fastest where government was weak. All three brought great new freedoms to the common man, but the railway and motor-car ages temporarily made access to capital the most important source of economic power. As most men and women did not like being bossed about by capitalists who could become more powerful because they were born stinking rich, they voted to give greater economic power to governments during the railway and motor-car ages. This was economically inefficient, and also made tyrannies more likely and more terrible. The information revolution was fortunately the exact opposite of the steam engine's industrial revolution and of Henry Ford's mass production automobile revolution in this respect. The steam engine and mass production has made start-up costs for the individual entrepreneur larger and larger, so that in both the steam and automobile ages to quote Bell Canada's Gordon Thompson in the early 1970s, there was 'no way an ordinary citizen could walk into a modern complex factory and use its facilities to construct something useful for himself'. But, as Thompson forecast, the databases of the next decades were places into which every part-time enthusiast could tele-commute. In all jobs connected with the use of information, start-up costs for the individual entrepreneur in 1984-2024 have grown smaller and smaller. It was 'never thus', said Thompson, 'with power shovels and punch presses'.

    In consequence, in the TC age, the most important economic resource is no longer ownership of or access to capital, but has become the ability to use readily available knowledge intelligently and entrepreneurially.

    Changing national politics

    For a region's people to succeed in the Telecommuting Age there are four main requirements - satisfied in places as far apart ad Guam and Queensland and Cape Province and California and Penang and Scotland. First , as the prophet John Naisbitt said in 1982, 'the languages needed for the immediate future are computer and English'. Second, the area has to be a nice one in which to live. Third, it is important that all income earners should adapt happily to a 'cafeteria of compensation' schemes. These allow the individual employee to decide what mix (s)he wants of salary, job objectives, career aims, flexitime, job sharing, long or short holidays, fringe benefits or fringe nuisances. Fourth, there needs to be a competitive and quickly changing telecommunications system. The TC age is making understanding of these requirements increasingly transparent among human beings worldwide.

    Governments at first tried to impede or regulate much of this, but an early discovery of the Telecommutung age was that we could change the way we chose our governments. Until the 1990s we had pretended to ourselves that we could alter our lifestyles by choosing on each Tuesday or Thursday every four years whether Mr Reagan or Mr Carter , Mrs Thatcher or Mr Kinnock, was putting on the tribal demonstration which at that particular moment annoyed us less. After the advent of the TC we found that the more sensible and direct way in which a free man or woman could choose government was by voting with his or her feet. The individual could go to live in any area where the government - which could from then on be a very local government - permitted the lifestyle, rules and customs which suited that human being.


    Changing Economics

    The introduction of the international Centrobank was the last great act of government before government grew much less important. It was not a conception of policy-making governments at all, but emerged from the first computerised town meeting of the world.

    By 2005 the gap in income and expectations between the rich and poor nations was recognised to be man's most dangerous problem. Internet linked television channels in sixty-eight countries invited their viewers to participate in a computerised conference about it, in the form of a series of weekly programmes. Recommendations tapped in by viewers were tried out on a computer model of the world economy. If recommendations were shown by the model to be likely to make the world economic situation worse, they were to be discarded. If recommendations were reported by the model to make the economic situation in poor countries better, they were retained for 'ongoing computer analysis' in the next programme.

    In 2024 it is easy to see this as a forerunner of the TC conferences which play so large a part in our lives today, both as pastime and principal innovative device in business. But the truth of this 2005 breakthrough tends to irk the highbrow. It succeeded because it was initially a rather downmarket network television programme. About 400 million people watched the first programme, and 3 million individuals or groups tapped in suggestions. Around 99 per cent of these were rejected by the computer as likely to increase the unhappiness of mankind. It became known that the rejects included suggestions submitted by the World Council of Churches and by many other pressure groups. This still left 31,000 suggestions that were accepted by the computer as worthy of ongoing analysis. As these were honed, and details were added to the most interesting, an exciting consensus began to emerge. Later programmes were watched by nearly a billion people as it became recognised that something important was being born.

    These audiences were swollen by successful telegimmicks. The presenter of the first part of the first programme was a roly-poly professor who was that year's Nobel laureate in economics, and who proved a natural television personality. He explained that economists now agreed that aid programmes could sometimes help poor countries, but sometimes most definitely made their circumstances worse. When Mexico was inflating at over 80 per cent a year in the early 1980s , the inflow to it of huge loanable funds made its inflation even faster and its crash more certain. The professor set Mexico's 1979-1981 economy on the model, pumped in the loaned funds and showed how all the indicators ( higher inflation, lower real gross domestic product and so on) then flashed red, signaling an economy getting worse, rather than green, signaling an economy getting better. ..The professor then put the model back to mirror the contemporary world of 2005, and played into it various nostrums that had been recommended by politicians of left, right and centre, but mostly left. The dials generally flashed red. Then the professor provided another set of recommendations , and asked viewers who wished to play to tap in their own guesses on the consequent movement of key economics variables in the model. Those who got their guesses right to within a set error were told they had qualified for a second round of a knock-out economic guesstimators' world championship. Knockout competitions of this sort continued for viewers throughout the series of programmes.

    In the second part of that first programme, the presenters dared to introduce two political decisions into the game. They said that government-to-government aid programmes had been particularly popular among politicians during the age of over-government, but there was growing agreement that government-to-government aid was the worst method of hand-out. The excessive role played by governments in poor countries was one of the barriers to their economic advance, and a main destroyer of their people's freedom. Could anyone have thought it would be wise to give aid to President Mbogo?

    In consequence, the most successful economic aid programmes had been those operated through the International Monetary Fund, which imposed conditions on how borrowing governments should operate. The professor showed that IMF-monitored operations in most years had brought more green flashes from the model than red. But this involved IMF officials - often from the rich countries - in telling governments of poor countries what to do; and one of the objectives of this town meeting of the world was to diminish such embarrassments.

    The first questions to be asked in the next few programmes, said the compilers, were 1) which countries should qualify for aid? ; and having decided that, 2) up to what limits and conditions? ; and 3) through what mechanisms? They promised that later programmes after the first half-dozen would examine how any scheme could be used to diminish the power of governments and increase the power of free markets and free people.

    Changing employment

    In a typical 21st C scene, obedience to consumer needs is shown by every car plant in the world because of better and more customised information available on all our TCs. Most people buying a car in 2024 will key into their special requirements into their TCs.

    The TC will reply: "You can get a customised car which meets all of your specifications by putting personalised instructions on the software of the assembly line's robots in one of these factories (choice of nine) requesting that the next car on the line be modified as you dictate. But that would cost up to $40,000 (Click to factories for quotations and credit facilities). For a fifth of that price, you can meet most of your requirements by the following standard computer programme at present scheduled for production in June at Nissan Kanpur; or July at Ford Manila (and so on). Click to factories for precise specifications and prices.

    All of this has become commonplace after 2000. How has it affected employment?

    For a new industry of 2019-2024 let us cite the intendedly short-lived example of the Clark-Schmidt Robot Gardener. Matthew Clark was a 53-year old on his third university course (he had started the other two at the ages of nineteen and thirty-seven respectively) telecommuted through the University of Southern California, although he took it while living in his native Australia , when, together with two other student's telecommuting through USC's database, he devised a system for a robot-driven lawnmower which could also scan soil and assess the possibilities for reseeding. It signaled the videos to be called up on your TC to show alternative uses for the soil in your garden. If you picked one video display that particularly suited your taste, you keyed in its number into the Robot Gardener and it signaled back, 'put such-and-such chemical into my tank and seeds 1234, 3456 (et cetera), plus software program 29387 - both orderable through your TC - into my reseeder.'

    Clark and his two colleagues put their tentative ideas for this device on the researchers' database monitored by the University of Southern California. The entry numbers to the USC database were held by people who had promised to accept the computer's judgement of the value of any ideas they might contribute to projects entered on it. In all, 1213 people - domiciled from Hanoi through Penang and Capri and Bermuda back to Queensland in Australia itself - tapped in suggestions for improvements, of which 176 were accepted nby the computer as worthwhile. The payments recommended by the computer ranged from $42 ( for a cosmetic improvement recommended by an eleven-year-old schoolboy) to one tenth of the equity (eventually worth several million dollars) for a proposal by a research team from another telecommuting university which proved important enough for Clark to feel slightly guilty about calling the Robot Gardener after himself.

    When the improvements suggested by these 176 contributors had been incorporated by Clark into the appropriate software program for making the Robot Gardener , it was advertised on USC's entrepreneur-browsing program available on any TC. Entry numbers for the lowest echelons of this can be bought for a very few dollars, but the Robot Gardener was put on a higher echelon because USC's computer had signaled this was a potential quick winner.

    One of those who had paid for an expensive entry number into browsing among good 'proffered opportunity products' (POPs) was a Dutchman called Carl Schmidt. He had become a successful 'arranging producer' in an earlier venture, and now occupied himself browsing through his TC looking for a second bonanza. He made an offer to Clark to tale an option for launch in return for a fairly complicates programme of profit sharing, which in practice (because arranging is nowadays a more skilled job than inventing) eventually gave Schmidt more money than Clark. Clark accepted this and Schmidt produced a prototype within three days by reprogramming robots in an experimental plant. A video of the prototype was put on consumers' TC channels worldwide the next week, and most of the 400 odd gardeners' TC channels round the world picked it out within days as a 'best buy'.

    Schmidt's video advertisement said 'If you key in your order now with your credit number, you can get a Robot Gardener for a bargain price (applies to the first 10,000 orders only). Tenders are also invited for part of the equity.' The advance orders and bids for equity made it possible to finance assembly of the Robot Gardener for early-bid customers within a few weeks...

    Note that there was never any intention that Robot Gardeners Inc should grow into a huge and long-lasting company. Clark and Schmidt are already researching and browsing into other possibilities, on separate courses. About fifty of those who succeeded by early participation in this venture hope to become the equivalent of Clark and Schmidt in other things.

    At no stage has this enormously successful manufacturing venture employed more than 1000 people. It is therefore true that the loss of nine-tenths of manufacturing jobs , which we saw has been highest in car-making in rich countries, has also been true there in manufacturing jobs as a whole. Where these countries had 20-40 per cent of their workforces in manufacturing in 1974, they typically have 2-4 per cent now.

    This is not an unprecedented rundown. In the 1890s around half of the workforce in countries like the United States were in three occupations: agriculture, domestic service and jobs to do with horse transport. By the 1970s these three were down to 4 per cent of the workforce. If this had been foretold in the 1890s, there would have been a wail. It would have been said that half the population was fit only to be farmworkers, parlourmaids and sweepers-up of horse manure. Where would this half find jobs? The answer was by the 1970s the majority of them were much more fully employed ( because more married women joined the workforce) doing jobs that would have sounded double-Dutch in the 1890s: extracting oil instead of fish out of the North Sea; working as computer programmers, or as television engineers, or as package-holiday tour operators chartering jet aircraft.

    The move in jobs in the past fifty years in the rich countries has been out of manufacturing and into telecommuting.


    Changing education

    There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, maybe starting at nine, maybe at twelve, and we do not exploit them. But young adults of twenty-three to forty-five stay at home to play much more than in 1974; it is quite usual today for one parent (probably now generally the father, although sometimes the mother) to stay at home during the period when young children are growing up. And today adults of forty-three to ninety-three go back to school - via computerised learning - much more than they did in 1974.

    In most of the rich countries in 2024 children are not allowed to leave school until they pass their Preliminary Exam. About 5 per cent of American children passed their exam last year before their eight birthday, but the median age for passing it in 2024 is ten-and-a-half, and remedial education is generally needed if a child has not passed it by the age of fifteen.

    A child who passes his Prelim can decide whether to tale a job at once, and take up the remainder of his twelve years of free schooling later; or he can pass on to secondary schooling forthwith, and start to study for his Higher Diploma.

    The mode of learning for the under-twelves is nowadays generally computer-generated. The child sits at home or with a group of friends or (more rarely) in an actual, traditional school building. She or he will be in touch with a computer program that has discovered , during a preliminary assessment, her or his individual learning pattern. The computer will decide what next questions to ask or task to set after each response from each child.

    A school teacher assessor, who may live half a world away, will generally have been hired, via the voucher system by the family for each individual child. A good assessor will probably have vouchers to monitor the progress of twenty-five individual children, although some parents prefer to employ groups of assessors - one following the child's progress in emotional balance, one in mathematics, one in civilized living, and so on - and these groups band together in telecommuting schools.

    Many communities and districts also have on-the-spot 'uncles' and 'aunts'. They monitor childrens' educational performance by browsing through the TC and also run play groups where they meet and get to know the children personally...

    Some of the parents who have temporarily opted out of employment to be a family educator also put up material on the TC s for other parents to consult. Sometimes the advice is given for free, sometimes as a business. It is a business for Joshua Ginsberg. He puts a parents advice newsletter on the TC , usually monthly. Over 300,000 people subscribe to it, nowadays at a 25-cent fee per person, or less if you accept attached advertisements. Here's an entry from the current newsletter:

    "Now that TCs are universal and can access libraries of books, 3-d video, computer programs, you name it, it is clear that the tasks of both the Educator and the Communicator are far more stimulating that ten years ago.

    One of my recent lessons with my ten-year-old daughter Julie was in art appreciation. In the standard art appreciation course the TC shows replicas of famous artists' pictures, and a computer asks the pupil to match the artist to the picture. Julie said to the computer that it would be fun to see Constable's Haywain as Picasso might have drawn it. The computer obliged with its interpretation , and then ten more stylised haywains appeared together with the question 'who might have drawn these?'. I believe we are the first to have prompted the TC along this road, but it may now become a standard question when the computer recognises a child with similar learning patterns to Julie's.

    It is sometimes said that today's isolated sort of teaching has robbed children of the capacity to play and interact with other children. This is nonsense. We ensure that Julie and her four year old brother Pharon have lots of time to play with children in our neighbourhood . But in work we do prefer to interact with children who are of mutual advantage to Julie and to each other. The computer is an ace teacher, but so are people. You really learn things if you can teach them to someone else. Our computer has helped us to find a group of four including Julie with common interests, who each have expertise in some particular areas to teach the others.

    The TC also makes it easier to play games within the family. My parents used to play draughts, halma, then chess with me. They used to try to be nice to me and let me win. This condescending kindness humiliated me, and I always worked frenetically to beat my younger brother (who therefore always lost and dissolved into tears.) Today Julie, Pharon and I play halma together against the graded computer, and Julie and I play it at chess. The computer knows Pharon's standard of play at halma and Julie's and mine at chess. Its default setting is at that level where each of us can win but only if we play at our best. Thus Pharon sometimes wins his halma game while Julie and I are simultaneously losing our chess game, and this rightly gives Pharon a feeling of achievement. When Julie and I have lost at chess, we usually ask the computer to re-rerun the game, stopping at out nmistakes and giving a commentary. As it is a friendly computer it does a marvelous job of consoling us. Last week it told Julie that the world champion actually once made the same mistake as she had done - would she like to see that game?

    I intend to devote the next two letters to the subjects I have discussed here , but retailing the best of your suggestions instead of droning on with mine."

    While the computer's role in children's education is mainly that of instructor (discovering a child's learning pattern and responding to it) and learning group matcher, its main role in higher education is as a store of knowledge. Although a computer can only know what Man has taught it, it has this huge advantage. No individual man lives or studies long enough to imbibe within himself all the skills and resources that are the product of the millennia of man's quest for knowledge, all the riches and details from man's inheritance of learning passed on from generation to generation. But any computer today can inherit and call up instantly any skill which exists anywhere in the form of a program.

    This is why automatically updated databases are today the principal instruments of higher education and academic research. It is difficult for our generation to conceive that only forty years ago our scientists acted as tortoise-like discoverers of knowledge, confined to small and jealous cliques with random and restricted methods of communicating ideas. Down until the 1980s the world has several hundred sepaate cancer research organisations with no central co-ordinating database.






    Changing education

    There has been a sea-change in the traditional ages on man. Compared with 1974 our children in 2024 generally go out to paid work (especially computer programming work) much earlier, maybe starting at nine, maybe at twelve, and we do not exploit them. But young adults of twenty-three to forty-five stay at home to play much more than in 1974; it is quite usual today for one parent (probably now generally the father, although sometimes the mother) to stay at home during the period when young children are growing up. And today adults of forty-three to ninety-three go back to school - via computerised learning - much more than they did in 1974.

    worldrecordjobs ad 1 from 2013 


    This year's Central European University Open Society Prize awarded Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder/ chairperson BRAC ... 


    In most of the rich countries in 2024 children are not allowed to leave school until they pass their Preliminary Exam. About 5 per cent of American children passed their exam last year before their eight birthday, but the median age for passing it in 2024 is ten-and-a-half, and remedial education is generally needed if a child has not passed it by the age of fifteen.

    A child who passes his Prelim can decide whether to tale a job at once, and take up the remainder of his twelve years of free schooling later; or he can pass on to secondary schooling forthwith, and start to study for his Higher Diploma.

    The mode of learning for the under-twelves is nowadays generally computer-generated. The child sits at home or with a group of friends or (more rarely) in an actual, traditional school building. She or he will be in touch with a computer program that has discovered , during a preliminary assessment, her or his individual learning pattern. The computer will decide what next questions to ask or task to set after each response from each child.

    A school teacher assessor, who may live half a world away, will generally have been hired, via the voucher system by the family for each individual child. A good assessor will probably have vouchers to monitor the progress of twenty-five individual children, although some parents prefer to employ groups of assessors - one following the child's progress in emotional balance, one in mathematics, one in civilized living, and so on - and these groups band together in telecommuting schools.

    2025 alumni aearch quarterly update summer 2020 rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk if you can connect

      Nice to hear from you Jean. Here are 3 references but they interconnect the way my family (4 generations of diaspora scots including 3 generations of mother's side who worked with gandhi and had established mumbai's first pharmacy kemps corner) and friends map youth's futures - if they are to be free to be the sustainability generation

     1 summary around new york state partners of george soros https://osun.bard.edu/ -the actual launch of OSUN coalition Open Society University Networking was made at world economic forum January- at 90 years old george soros sees this as his legacy of debating what societies want out of 200 worldwide offices. In my view only Schwarzman scholars offer as big a global alumni network for 25 years olds to humanise tech. Much is to play for in this first year when essentially all world education progress is online

    2 Bangladesh solutions to community development by poorest women  My father norman macrae's last research project after a lifetime debating how east-west could end poverty out of the economist sent student journalist to bangladesh 15 times which i coordinated- when dad died the japan embassy in dhaka hosted 2 events with sir fazle abed of brac on what he wanted his legacy to be on future of health, finance, education - he foresaw the brac university as an action learning coalition of all the ngos that partnered him - during his last year sir fazle appointed the taiwanese american vincent chang to lead university futures. Vincent has developed the university own BUX as a mooc system similar to edx
    Soros used a lot of fazle abed women empowerment and village health solutions- so in effect vincent is to research future of sdg universities from far east. Their youth-growth curricula also meet in the middle of europe at vienna where soros own 30 year old central university is located and where ban ki=-moon a good friend of vincent is connecting 2 curricula - global civic engagement of youth and climate adaptability  If its easiest i can arrange for vincent to chat to you on whatsapp

    3 a year ago i had many reasons for hoping tokyo and jack ma/unctad would help youth celebrate 2020s technologies and urgent challenges- due to virus and other crises I now prefer to understand what hong kong's 7 million of 8 billion people want to linkin - i am making rough maps that hk students/ youthful startups aligned to the overall identity og startuphk could make much better

     Vincent Chang is an academic who currently serves as the 4th Vice-chancellor and the inaugural President of BRAC University,[1][2] one of 12 founding coalition members of OSUN[3] with George Soros. leapfrog platforms for educating sdg generation include BUX, like edx but girl and sdgoal 1 empowering


    Professor Chang holds his PhD in economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, another PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from University of California, Berkeley, Master's in Public Administration from Harvard University, MBA from Yale University, and BS in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University.[4]


    He was the inaugural chair for institutional development at Chinese University of Hong Kong.[5] He was also the founding president and planning director of University of Business and Technology in Oman,[5] and inaugural associate dean of Peking University HSBC Business School.[6][7]


    OSUN - Open Society University Networking - is coalition of universities chosen by george soros to linkin the futures he dreams/realises youth and communities can map everywhere

    Leading new york state parter is Leon Botstein musician and 40 year long vice chancellor of Bard liberal arts ny state, Annandale-On Hudson- who also pilots high school microcolleges across new york inner suburbs and related lives matter communities

    Soros own universitY- Central European U began in budapest over 30 years ago - but moved to vienna 2019; instead of commencement speakers CEU's ritual was to celebrate annual open society laureate- most famous Popper himself and Sir Fazle Abed - Fazle whose 50 year work empowered Bangladesh village women to connect the largest sdg ngo coalition died December 2019- much of his last decade laid foundations for BRAC university to be OSUN main COOPERATION partner out of south and east asia

    as at june 2020 these are Listed connectors of osun but almost any cOllege leader wanting sdg students is inviTed to joIn and while the whole college world is onlinE zooms are changing pilot parTnerships almost every week

    funding partners bard/ceu philanthropy partner 32 billion dollar open society fund-foundation phase 1 college partners COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BRAC U Bangladesh -founder sir fazle abed begun round james grant epidemiology and public health school 2001 Talloires at Tufts Boston, Annecy France and worldwide student exchanges Arizona State Ashesi Ghana - founder Awuah winner of 6th wise laureate - abed was inaugural laureate Al-Quds University/Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences (Palestine) American University of Bulgaria American University of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan) Bard College Berlin (Germany) Birkbeck: University of London (United Kingdom) European Humanities University (Lithuania) Fulbright University of Vietnam Princeton University: Global History Lab (United States) Sciences Po in Paris (France) SOAS University of London (United Kingdom) Universidad de los Andes ​​​​​​​(Colombia) RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs (United States) Chatham House (United Kingdom) Institute for New Economic Thinking (United States and United Kingdom) Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Austria) Open Society Archives (Hungary) Rift Valley Institute (Kenya)


    • OSUN is actively in discussions with other potential partners that share its principles and academic ambition.


    Many communities and districts also have on-the-spot 'uncles' and 'aunts'. They monitor childrens' educational performance by browsing through the TC and also run play groups where they meet and get to know the children personally...

    Some of the parents who have temporarily opted out of employment to be a family educator also put up material on the TC s for other parents to consult. Sometimes the advice is given for free, sometimes as a business. It is a business for Joshua Ginsberg. He puts a parents advice newsletter on the TC , usually monthly. Over 300,000 people subscribe to it, nowadays at a 25-cent fee per person, or less if you accept attached advertisements. Here's an entry from the current newsletter:

    "Now that TCs are universal and can access libraries of books, 3-d video, computer programs, you name it, it is clear that the tasks of both the Educator and the Communicator are far more stimulating that ten years ago.

    One of my recent lessons with my ten-year-old daughter Julie was in art appreciation. In the standard art appreciation course the TC shows replicas of famous artists' pictures, and a computer asks the pupil to match the artist to the picture. Julie said to the computer that it would be fun to see Constable's Haywain as Picasso might have drawn it. The computer obliged with its interpretation , and then ten more stylised haywains appeared together with the question 'who might have drawn these?'. I believe we are the first to have prompted the TC along this road, but it may now become a standard question when the computer recognises a child with similar learning patterns to Julie's.

    It is sometimes said that today's isolated sort of teaching has robbed children of the capacity to play and interact with other children. This is nonsense. We ensure that Julie and her four year old brother Pharon have lots of time to play with children in our neighbourhood . But in work we do prefer to interact with children who are of mutual advantage to Julie and to each other. The computer is an ace teacher, but so are people. You really learn things if you can teach them to someone else. Our computer has helped us to find a group of four including Julie with common interests, who each have expertise in some particular areas to teach the others.

    The TC also makes it easier to play games within the family. My parents used to play draughts, halma, then chess with me. They used to try to be nice to me and let me win. This condescending kindness humiliated me, and I always worked frenetically to beat my younger brother (who therefore always lost and dissolved into tears.) Today Julie, Pharon and I play halma together against the graded computer, and Julie and I play it at chess. The computer knows Pharon's standard of play at halma and Julie's and mine at chess. Its default setting is at that level where each of us can win but only if we play at our best. Thus Pharon sometimes wins his halma game while Julie and I are simultaneously losing our chess game, and this rightly gives Pharon a feeling of achievement. When Julie and I have lost at chess, we usually ask the computer to re-rerun the game, stopping at out nmistakes and giving a commentary. As it is a friendly computer it does a marvelous job of consoling us. Last week it told Julie that the world champion actually once made the same mistake as she had done - would she like to see that game?

    I intend to devote the next two letters to the subjects I have discussed here , but retailing the best of your suggestions instead of droning on with mine."

    While the computer's role in children's education is mainly that of instructor (discovering a child's learning pattern and responding to it) and learning group matcher, its main role in higher education is as a store of knowledge. Although a computer can only know what Man has taught it, it has this huge advantage. No individual man lives or studies long enough to imbibe within himself all the skills and resources that are the product of the millennia of man's quest for knowledge, all the riches and details from man's inheritance of learning passed on from generation to generation. But any computer today can inherit and call up instantly any skill which exists anywhere in the form of a program.

    This is why automatically updated databases are today the principal instruments of higher education and academic research. It is difficult for our generation to conceive that only forty years ago our scientists acted as tortoise-like discoverers of knowledge, confined to small and jealous cliques with random and restricted methods of communicating ideas. Down until the 1980s the world has several hundred sepaate cancer research organisations with no central co-ordinating database.


    in more detail norman macrae published 1984 survey of future of health in the economist- his purpose if health and safety for all isnt becoming universally less costly we are not globalising life critical action apps sustiably let alone economically or smartly











    • is it possible to map a world where each next girl or boy born has a fair chance at life- to star with in round numbers do you know that




    • about 65% of people are asian;
    • about 10% americans- half speaking latin tongues and half speaking english- 
    •  5% of people are developed north west europeans 
    • 5% are still to develop transparently south east europeans- 
    • about 10% of people living in africa and middle east
    • 5% rest of mother earth


    digital cooperation possible?


    5 months ago 




    while the un started that wonderful task of valuing every next child born - ie sd goal 1 - in a san francisco opera house in 1945 it seems to us that instead of education openly being redesigned around knowhow of uniting nations it became a fake media game- that's not to blame such un heroes as guterres who has spent his time with refugees to taking over as head lat2e 2015 or ban ki-moon whose education networks out of vienna are now best in kind fy you care about climate risks or uniting youth across nations- but something not sustainable with most of the world's biggest organisations- its as if the economist's 1976 survey of entrepreneurial revolution valuing smes (latin translators included a young romano prodi ) has been ignored by 99% of powerful academics and fund managers and the sort of political parties who represent nobody's future beyond their next election poll-



    if your masters of business admin ring circle eg 300 trillion dollars of western pension money and say sdgs are not asset grade - no wonder when nature bowls a disease targeting elders they find the health systems are not designed for them


    50 missing curriculum of world of 8 billion connected humans include Belt Road Imagineering- a 21stc everyone connecteted geo-future stories/exploration space - schools can zoom around the world culturally friending each other -if you liketo map a k-12 curricula- roughly where do the 8 billion humans live, what language do they speak

    more missing curricula are being collected at www.zoomuni.net- we are also updating some linked in education groups starting the peoples belt road imagineering- quite simply if you own an ecommerce web  ecommerce web- is your place included in shipping lanes and railways or not- note there are 2 opposite sorts of railways that fascinate me- japan like bullet trains -whilt over 50 years old as an innovation, ysa never tried them - it explains a lot of how states senators outnoise each other on protection of old industries instead of win-win borderless solutions like test and trace  


    can you help put your place on relevant tourmaps











     unwomens linked in posts- all ; articles all - post vpeak virus replaces peak oil as existential crisis- may2020 www.economistamerica.com www.economisthealth.com virus asks how innovative can humans be? what solution analogies can we unlearn top-down political fakedom. 1 learn animal virus like foot & mouth. law of closing down is done by locally informed prac. why not virus testing & tracing data & local lockdowns mobilises at same level as 911 frontline? whenever i ask if macroeconomists insanely detached from ground level i reread adam smith? who do you reread for what contex?t . 40 years before his text on transparent moral markets, smiths scotland failed as nation. branding of united kingdom= euphonisism for empire capitalism colonising scotland & ireland. instead of chopping off royal heads as in france, smith's entrepreneurial dream unite english speaking states. no war of independence, brits sign up to interdependence - Go-west www english code for hi-trust hi-tech- london cede demo hq to eg where UN is now but demand continent's union ends inequality peoples of colours as staTes integrated MACHINE infrastructure from NE-S coast belt, up louisana purchase to heartland, great lakes, onward west. as digital big data frees media -replace congress vested interest starwars by team of 12 representing greatest creative differences natural locations map exponentially www.valuetrue.com


    world record jobs creators - 1760 glasgow u smith and watt not only first to explore value of machines and humans but smith cared about integrating natures sysems, faith'moral codes and places cultures- he sought to map connections -the opposite to reducing world to one number- in this smith ws progressed by maths chamions like einstein and von neumann 


    1760 glasgow U james watt first engineer adam smith first economic mapmake- uniting all sates in sharing 1 english  incding bard romatacism of to be, 2 newton maths,  3 MACHINES- go west interdepence us north east redion nov england, irish boston new-amstedam-youk- south coast belt. up louisana purchase heartland and great lakes various rotes west -to souther gold mines - oregons timber, seattles air panes, alaskas oil bridge berin sea- more iced up nothern territories, start out of tokyo what manhattan had linked across continent of usa 5% of humans to asian coninents 65%, roll back the top down empire borders britannia mecantile age had caused - china closed dwn 1860 to opium virus traded by brits- a virus repeated in 21st c by big pharmaacross, usa, the whole of south asia didnt need boders between cosciusnees faiths and golden ruled ones; by the time possible to canal gulf and med sea make sure african belt nations have been liberated in in-wins insteadif being used by global corporates as centres of extraction and exteraliastion-respec themiddle east land bridge to the 3 continents - end the world wars caysed by naploleoni mischief across content of west eurpe- value soros as opn socety digital currency replaces politics of printingpaper- enjoy the 4 new connectvity techs eg oores law 100 times more local analysis of big data every decade since moon landing

     hall of fame twitter listings - 1 who connects digital health and commu nity sdg wealth of 2 billion being linked in by south asian coastal belt - vote chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk









    valuetrue.com ebrac.com special thanks fazleabed.com EconomistHealth.com smithian.net  OSUN.app masterclass100.com normanmacrae.net - contact chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

    2020s SPRING- welcome to adam smith's last chance to celebrating sustainability all around- 2020s most valued educators the late great fazle abed and the urgenl new waves: cindy mi, vipkid global classroom   jack ma part 3 , charles yidan, li ka-shing, schwazman, soros

    mother earth with your choice of 100 world record jobs creators --81ways.com invites you to share diaries n 2020 year of 51 exponentially terminal online decisionmaking

    about smith's market models

    hypothesis we can spend our lives linking markets, celebrating leaders whose long-term consequence is one of 2 opposite goals- advance the human lot or make a few people eg slave-owners ever bigger, noisier and richer

    smith connects people trying to improve the human lot whether the specific market is led by business eg automobiles or government eg primary schools or some other man or machine made constitution 

     Smith's concerns that neither pound nor dollar economy would be diverse enough to empower people from 200 places over next 2 centuries to make most of machines came to a peak at world war 2, with birth united nations out of san francisco 1945- clearly the world needed to go post colonial and find some systemic innovations given that less than one third of people yet had access to electricity grids 

     by the start of the moon race decade 1960s,4 amazing system innovations:as our guide to world record jobs creators indices butnow in 2020,we the nearly 8 billion peoplse face a world of climate, arms and virus destuction unless we can map higher levels of trust, love and open society coalitions without borders integrated in sync with nature's evolutionary diversity and exponentially multiplicative curves -eg if you dont think warmer climate and new viruses are linked you must have been educated in a world of silos not fit for mobilising moores law mobile connectivity that the last 6 decades 5G..0G have transformed human and machine intel around




    back in 1760 adam smith's mindsets - loving nature, mapping cross-cultural integrity, morality as well as efficiency - came at a great time/place: glasgow university as his colleague james watt was inventing the steam engine to question how to map the spread machines worldwide to  increasingly benefit  -not threaten- every next child born.

    Adam was well aware of viruses and other threats, and warned that it was not a good idea to let london take on sole financing responsibility pound economy take on sole resonsibility for who and how machines were used. London had already  built the wtorld's strongest ships to colonise others with and even the offer of the simplest language for publishing science ( shakespeare's alphabet had been revised)and newon's maths and conversion of the pound of silver to the gold standard made it doubtful that peoples representing way less than 1% of the species out of an island representing less than a thousandth of earths natural resources would know how to rule over the machine age. 

    valuining inputs to human and machine energy

    day to day human energy inputs include last mile security of food, water, health and safety and intergenerational development including education and the changing flows between livelihoods that are rural, city, oceanic and ultimtely climactic

    becuuse of the history of industrial revolution machine energy inputs began with the highly polting carbon fuels not natures abunndant but more tecnically innovative fuels of solar, wind and wave- because of the way brits and dutch colonised asa where 6.10 humans evolve -and japan's pre-war acceleration as a colonier it is particulalry important that netherlands uk japan maximise how they can support impacts of ban ki-moons gca on climate mapping- the netherlands low lands may have the most urgent need in north sea europe to pro-act this 2020 


     journalism- loving each others places- most unproductive peoples- what system pref-op-poorest -james wilson from 1843attempt to change english constitution to commonwealth walter bagehot from 1860 with queen victoria

     rural keynes

    abed 1970-2019- billion plus persons liveloihood impact- how did a muslim  teenager from east of cakcutrta graduate in engineering at adma smith's glasgow U to become accounat rising ti east oakistan regional ceo of royal dutch shell to inventing a bottom up transformation model in global aid empowering the world poorest women villagers to build a nations core rural services in health (golal 3) nutrition (goal 2 starting with asia rice alumni of deming) finace (goal 1) education borrowing from vilage vocational schholing revolution of montesoori and handhi and additional iedology of fransciac paule freire

    borlaug -and asian rice science billion plus persons impact

    gandhi- from start of 20th c asked when will peoples of india and south africa be empowered to lead their own places development from agraria to indsurial and post-idnsutrial world- big deal because in 1900 india was most ouf south asian up to quarter of humans- durban south africa was the key port of maritime euasia unbtil suez canal - more on how a lad chnaged his gial in life from doctor to bar of london lawyer to peaceful caoaigner of chnaing constitutions of empires and colonies 

    brilliant- how did a lad from detroit become medic for pop stars wavy gravy whose holiday with an afghan consiousness guru in 1960s led to larry becoming number 1 weestern epidemiolgist in idia ending smallpox as well as co-entrepreneur of ending needless vilge blindness before returing to silicon valey in time to be google'org first ceo - at a time when digotal mapping was valued as a critical tool in fighting visrus and other bordrless risks incliding climate

    chiinese barefoot medics and james grant 

    Jack ma part 1

    jim kim and paul farmer and soros part 1 

     schumacher and neville williams

    mit-quadirs, ibrahim, hughes 


    Melinda gates, Quuen rania Jordan. Sheikha moza, varkey, patrick awuah


     einstein-Gandhi-montessori  also jagdish gandhi




    florence nightingale , fleing

     asian deming




    mclean container shipping

    Hideo shima bullet trains

    Triad1 of royal families of japan uk and Netherlands

    Triad2 sony, Toyota, keiretsu/chaebol

    Isles of japan, taiwan, hk, Singapore , asean, china diaspora -sme supply chains

     lee kuan yew and li ka-shing

    deng (tsinghua)

     Mobilizing new and open space races, infra to trade

    mobile models comtech/fintech eg alipay mpesa bkash

    clouds changging city life eg uber/aurbnb

    edutech creating aluni whose networks can startuo what profs could only dream of

    - li ka shing uni; jack ma uni- schwazman scholars - soros partners osun scholars 

    cindy mi 



    tesla korolev jfk

    David Attenborough and yoko ono

    Mit codes from moon landing to berners lee to media architecture labs

    Pei and yo yo ma

    Kalam and Nilekani

    Torvaulds, Nordica and ren Zhengfei

    Musk and Changsha

    Jin and jin

    bloomberg mayors 


     computing intel/data platforms

    von neumann- father of programable computing

    gordon moore -65 moores law's promise- 72 silicon valley  

     Mayo san and jerry yang


    first supercity platform models eg uber, airbnbbrin, jack ma 2, b

    bezos 2- big data clouds 

     kai-fu lee


    Cloud models and ai models by data platform across bprders

    scwarzman mit-tsinghua-oxford

    ban ki moon /fink global climate adaptability risks to existence of particular industry sectors 

    Quadirs at mit with Ibrahim,hughes and canada’s blackberry

    Tufts incluing reeta roy and..

    Bezos and jack ma part 2 and pony ma parts 1 and 2


    Part 2 of steve case and 1776 – of jerry yang

    Schwab and ir4 swiss capital coalition – japan china india californnia

     George soros  and bill gates – billionnaies recreating capitalism 1980-2020


    Schwarzman, fink, Bloomberg, banki moon – adaptability of young professionals

    Sustainability of Humans- Game of Two Halves 2025-1985-1945

    George soros  and bill gates – billionnaies recreating capitalism 1980-2020

    Schwarzman, fink, Bloomberg, banki moon – adaptability of young professionals

    Sustainability of Humans- Game of Two Halves 2025-1985-1945

     welcome to ebrac.com - 40 years ago journalists valuing adam smith views on the world- stated publishinG the 2025 genre:a 40 year race to millennials being the first sdg generation-NOW most college students are online - who should professors and teachers learn what most urgent pracrical solutions from--2025 report 40 year exponential timelines updated since 1984 on entrepreneurial futures of financeeducation *manufacturing sme supply chainshealth  bis*gov*coms infrastructure*last 3 generations?


    village resiliency, health-nutrition-safety, finance, livelihood education:how did sir fazle abed redesign 4 valuec chains to empower the poorest?.

    how to map 4 local to global economic models- one village, 200000 villages, national, global

    what is relationship between brac's rural keynes and the 7th smihian economy of the sdg geneation?

    why do smithian value 1760, 1945, 2020s as the 3 most inovative times for under 35s to be alive 

    story in 1760 adam smith's co-worker at glasgow u, james  watt, invented steam engines- adam smith started the genre of asking how would pound and dollar economies market the industrial revoltion around the world; in 1945 san francisco nations united to prevent world wars by  searching out post-colonial and post industrial economies- by 1960 fazle abed was graduating as an engineer from glasgow university and 4 post-industrial economies were emerging- 

    • rural keynes started with borlaug's crop sciences to end famine- it became the curricula of brac - the larest ngo partnership worlwide through half a cebtury's of fazle abed's poverty alleviation womens empoerment networks out of bangladesh- first fazle abed spent 10 years linking chartered accounting knowhow that was to see him rise to being royal dutch shell's ceo for his homeland region of bangladesh
    • space anf communications including telecom satellites death of cost of distance in connecting 8 billion people with apps and actioning life critical knowhow- nb unlike consuming up things know netwoking can multiply value in use; to value this economy it has been argued since 1972 in the economist that unlike zero-sum papereconomies, we need to map intergenerational exponentials of sdg youth as a win-win currency out of every community
    • deming's smarter engieering firstr applied by japan and win-win asian economies to post-colonial world trade infrastructore, microelectronics and sme just-in time supply chains ; in 1964 satellite communications first united the world around tokyo olympicsand potentially asian-demings
    • von-neumann and moore's promise that the analytcal power of programable computing woul multiply 100 fold every decade from 0G 1970s to 5G 2020s- that makes 2020s the era of both huge global village datasets eg end virus together with trillion times more computer intel than was needed to code moon landing
    can we imagine connecting tese 6 economic models into a 7th celebrating sdg generation- those inspired by abed abai valuation of gilrs and boys have made a start at the abed university of bracosunyidan-europe out of cambridge 

     on virus we would check in with jim kim, paul farmer, (their infectious diseases  teaching hospitals in boston, haiti and rwanda), larry brilliant virus mapmaker in asia since late 1960s, the chinese wuhan nurses handbook published by jack ma- who else do you learn most about on virus rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk bethesda d usa

    26 march pres xi offers this corona knowledge center to g20 leaders 

     in more normal times -if you want to help billion poorest asian women sustain the world start at brac u ; their parterships are amazing on fintech they include gates, jack ma, mit/dubai quadit networks; on colleges training servant leaders start in ghana with ashesi or arixzona stae for online education or in vienna with ban-ki moon on global climate adaptability or new york states for arts and replacing macroeconomics with bottom up community webs if you want to know more about the furst 260 years of moral systems mapmaking for industrial and post-indistrial eras you go to glasgow and oxford who have been debating this since james watt invented the first steam engine- if you want to friend chinese youth who have started up the majority of the worlds startups you would linkin with tsingua schwarzman or the mayor of the beijing olympics who works closely with the education commission's japanese leader tokyo governor ms - who works with reiwa emperor on environmemt and sports and president abe  pn big data societal osaka track and society5.0 which is affilated with world economic forums 5 meta-hubs in tokyo delhi beijing san francisco and geneva as well as its 300+ global youth shapers hubs      
    1:02:19NOW PLAYING... go to minute 23 to focus on corona
    March 27, 2020 Dr. Paul Farmer Chief Strategist and Co-Founder, Partners In Health Professor and Chair, Department of Global ...

    between 1943-1993 the question journalists at The Economist 1 2 valued most- can the world of 200 nations be designed by 2025 so that every next girl or boy born has a great chance at life? those who founded UN in san francisco 1945 also started searching this

    for example scroll below to see Economist 1984 survey : can better health care for all bedesigned at 8 times less cost? one third of a century on, thanks to worldrecordJobs (WRJ) Fazle Abed a womens empowered nation like bangladesh and brac university OSUN partners have done most to answer this question, due to fake media or other complications USA and EU have done the least- can you help valuetrue youth blog or twitter lessons not disputes of who caused this? in 2020 we are all in the same virus lifeboat =i am at wash dc whats app +1 240 316 8157 but nb my journalistic expertise is not medical


    whats the point of 100 times moore tech every decade if health service is getting better and lower cost?


    • tech1 space includes mobile, telecommuting, new media, networks of 10000 youth given one goal- eg kennedy moon race
    • tech2 engineering revolution of deming alumni
    • tech 3  computing analytical tech born by von neumann and committed to increase 100 fold every decade between 1965-2025 by alumni of intel's gordo moore out of silicon valley
    • ground level : rural/community keynes


    can teachers help millennials segment nations into aiming versus not aiming at better health -so that the first mobile generation can know where to action learn from

    which of the 4 new economy models that the economist had been reporting mattered most to health servants and 

    did a different  model matter more as we looked at other market's sustainability goals


     rural keynesians hall of fame of health's world record job creators: borlaug crop/rice science ends billion peoples deaths by famine

    fazle abed :: larry briliant :: jim kim  :: paul farmer :: franciscan movements eg paulo freire

    james grant: florence nightingale; george soros :: bloomberg-hopkins- you tell us chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk




    by 1996 george soros was the first billionaire to be interested in sponsoring experiments in mobile quadirs boston, community health jim kim with farmer (boston), education systems his own central euro u and finance- his most purposeful experimental agents were in different parts of the world and often concerned with communities that needed leapfroging eg going from no electricity/phones to solar and 2G- so everything didnt start coming together until he heard that fazle abed bangladesh the founder of the largest ngo partnership to support women ending poverty aimed for brac university to be his legacy -to celebrate 2020s soros annouced osun as greatest cooperation in open education at wef 2020

    bkash of brac worlds largest villagers digital bank - expert hub boston quadirs money in motion


    bard college;ny/dcregion schools

    botstein music and skills hubs/ george & alex soroshq  


    sir fazle abed -corporate alma mater royal dutch shell- "kingthoods" uk and dutch royal familes  


    major school and liovelihood partner- refugees myanmar border 


    SEATTLE- GATES: Main partner BRAC tanzania; -bkash partner bangladesh &

    berkeley - brac bangladesh diaspora center 

    osun arizona state with former intel ceo craig barett - osun main online edu

     jica card rice science africa partner 


     glasgow - adam smith scolars research bangladesh model since

    250th celebration of adam smith moral sentiments

    london with ny one of 2main fubding branches

    london dfid biggest partner of brac schools since 198s 

     edu laureates- main prizes hk yidan. qatarwise

     osun in africa awuah ghana 6th wise laureate - brac first

    brac in africa with soros - liberia and sierra leone; alongside kim and jack ma in rwanda- with gates tanzania- with mastercard uganda-

    across all of brac africa card curriculum of rice science with jica japan 

     vienna soros 30 year ceuni with 25 os laureates-

    ban ki moons global climate scholars partners 




     health1.JPG health2.JPG health3.JPG health4.JPGhealth5.JPG 
     health6.JPG health7.JPG health8.JPG health9.JPGhealth10.JPG 

    welcome to UNACK: 2020 hub dedication asia-institute: Uni founder dedication- BRAC U 2.0: fazle abed: real money : soros: moore 5G to 0G votes with girlsworldbank at at worldrecordjobs.com  to family foundation norman macrae CBE, Japan Order of Rising Sun:sdg-guide  co-sponsors EconomistDiary.com  suoercityuni.com goodhubsguide.com chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk : mapping 20 cities/places who will most help youth sustain the world of the 2020s - bcause 4 generations of my family are diaspora scots who have mainly shared life critical knowhow in asia i have my baises - i welcome playing snap if you have other biases that can be as trusted to care anout youth as the sg generation
    some un head offices and twitter: climate change UNFCCC Bonn ; geneva trade, telecoms next G, health- geneva; education paris; politics * UNGA & HQ T1 T2 NY


    hk's blooming 1  2019 hk review-how youth can double innovation every year if elders value future grandchildren- sofia interviews common sense of billions of humans- nov 2019 brookings forecast- 5 million and 1 hong kongers will democratise their future (more at humansAI.com) while 51 senators and world's biggest liar will rule over america's 21st year in 21st century?

    hong kong in 2020 as often in past hk most value multiplying asian economics city- top 10 quests

    1 reconcile diaspora and mainland china dreams

    2 help japan lead value chain of fashion workers and superstars

    3 help understand connection of ai in education children and in education robots- un sophia leader of #digitalcooperation - links of hk and ainsinapore.org

    4 while hong kong may not be in middle of specific climate crises it can be honest broker of all islands that are

    5 hong kong can help both singapore and china expand asean celebartions of each others cultures-do you agree these ar 5 of top 10 roiles 2020s sdg youth would miss  if hong kong did not exist -what other hubs of sdgs can hk celebrate- eg can scmp team with washpost to bring moral transparency back to media as well as market makers like bezos and ma? can yidan prize celebrate greatest youth livelihood educators of sd generation


    why dont all asian development bansk co-host belt road mapping acrooss 7 worlds- the porevious head of world bank ifc relocated to HK- before cop26 glasgow top 3 peopl from each development bank could meet- huge lessons from aiib world tour mumbai 20 luxembourg 19 mumbai 18 korea 17 beijing16- right time as big launches of digital central banking roll out 

     ...................glasgow - host cop26 9-20, nov2020

    -lets make this the greates meeting in 260 years since glasgow u's adam smith and james watt dbetaed with students want the future of the industria revolution would be

    if you have read adam smith you will know that by now he would have failed the paper currency economies of both pound and dollar as historic dinosaures- of the 4 post world war 2 economics multipliers- he would have loved what deming and tokyo shared with the world- better infrasnructre and microelectronics engineering have been win-wins for everyone who has tristed japsn rising sun; he would have loved womens rural keynsianism as it empowered a billion peoples community devlopment out of china and bangladesh since 1970- i think he would probaly rate von neumann and gordon moores trillion times moore analytical economy to have all to play for in 2020s; i think the detanchment of space and satellite telcoms mobil and big data economy from sustainability mapping on earth would have alarmed him- he will be looking down on cop26 with the hope that english language peoples are newly free in 2021 after the ttanic sadnesses of 9/11 middle east refugees, subprime and whatever is the rule of lairs currently pandemic wherever love of local service is the opposite of whap politocal bureaucrats spin 

    -adam smith scholars legacy to norman macrae from the economist - new economics journal revisiting womens rural keynes- main contact adam smith scholars glasgow university

     tokyo from 1962 japan leaders and the economist shared ideas on how deming engineering could rebuild asia starting with east coastal belt islands then korea then mainland china- father awarded meperor's order of rising sun

    inspiring family etc webs yk  music..

    emanuel www.asia-institute.org has spent most of this century planting thinktanks in tokyo seoul hanoi and other asian places- we'd like to make sure youth celebrate top 20 cities for 2020- we know how to make eg hong kong and vienna in top 20 - emanuel will be in tokyo in about 2 weeks if anyone can connect-  before fazle abed died in december he tool the future of brac uni and its health college out of the family;s hands and asked vincent chang ban ki moon and george soros partners to look after it- if you care about health or women or climate or music then these are 4 topics to linkin now- of the g7 countries i believe only italy and japan's people are free of very sad politics- hence i added few italians to this list-cheers also i can add vincent chang to this group if you all want that 

     dhaka -see fazleabed.com and www.osun.app to celebrate lastet good news of where year 40 of womens rural keynsiansism is impacting -although father had learny about barefoot doctors and borlaug rice science from china 1977- he realised an equal development miracle 1977-2000 was bangladesh girl empowerment- BRAC 1.0 through person to person grassroots networking

    BU BRAC Uni 2.0 -20 years prepping legacy of Abed Bhai 


     Vincent Chang was selected by fazle abed in his last year 2019 to take womens most local universities global wherever sdgs depend on communities where women hold up half the sky

    Dr Charles Chen Yidan, founder of Yidan Prize Foundatio HKn and co-founder of Ten Cent Shenzen


    ========= Imagineer what 3 university hubs could do: brac with vincent, part 1 of soros 30 yeras investment in university- CentralEU out of the city of music veinna, part 2 New York State's BRAD University of Conductor Leon Botstein 

    imagine if  instead of property trumps all -americans votefor transforming new york not just the global centre of biggest banking but global coalition:: a supercity of jobs creating edu and artistic inspiration- imagine what will happen to the 10 million extra imigrants to brookyn bronx queens slated to arrive in the 2020s -if NY is not yo be more than big nankers and big property sepculators haven

    BRI.school-as discussed at RAC London 2008 nowhere needs a superpoty like bangaldesh -digital world inclusion seems ever more chaotic now thn when dutch and UK royals fought over nutmeg



    amitav i am 3 months late in responding to ezra vogels kind invitation to meet him in harvard
    now that your 6 weeks at schwarzman /tsinghua is cancelled (or online instead of personal) is there any chance we could both go up to boston in next few weeks?

    i want to understand where fady saad is connecting- i was privileged to meet him when judging part of a mit100k competition-his news looks urgently good

    Thanks Chris for the wonderful intros and pleasure meeting everyone. Let me know how I can help in any way or support your amazing projects/initiatives around the world. Chris, et al, if you find yourself in Boston, I would be happy to host you at MassRobotics, the largest hub in the US for robotics/AI technologies commercialization, and show you our bran new facility. We had the governor of Massachusetts, mayor of Boston, Colin Angle (iRobot CEO) & Tye Brady (Amazon Robotics CTO) recently in our ribbon cutting:  

    https://www.therobotreport.com/massrobotics-expands-strength-robotics-cluster/MassRobotics expansion reflects local cluster’s strength 
    -new york who dutch swpped with uk for nutmeg island (see col4 dhaka)

    From: Bloomberg <nMonday, 3 February 2020, 18:05:52 GMT-5
    Subject: Rethinking almost everything 

    The coronavirus outbreak leaves China preparing for the worst — slower economic growth, U.S. farmers may have to wait . Here are some of the things people in markets are talking about today.Ready to Readjust The coronavirus is forcing a rethink on almost everything in China, even forcing the country to prepare steps to adjust to a slower rate of economic growth. Officials are evaluating whether to soften the economic-growth target for 2020, while state-owned liquefied natural gas importers are considering declaring themselves unable to fulfill some obligations on cargo deliveries — known as force majeure . And authorities in Beijing are hoping the U.S. will agree to some flexibility on pledges in their phase-one trade deal,  Two-thirds of the Chinese economy will remain closed first week Feb 2020 as several provinces take extraordinary step of extending the Lunar New Year holiday to help curb the spread of the disease that’s claimed 400+ lives with confirmed cases reaching almost 17,400.(As yet small figures compared with western flu but.. Here’s a wrap of the considerations. Meanwhile, pressure is growing on Asia to cut rates to curb the economic fallout from the virus.Markets Mixed  Tuesday 3 Feb  Commodities remained under pressure, with oil sinking about 3%,Elsewhere, copper dropped for a 14th straight day. Oil fell below $50 a barrel after Chinese consumption was said to plunge by 20% amid efforts to control the spread of coronavirus.Waiting Game It’ll be a while before China spends billions on U.S. farm goods as part of Donald Trump’s trade deal. There’s been skepticism about China’s ability to buy as much as was promised — $50 billion — ever since the pact was signed in mid-January. And while the head of Archer-Daniels-Midland, one of the world’s top agricultural commodity traders, said the Asian nation will make good on its promises, most of its purchases may come only in the second half of 2020.  Chinese officials are now said to be hoping the U.S. will agree to some flexibility on their pledges as the spread of deadly coronavirus threatens to slow domestic growth, though the U.S. says it hasn’t received any such request. “I think the problem is serious and China will most likely avoid any big rush of commodity buying because of the trade deal for now,” said Michael McDougall, a managing director at Paragon Global Markets in New York. That could delay any boost for farmers, a core voting bloc for President Trump as he prepares to seek re-election later this year. Triple Threat Fires, scandal and slowdown. Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing a triple threat heading into the first parliamentary sitting of 2020 — and it’s all going wrong. An unprecedented wildfire season that’s burnt out an area of land almost the size of England and shrouded major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne in toxic smoke has increased pressure on Morrison to abandon his pro-coal agenda. His government is walking back promises on a budget surplus as the fires and coronavirus threaten economic growth. And a member of his Cabinet has just resigned over a breach of ministerial standards. Voters are taking notice. The government’s 4 percentage-point opinion poll lead over the main opposition Labor party two months ago has been reversed, while Morrison’s personal approval rating has plunged 8 points to 37%. “Morrison has suffered one of the steepest declines in political fortunes in recent Australian history and his government colleagues will be worried that his reputation is already damaged beyond repair,” according to Paul Williams, a political analyst at Griffith University in Brisbane.Battery Boost Tesla was up the most since 2013, rallying for a fifth day Monday and adding more than $100 per share as a torrent of good news further boosted investor sentiment. The stock rose as much as 21% to $786.14, its highest price ever. Where did the jolt come from? Earlier, Panasonic, which makes batteries for Tesla, said the business turned profitable in the quarter ended Dec. 31, with Panasonic Chief Financial Officer Hirokazu Umeda telling reporters in Tokyo on Monday that the rapid increase in Tesla’s output helped push that business into the black. Another boost came from Argus analyst Bill Selesky, who raised his price target on Tesla to $808 from $556, reflecting revenue growth from the legacy Model S and Model X cars, as well as strong demand for the new Model 3. Tesla shares have now risen 79% in just 2020 alone, and have tripled in value since third-quarter results were reported in mid-October.What We’ve Been Reading

    This is what’s caught our eye over the past 24 hours.The Airbus bribery case topples the founder of AirAsia.

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     vienna- my father brainstormed with soros in 1980s and helped timeline fall of berlin wall and so networks soros began around his cenetral euro university- then in budpaest - hometonw of von neumnann whose biography my father wrote - soros uni has been transferred to vienna due to borrser crises caused by eubologna- my father worked closely with tomano prodi in 1976 -previously father was only journalist ast messina start of EU 1955 father like everyone who has visited saw rome as the crosscuktral city of the west - he believed in franscican form of servant leadership - at its original best empoweriung clares -women to netork community helath and thise men who travel golbally to be green in the way they value nature london- many parts of london were not kind to father- but my family grew up with taht of the bbc's most honest brioadcatsre - david attenborough whise brother richard attenborough direcetd the movie gadhi

     What are similar and different lessons from the world's biggest market makers Bezos and Ma?

    similarities: self-made among richest in world today- since seattle 1995 totally focused on changing world with ecommerce,  abused by most conventional theorists and bankers, completely changing citizens relationships between home work shopping and lifestyle, no student or teacher can help design future without understanding what these men learnt, who they partnered, how adoption of bezos or ma model chnages your place's future sustainability. They expanded into several similar areas eg cloud computing of big data local operational platform, leading regional newspapers- chnaged use of internet from knowledge sharing to selling

    bezosma.jpg Differences : when ma fiorst saw amazon launch seattle 1995, china was at least 10 yeras behind - no internet, leaping into mobile phones without ever using landline, few nationsiwde shops- jack both had more time to iterate and less constraints from competition - eg he could go into fintech leadership where bezos couldnt really

    from the start ma was interested in jobs creation, local community develoment integrated nationally not just top down- he decided not to spend money on stocks but to design the data and serovices needed to deliver goods ; jack extrovert his family street actors, bezos private; jack able to choose big strategic partners- investor masa son japan and silicon cvalley (taiwanese american) tech wizard jerry yang- bezos appears to have led his own startegy group; jacks first 20 years of work from pre-teens in education ans translatung the world- he says he's gpoing back to education for part 3 of his life after 25 years of ecommerce- he is one un leading advisers on techforsdgs- bezos would appear to be us-centric; ma has always thought about supercity economic resposibilities intergated with rural- it is not clear from amazon hq2 process that bezos has accepted as deep a human development responsibility- alternatively you could interpret his move to making dc his main home as postioning those he friends (including orgignal founder of aol) as ready to change washington's politcal consequences for everyone- will bezos contribute as much to green futures as ma- it may all depend on every 4 year election and whether engineers are ever valued in usa as place leaders- jack ma is surrounded by engineering capitalsim and country leaders who want him to teach other big business med whats changing most- see cen; bezos isn't heroised by most youth in his own country the way jack ma is; jack ma is able on eg green to publicly choose business rivals eg pony ma (eg environment) as societal partners-- ma has shared future dbetaes on global stages - whats purpose of g20- see eg hwtp handhous sdgs g20-2016; guterres futures of digital coperation - supercities of olympics futures of educations 18 korea 20 japan 22 beijing 24 paris 26 mila 28  LA ... ma undesraynds chnaging value chains of celebriities critical to sdgs - kobe.mba alibabauni.comversus amazonuni.com  @JeffBezos related @travisk

    mumbai - father had married daughter of sir kenneth kemp - who spent 25 years as mumbai chief justoce mediuating mahamtma ganndhi before writining up leagelse of independence- most of my mothers family were norses or pharmacists in mumbai- see eg kemps corner now a shopping centre -one of the first pharmacists in mumbai father valued nordica- ten years of translating 1984's 2025 report from english - concluded with swedish language version in 1993- nordica was always the part of the EU that got youth's futures needing to maximsie virtulal proiductivity as well as that with the girl and boy next door- in part 6 months a year being ied up makes virtual liofestyles that more healthy in nordica and explains what all arctic circle youth will need to be celebrated as linking in trough 2020s  father valued barcelona as the most entreprenuyrual city west of rome -and the other missing superporet needed for south europenas to balance the finacial mischief of north euroepan capitals-what might have been for latin america and north west africa if barcelona had been valued to the maximum by madrisfather loved all of hong kong , singapore and taiwan as demonstrations of how the diaspora chiense mindset was smartest in dsigning wion-win tradining suoercities- by 1977 when deng asked japan to teach engineering  at tsinghua rising suns of teh far east included japan number 2 economys, diaspora chinese 3rd strongers finavcial economy- special mention to singapore whoch encouraged 10 asean countries to join in cross-cultural economic union however slow of fast their sustainability expeontials risingfather loved how the netherlands british cooperation produced some of teh most ersponsbible multinational in tersm of training locall staff - before teh worlkd wnet global in 1990, both unilever and shell gave local staff huge opportunities to develop- it is highly probable that the royal families of uk netherlands and japan can do more tos transform the old world beyond colonis and beyond carbon than any other of the medium size nations  there can be no sustainability without freeing the chinese mainland from cloising down in 1960 due to the evil english deman that opium be accepted as a rading currency- beijing shanghai shenzen and hangzhou are likely to be the 4 techforsdgs epicentres that all sustainable youth need positive knowhow flows with


     boston and irish eyes have smiled any times since mit did the code for the moon landing: olsen brough min compoutres; tim berners lee brough www from geneva, tech for humans and health for humans link round the great mit lab and brigham young womens partres i helath with a little extra help from wellesley girls - mit-legatum has started up the greatest mobile markets by and for wprlds poorest women and whn mit schwarzman scholars come online through 2020 the le future sera rose

    obviously close to the purpose of anyone on THe Economist's learning curve- James wilson's firstcomonwealth sucssess was to convince queen victoria that the vest interests mps of teh corn law needed retiring - while the corn laws were repaled not in tike to starve most of the irish population -like the scts muost were foreced to emigrate with new eng;and and boston as new ireland as favorite spaces

    father loved ukraine and the parts poland and czech played in opening up east europe in extrsoridnarily courageous ways inspite of minimum support from euro brussels  father loved the version of russian peoples that gorbachev stood for with rome and soros - he was absolutely dismayed by the rottne way us congree betrayed gorbachev lets be clear father would not have lived as teenager in world war without support of usa - but since the death of kennedy american values have turned - by ]fame media by politicians who hate youth, by big organsiations protecionsim - just as the pound economy opened up world trade however savagely to 1776 and for a generation or twon on, and the anerican dolar economy replaced the uk role- to 1945 and 1964- the chalenge known by anyone who formed th un in 1945 was to relaunch the G8 empires but as soon as that had happened to help most of the other 192 nations who been trapped in colonial poverty as well as any racial discriminations within nations-  the baltic economy has shjown some extrosrinadary brave experiennts in launchin pro-youth parlaiments when you map the old world's 3 subcintinents- its a huge irony that the goldenb rules religions emerged at teh middle east land bridge to these 3 contiunents - and that western wars over oil have made what needed to be the open crsossroads to the 3 subcintinents the opposite-  melborne - global reconcilation network first 20 yeras of medical networks response to 9/11 out of monash U including gandhi summit 2004 indira gandhi nation center of cultires - one wekk before tsunami 

    xAt valuetue.com we hypothesise that the purpose of our species is the true motherly one of sustaining future generations- this has never been the purpose of paper currencies eg pound or dollar-nor was it the purpose of the english language when machines were first invented in 1760 ... out of glasgow University aluni of 2 scota Adam Smith and James Watt started questioning why not use machies to free humans and end top down empire. Smilth for example suggested slavery was 10-12 times less efficeint than freedom and that England should design win-win trades with Americans celebrating their goal to build a bigger nation than britannia's small island

    The root cause of the world wars was the colonial empire model (manifest by the pound economy) was teh systemic (compound) oppiste of entrepreurial freedom and happiness. With Americans twice saving the old world from its wars what happened  to the dollar economy 1945-1970. We posit that 4 hapiness and freedom economic opporunities emerged 1945-1970 but things also tipped against humans loving each others peoples 

    4 hopeful economic revolutions

    community level food and otehr security starting with eg borlaub crop science

    deming zero defects engineering that eg japan used to build beter trains better docking manufactoire microelectronics as well as

    better engines 

    moon race and saetllite telecoms

    von neumanns programable computer allied to 100 fold per decade increase in efficiency of computer chips promied by gordon moores alumni 1965-2025-

    that's a trillion times more machine analytic power than needed to code the moon landing 

    space race and satellite telecoms 

    EU:the common agricultural policy- this was the begiining of the end of development economic trades needed between europe and africa, and was the seed that later compounded how the med sea became the sea of refugees instead of the relatively good neibours space it had been when venice was to europe what marco polo's hangzhou was to the far east

    the death of kennedy ; if kennedy had joined britain and japan reconciliation at the toklyo olympics he might have had mpre cpnfidence in the rising sun model : japan taiwanhong kong singapore south korea- and in 1968 what was the happiest news for a fift of the world's people- china ended its admiration of the sviet union and 118 years after closing itself to world trade in preference to accepting the british proposition that opium be used as a trading currency; with landing on the moon the question might have been what moon races can we celebrate on earth now that we know we can assign 10000 youth to network on an insanly great goal with likelihood that no mission is impossible if we humanise machine inte;

    the failure to exit the vietnam war around 1964 , the failure of americans to focus on their own north south continenal inclusion of white black and latin youth; what became nixons hatred of american youth

    all of these stories were debated in The Economist from 1962 onwards - although it wasnt to 1977 that it became clear that womens rural keysiansim dependended on maximising every community's 1) food sceurity, 2 health sceurity, 3 community resilience after natural disaster; these were/are the great chalenges on the asian continent pretty much anywhere south of latitude 30- system responses to these ultra poverty challenge require a common (borderless solution)- this was what both bangaldesh and chiense vilage women emep[owered when microfinace plus was designed as an economic value chain system owned in trust for their development across generations- this is not what microcredit peer to peer networking was understood in the west to be about when it came time to ofer vilagers with no access to electricity grids opportunities to leapfrom with mobile currency and microsolar

    each of the 0G 1970s to 5G 2020s needed curiosity a decade ahead of time- the 1970s needed cultural mapping of where poverty barriers would be hardest to resolve across the 200 borders that the era of mpiures had drawn; machine and human s languages needed to celebrate sharing life critical action knowhow before commerce came to be digitalised- every markets global value chain costs etc needed transparent mapping before we raced into commerce tech fintech edtech; we needed to consider what universal movile connectivity could be used for before expensive spectrum auctions; we needed not to belive that spewing out alll sorts of gsps data was social untuil we thought through how big data analyis could value local relat time oiperational platforms aligned to sdgs and eg going green 

    we needed to free every person to be student and teacer across generation and out of every community's diversity - bottom up and open system dsign multipling goodwill - healthy societies grow economies across generation not vice versa- natre is boutiful in her dieversity but only as einetsin modelled if we stop listening to scentifiuc man saying there;s nother more to innovate- there always is if we go more nano and more open in the dymanics of interactions we map 

    HERSTORY Needs to be revisted right back to 1500 or earlier- the good and bad news of machine intel being able to analyse datasets the size that no single human brain could ever master is if we design big day the way needed to empower women's livelihoods to be valued as mch as men's , to clebrate how green natire is instead of how carbon filthy we may be able to answer the Bard's Question To Be or Not To Be - affimratively through the 2020s

    can see from 20.1

    20.1 In 1500, part of the old world (west europe) discovered it could navigate by sea 2 new worlds; to the west a continent named America(s), by going south down to the bottom of africa and then east the subcontinent of Asia could be reached by boat

    20.2 Before 1500 the old world was the only known world comprising 3 subcontinents in one and a few islands. In this world there was a land bridge which the English later named the middle east. All the golden rule religions united by though shalt not kill originated which the English dated between 0 and 600 from this land bridge : go west and south to find africa where our species began (result today darker skin); go east where most of species culltivated to asia where to this day 2/3 people live; go north and west and you reach europe where people of lightest skins emerged. Because of the location of the med sea, there is no direct land route between africa and europe - ironically quite near the far west of europe the starits of gibraltar offer the narrowest "bridge" between europe and africa under 10 miles.

    20.3 We can also note that it wasn't until around 1850 that English speaking people defined London as where west and east was defined around longitude 0. It was then that the landbridge between the old world's 3 subcontinents  got branded "middle east" - logically this region could be called west asia. One other notable point: east asian cultures have ofen been designed around conscious movements not the singular gods that linked with europes old empires eg roman, greek, or african eg egyptian or more. The deepest research in english of how the "far eastern island of japan and continental region china" developed hubs around harvard professor ezra vogel. For example around the year 600, the island of Japan had no national identity - it was ruled by 40 or so ward lords one of whom was a woman. She sent emissres over to china which was known to be innovating a national identity. How? By importaing a consciousness movement that originated in India. In this way, at least half of humanity evolved around conscousness cultures. Fortunately the east biggest digital market maker jack ma values this integral dynamic- his schiolars of humanising AI are branded as damo researchers. It is unclear what the spirtitual code (if any) jeff bezos embeds as the west's biggest digital market maker. Intriguingly for those concerned with true media (see also futureofbbc.com kobe.mba universityofstars.com economistsports.net alibrac.com economistrefugee.com ) both ma and bezos have aquired their region's most respected english language daily newspapers - bezos= washington post, ma= south china (ie hong kong's) morning post!

     20.3 Up to 1500 place economies' size correlated mainly with population size where people had naturally chosen to live. As we have alread mentiobed 2/3 people lived in Asia including about a quarter in greatrr india and a quarter in greater china, perhaps 2% in the icy roof of asia -greater russia. Many of the western europes took a piece of america: the french and the english took the roof they called canada: when it came to what is now knowc as USA- the english : new england with ireland in boston, the french lousiana, orinally the dutch new york but they swappedfor an insland with th british in indoensia, the spanish mexico and parts of south america, ugues mapping out Brazil.Particulatlu the engloish and french started the salde trade to build across this huge new land. Mainly the french and the nglish took africa but the southern tip vital for circumvaligation became conetented between dutch and british. It was the british whose boats eventuially dominated much of asia's south coast- the whole subcontinent of the Indian Raz. By 1860 the english were propistioninhg the chiense - accept opium as a trading currecy. The chiense perfeered to wotdraw from trade with outside world for over 100 yeras.

    20.4 ON way to interpret the 20th c world wars is the world being ruled mainly by 8 empires - with over a hundred colonies people trapped in poverty was ot sustainable. At a founding UN meeting held in san francosco 1945, 7 of the 8 empires agreed to reboot teir economies but also to progress development /indpendence of those they had previously colonised over. The ayes of the 8: usa and the contental roof canada; the old world's far west inland great britain and its far east inland Japan, 3 continental Europe nations : Germany France Italy. The nay: the old world's continental roof Russia dictated to by Salin.

     20.4 Today and through most of time over 90% of world trade has been shipped. You can call that a defining difference between world and regional trade- and in the land before engines of 1760, its pretty obvious why peoples who lived near water (rivers including seas) could trade more than those who were landlocked. Its remarkable however that because spices as a health adnet were so valuablethat the longest world trade route ever mapped  in practice was over land - see eg writings of marco polo and understand why francsicans who medietd this valued women misisonaries who networked community health and male missionaries who valued nature ( see st francis or pope francis).

    download GAMES of SuperGirls

    hot chat feb 2020

    dear robert your chtna CGTN series is more than vaut le voyage- thanks

    if my own logic is vaguely correct then depending where you are passing through - here are some of the people whose action knowhow I try to connect students massively with but of course i dont know what I dont know

    washington dc region amitav and emanuel and cheng li - all connected by thinktanks like china center of globalisation which the one day i experienced offered 100 people doing 5 minutes tedx of what they positively linked locally & globally

    - all are connected with students eg amitav: american university and schwarzman - cheng li brookings - emanuel http://www.aaia-institute.org 

    boston ezra vogel

    wherever students need to study ban ki-moon or girls empowerment or what george soros dreamed open society meant - vincent chang  BRAC U 2.0 -also leon botstein OSUN... until dec 2019 fazle abed dhaka

    in beijing tian wei and li xin but they dont reply to email often- also aiib president jin and in london his daughter professor jin

    LOGIC exponentially accelerated by moores law of 100 times more intel every decade 0G 1970s 5G 2020s

    back in 1977 my father norman macrae at the economist suggested every young person should connect positively with every chinese young person to jointly become the first sdgoals generation survey-dad also got lombasted in US congress for valuing rural keynesianism but supported by eg soros back in london where they both then lived- although dad was only journalist at messina in 1955 and fan of jean monet bot he and soros were saddened by 1962 common agri policy and death of kennedy 1963 (not sure west g6 have been on sustainable orbit since but then they are only about 11% our species)

    cheers chris valuetrue.com MA stats corpus christi college
    whatsapp +1 240 316 8157 diaspora scot 4th generation family upbringing mainly in asia or british embassies- 
    fan of china youth/mothers livelihoods - living in dc- hopeful about jack ma tokyo and yidan-hk youth this year

    now we are drowning in viruses i think how digital yan is released may be our last best shot beyond trump-japan society meeting tomorrow new york 

    download uk enters eu 1971 by norman macrae The Economist

    UNwomens says goodbye to 2010s The Economist says hello to 2010s in 50 countries  Russia  ASIA China  India  Japan  Singapore Hong Kong Taiwan  S.Korea  Malaysia    Thailand  Indonesia   Philippines Kazakhstan Pakistan Iran Saudi Arabia  Israel  Iraq  Europe GB Ukraine  Ireland  Italy Greece  France Germany Belgium Finland  Sweden  Netherlands Bulgaria Romania Poland Czech R  Slovakia  Spain  America Latin Mexico Brazil  Chile Argentina   Peru Ecuador   Colombia  Venezuela America North US Canada   Africa Nigeria  Egypt  South Afriica Algeria Asean-Pacific Australia 
    BBC says hello to 7 
    worlds of 2020s

    .dec newsline


    A 'Robot Scientist' Carried out 100,000 Experiments in Just 1 Year, All on Its Own


    Fluid dynamics scientists beware, a new robot on the scene may replace you. Alternatively, another perspective is that this robotic system will hugely assist scientists in that field. Researchers from MIT and Brown University in the U. Read More

    GAMES of WorldRecordJobs.com (WRJ) - goal collect/search insanely great pack of playing cards

    - how would world be more optimistic & sustainable if everyone you trust had access to alumni of WRJ Jack Ma

    info on playing the GAMES -chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Linkedin Unwomens   -CyberChinacenter.com  (Washington DC Baltimore Glasgow Changsha Beijing Tokyo Vienna Boston)

    Family Foundation Norman Macrae, Japen Order of Rising Sun. UK CBE, The Economist tech and end poverty sub-editor  2025report.net  7worlds.net


    Whats most valuable genre 60 years of public broadcasting could help millennials mobilise eg BBC’s 7 world's one planet -

    october 2018 series explores your contients most diverse stories following blue ocean 2 - exploring oceans- over one billion mobile people shared attenboroughs viral message platsic is choking fish - if kennedy was around in 2020s -w ould he launch 10000 youth netwirks on mother earths greatest climate races? -related is nkk most purposeful public broadcaster- can the olympics broaden its celebration of youth;'s greatest heroes and how the market for fahions shares value between priducers, wearers and go-betweens

    JF Kennedy

    Whats most exciting Moon Race (MR) since first moon race – definition MR= 10000 youth freed to network round achieving one defined heroic goal 
     thegames1.jpgGordon Moore  Von neumann Deming realted toyota way - abdul latif 


    2025Gs.JPG news2025.JPG

    jobs3b.jpg chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk text and whatsapp +1 240 316 8157

    welcome to Normanmacrae.net

     Pope Francis- what if every leader loved as diversely different people as pope francis - eg we love eu's youth, we love china and japan, we love un, we love latin america,we love italy and all med sea facing nations ... schwarzman-

    how to design 2020s (decade of 5g-AI) with  most collaborative global alumni scholars of sdg generation growing one year graduate program?

     japans richest man is founder of uniqlo fashions retailing- can he help 

    tokyo-beijing-paris change value chain of garments that female worlers

    sustain a decent living 

    Ka-shing hong kongs richest ma- has an extraordinary foundation and university - the future of hong kong will be absoluitely brillaints once its found its ciotizens map to sdg world trade- hong kong can lead the permier league of suoercities with singapore that make the most of 5g to humanise ai and live upo to the vision for education of both the yidan prize (tencent hk) and jack ma -hk is alibaba's favorite space for finacing  mamohan singh's 1950s thesis at corpus christi cambridge- how to desin nation so as no0t to externalise risk either on neighpouring nations nor underclasses inside nation - transprency note tutored by alumni of keynes few yeras after my father stidied at corpus under keynes-singh later he,ped india chnage its world trade policyy from 1996keynes BloombergGuterres &  Romano Prodi Jean Monnet


    tokyo choice Dakh-D  boston choice Silk Road E by Yo Yo Ma

     Fazle Abed

    How’d you link

    largest NGO partners through changing world of 1970s to 2020s to scale finance and livelihood edu for bottom billion asian girls related yunus & yunus

     Jack Ma

    Starting 2000 how design ecommerce & fintech maximise livelihoods half billion people who leap from little mobility (no phones) to smart phones and worlds most effective public transport for trade and travel;

     Jeff Bezos

     Serge Brin

    & Robin Li 

    & Kai Fu-Lee 

     Larry Brilliant related farmer jim kim ophelia dahl mccormack Pony Ma Nilekani Ibrahim Sheikha  Moza & Quuen Rania

     Neville Williams

    related ashde and royal geo society including michael palin 

     Lee Kuan Yew related mahbubani

     Japan Emperor & Prince Charles

    related keiretsu and chaebol 

    Gandhi: 58 years before Japan and UK 1964 agreemnet to renew eusaian nations their colonial eras had empired pover- gandhi started the movement out of india and sout africa asking bar of ,ongon lawyers how could they live with rules that trappend indian and afrtican people in [overty-transoarency note maternal gradad sir kenneth kemp meidted gaandhi 25 years as chief justice mubai befire writing up leagalese for india;s indepenence- so gandhi special favorite in our GAMES Masa Son Jerry Yang Soros Mandela Gorbachev Kagame Ray Andersen
     Deng Borlaug - food secuity for billion poorest vilagers with new crop science applied to rice since 1970s as first of 5 great collaborations between women of south china and bangladesh -related paul polak ck prahald james grant unicef leader who championed oral rehydration as part of china and bangaldesh womens 2nd great colaboration- barefoot doctors building rural health servoces- now one of the elading colleges at brac university  =related linda twist hunger project  ban ki-moon since 2016 leveraging world of connections he made at un in some of the most urgently needed sdg huibs- from launching brac university into 2020s to ethics directir of value of sponsors of olympics bridging tokyio 2020 beijing 2022 paris 2024 and even Los Angelees 2028

     Chen Jining

    Yuriko Koike 

     QuadirsMrs Xi  Case realted leonsis 1776 hub  Steve Jobs Ren Zengfei
     Schwab  Olsen Tim Berners Lee realted mit negrpronte joi ito Torvaulds Gates Jin & Jin Will Shakespeare

     Harrison Owen

    related meg wheatley ackoff maharishi


    James Wilson Adam Smith & James Watt


     chapter 6 


    As we enter 2020s there is so much work to be done foe evry community to be a thriving plave to be born that simply put any place that syas it canat afford livgelihoods for any youth who wants to work hartd has got education or banking wrong or both or has been put in the middle of wars or climat crsises that the inetrnational community needs to take responsibility for if the united nations sdgs are to be mo0re than chat

    The fact that media did not work tigether as mass new media became as scaleable as mass media is amedia crosis- it does not negate our 1984 prediction chapter 6 that 30000 microfracises need to be entrepreneurually discovered and celebrated. 



    Recommendation from chapter 6 of 2025 Report: 30000 microfranchises need to be entrepreneurually innovated and valued if humans to be sustainable

    BRAC WRJ Fazle Abed  shows massive microfranchising is possible - depending how you count things we would say that brac (with some pluses and minuses from alumni of yunus & yunus) has contributed 1000 of 30000 solutions needed, and continues to be the world bast partnership centre of gravity for any tech wizards concerned with the most extreme changes Asian rural villages face. Tech wizards linking parts of brac's progress towards 2020 are Quadirs incuding MIT and Legatum Dubai, and Geoge Soros and Nick Hughes (formerly Mpesa), GatesJack Ma, and from nov 2019 whomever joins brac U as partner as well as new connections from yidanprize by co-founder of Tne Cent (founder Pony Ma)

    end extreme village poverty the brac way includes:bank for billion poorest; identify replicable village/community microfranchises; begin with franchise designed round 10 most basic killer illnesses of infants and mothers that can be prevented with knowledge and or minimum costs of cure; add in food security franchises; maximise community's own capacity/disaster resiliency

    it has taken 50 years to work out both pre and post digital ways of sustaining finance and evolving skills education so thar rural bangladesh is developed by village families led by women; the whole model (as a total economic framework) has not been applied anywhere else except in overlapping parts of china; NB most village communities in south asia have common deep chalenges - health, food security. disaster relief;

    whats not common is the infrastructure to world trade is reaching southern rural chinese but not bangladesh-trassparent belt road mapping is critical to bangladesh

    in any country that is into 2nd generation effects,  different challenge emerges among children of village mothers who move to the city; eg in bangaldesh skill upgrades city women need include training to stay uptodate with textiles work the main export sector -

    brac has always designed economic transformation round 4 levels of value chain: 1 village ,200000 villages national market leaders global market leadership selectively by sector and window of opportuni9ty; sir fazle was able to do thns by using his former career connections as east pakstan of shell oil multinational; today brac is the world's largest ngo partnership and brac university has been relaunched by ban ki9-moon (nov 2019) so that the knowhow brac has can be more readily transfreed to other places- currently it has national partners in about 12 muslim countries outside bangladesh 

    From EconomistDiary.com, when i passed my 11 plus in 1962 dad Norman Macrae gave me an innovative series of gifts:
    a pocket calculator he had just bought in tokyo- the first of 100 humanising AI debates (later called Entrepreneurial Revolution) he rehearsed with me and readers of The Economist- what would happen to engineers and statistics and communities everywhere if every teacher and kid had a calculator instead of a slide rule 
    of course Kennedy began every ai race 2 years earlier: what if putting around 10000 young brains and tech together can land on the moon-
    aren't these most exciting times to be alive: will we value choose goals that sustain all our families's childrens now- and let teachers and kids just network it
    -show me don't examine me - humanising ai should be the happiest freedom ever to unite 8 billion peoples - 
    On my 11th birthday i also met the BBC tv presenter David Attenborough, I was in the same class as his son-what happened to tv/massive media became my life's research as a statistician (MA corpus christi cambridge 1973)..
    'We've stolen our children's future,' says Jane Goodall, 'and we're still stealing it.' From disappearing species to plastic . 
    To celebrate the 10th passing of dad in 2020 we invite you to join the Games of WorldRecordJobs.com - if you could play with 54 playing cards
    whose knowhow alumni can teachers and kids be linking in now?  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk dc novice at whatsapp and wechat +1 240 316 8157

    join alumni of 50 years of world trade mapping round humans goal 1 end systemic poverty: chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk EconomistDiary.com 2018 end year celebration 2 Dec 2018 Hong Kong side-event of ten cent /yidan celebration world reocrd jobs creator Sir Fazle Abed- number 1 valuing livelihood education girls following soft launch of Brac University 2.0 dhaka 22 nov : ban ki9-moon & ...

    goal001.JPG  13  4

    Entrepreneurial Revolution 1957-1970

     purposeful hubs: 10000 youth moon racesKennedy -what if 2020s top 100 unicorns matched planet earth's most human racesfacilitating world economics of  4 hemisphere 4 industrial revolutions schwab S-N bottom up purpose of peer to peer grassroots networks 200k village hubs -fazle abed part 1
     whole truth purpose of broadcasting - attenborough leapfrog purpose of 2030-1970 -5G 4 3 2 1 0G decades - gordon moore  query expoential risks and opps will multiplyng 100 times more tech every decadeS-N mapping purpose of loving each other's country's healthy communities - brilliant
     purpose of coms and programmable comps - von neumann E-Wroyal families celebrations of youth and satellite communications uk and japan royals tokyo olympics 1964 E-W purpose of radically better engineering without borders including boats & trains & microelectronics- deming

    imagine its 1970 -which education future would you like to explore next

    Asian 0G-1G 70s & 80s to 95

    Western 0G-1G 70s & 80s

    worldwide 5G 

    Asian & Southern 4G-3G 

    Western 2G-3G 


    asian & southern 70s/80s

     Paulo Freire with Gandhi- Montessori- dna celebrated by partbers of fazle abed in empowerment of bottom billion women livelihoods  Romano Prodi -franciscan translator of the economist's entrepreneurial revolution in 1976 and xi jinpings belt road maps needed on attenboroughs 7 continents one planet now as well as whistelblower on EU's serial wrong turns for harmonising mediterrean world and other neighbors eg ukraine Jack Ma Part 1 - china us language explorer and sociietal tour guide
     Adam Smith 225 vs orwell 1984 Deng asked japan to teach china engineering 1978-1990 - see vogelTanaka - kept bridge open china -japan after russian attack china 1968 began china capitalism
     Lee Kuan Yew - grew the happiest 6 million suoerpotb economy yet seen and inspired 10 asean neighbors

    keiretsu & chaebol -rising suns needed mixed economist - japan, korea provided maps of how to win-win trade 

     Ka-Shing- his universities remain where to study hk-us-sino relations


     Steve Case online continent USA Soros beyond paper currencies first investi9r in digital fintech for poorest & how walls compound ever greater risks Berners Lee webbed world mit or consiusness world eg damo and other harvard-asia (Vogel)
     Harrison Owen global village facilitation preceding hackathons Gates part 1 language 1 of personal computers PIH - harvard case studies in haiti
     Olsen mini computers

     Jobs part 1 -ecosytem 1 of personal computers 

     media lab - architects mobilise new media designers




     5G for sustainbility goals generation

     Masa Son Guterres Pony Ma with HK Yidan and partners
     founder uniqlo India for sdgs Serge Brin & Robin Li - 2 greatest searchers for big data platforms
     Jack Ma part 2 Fazle abed part 2 melinda with bill gates part 2

    also schwazman, bloomberg, bezos musk jerry yang ... kai-fu lee  quadirs  uae royals  pope francis emperor reiwa... africa and women leaders- we have several nominations but dont feel safe to id them until us congress behaves in ways that end fake media and lawyers void of hippocratic oaths



     maps work when bottom up and open

     nature is bottom up and op-en

    can we go both pveyomd colonial empires and through series of post industrial revolutions in time

    what chnages to western legsialetion (be it corporate chariry or gov) of orbaoisationalpower will be needed 

    do we understand hge scale of financial reconciliation - do we agree urgency 75 years - 3 generation s ost exciting time tol e alive

    new place models - why not everywher a silicon valley to hub ot of

    priority models to icldue globa vilages not just tpo benchmak supercity innovations 

    miissing curricula




     maps of where to be born to be free to design future 

    keynes last chapter of general theiry of employment moey and iterest explains increasing;y the wordl is ruled by idelogue& economist- this means that economists pose the gratest risk to tghe next geenrations sustaiability unless their traaprnt goal is to end popverty - specifically development economics needs to be that bfryanch of system design so that wherever next goirl or boy is born se has agreat (entrepreneurial) chnace at life 

    75 year race to unite nations on sustainable ;post-industrial patheways


    rekvant wrj - attenborough tells diversity stiries of contuent islands and oceans tp live on or by-; kennedy the last amerucan president to fully value freedom for the world's peoples not just americans? japan em;peror and prince charels 1964- and finally the 2 islands who had partitioned so much of the old world made freinds and had the opportunity to share new win-win tradees; lee kuan yew -singapoe on the north southe island belt -.


    he is arguably the only western bioadcaster to have developed  knowledge without lobbyists or advertisers paying to either distract attention or ven fake the truth-

    fortunate places to be born changed radically during 3 different eras of the 2nd millenium

    between 1000-1500 the old world which asia conects the contuentes of euroe to kits west and affrica to its south west with the med sea acting as a huge bay was the only known world- peoples productivity did not vary much so the laregst nations in ppulatuon size india and china were the laregst markets; unless you lived near water your chnaces of moving around were not large (horsepower was the most valauble form of overlan trasporations)- there was one market exception - ahuge relay of interconnecting markets and societies "the silk road" stretched all the way from europe to the far eastern coast of china -see eg marco polo for maps and how the far east largely organsid around consciousness cultures where as the empires of europe and middle east were driven by golden rule religions

    what happened towards 1500 was bot new world of americas was discovered to the west mainly ny north weste europeans and particularly the island of Britain discovered you could ail round africa and get to asia- over the next 400 years mainly 8 empires emerged- these empoires had coonised (or closed trading routes ) for the vast majority of people, 

    americas twice helped end wars that were talking place across the old world- although immediate causes may have been mad leaders eg hiteler ikt was reaisned by probably 7 of the G* empires that wars could only have a chnace of endking if step 1 the empires relaunched from the rubble of war, and as soon as this was successful new maps faciulpaitikng trade across all cluntries and giving assiastece to the newly independent natioms , by the early 1960s g7 nations (exluding eth 8th emiire russia run by stalin) looked ready to design a post-colonial and an increasingly post-industrial world- the one silver lining of the wars was accelerated innovations- better engines, imporoved telecopms incluiomg satellite, and computing - the first inspirational app of that was the moon race= it looked as if no mission would be impoossible renewing planet (even though at the tyome of the moon race more than half the wlorlds peopel still had no access to electrocity grids)


    THE GAMES of WorldRecordJobs.com -choose which 52 leaders knowhow you need to be the sustainability generation
     Hearts love youth (every places: win-win currency) ace fazle abed  :(BRAC):: loveq education :: health community security finance teacher jack ma love q education sports fashions health ecotourism ten cent cofounder yidan celebration of loveq educatorsschwarzman   emperor reiwa new york billionaire invest in freeing health stidents - bloomberg; and langone nyu free medic tuition nyu sheikha moza and queen rania of jordan     
     Diamonds nature blockchains her circular economy-  also please no more blood diamonds or chocolate slave labor ace david attenborough the only broadcaster who truly represented his subjects without fear of commerce or politics now getting billion people to act on natrures most compelling 1-minute demands jin and jin infratructure mapping yo yo ma musicians bridge the world- unite communities in dance and simon cowells bands          

     Clubs- dont beat up the local people nor broadcast riots when peace/truth more fun : what about under 30s supreme court- old people dont need climate justice urgency way youth do- big cities are the world's labs for data needed to humanise AI- we need hong kongers and beijingers to start loving each others youth now! dont let western news media mislead you


    ace kennedy- gandhi-montessori-mandela -greta trade agreement between emperor reiwa and uk royal family- way beyond the colonial era trade that 2 islands used  historically to trap a continent in poverty ka-shing hk's wisest and and lee kuan yew (deceased) mahbubani aisingapore.org reconciliation kagame- afruca's number 1 teaching hospital with kim and farmer; africas number 1 porta;l for sme world trade - ewtp g20 2016 partners schwab world economic forum  guterres 75th un birthday sept 2020 more important to american and global greams become real than all the politicians in dc eg bezos amazon university: will the real jeff bezos work out what he wants to help amerucan communitiues do now he owns every marketafrica's number 1 servant elader university out if ghana  middle easts number 1 girls and refugess university out of qataar and jordanwhat might dangote do and will jim kim fianly come up 7 no trumps pope francis and servant leaders   
     Spades - humanise AI now we have more exciting tools to mobilise round mother earth than spades ace Masa son jerry yang and kai-fu lee damo partner hubs gordon moore timel.ining sustainability 2030 by which time chips exceed brains in real time analytics RZ ai is statistics -5g can distribute numbers empowerent to every women led village or bottom-up resileint nation brillaint got google.org to map at time when that was most important big data in mobile-universal world previously ended smallpox-shows what doctiors can do when medicine free to study (case detroit 1960, wavy gravy first job 1964harrison owen - real 5000 pepople open spaces come before hackathon ai  keiretsu and chaebol improved capitalism and human innovation beyond big corporate and big gov tata nilekani and india's visions    

    headlines fall 2019

    UN sept 2019 The world may be ending for a quarter of 200 nations mainly small island nations with large ocean estates-report 

    EconomistDiary best summit space discussing this may be apec eg chile 2019-

    many islands included in asia pacific nations club- best programming to mobiliise round bbc attenborough 7 worlds one planet from october 2019 


    girls economics do the 17 sdgs

     1 poverty-ending bank on girls 

    Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, founder and chairperson of BRAC, explains the elements of a program targeting the ultra-poor. One of the ...



    does any nation have a financial service system geared to job creation and sustainability as good as BRAC in Bangladesh - anchored by Ultra Plus for 10% poorest in village, linked to bkash.com brac bank and microfinance +


    Views: 66


    2 hunger 3 health

     4 education for a living


     transcript hangzhou unesco brac girls schools afghanistan

    12:07NOW PLAYING

    UNESCO Hangzhou International Congress, "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development", 15-17 May 2013 


     5 gender eq and loveQ





    UN sept 2019 The world may be ending for a quarter of 200 nations mainly small island nations with large ocean estates-report 

    EconomistDiary best summit space discussing this may be apec eg chile 2019-

    many islands included in asia pacific nations club- best programming to mobiliise round bbc attenborough 7 worlds one planet from october 2019


    EconomistGirls.com report 1 chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk from 74th united nations General Assembly sept 2019 -thanks to everyone who hosted educationaboveall, led by WRJ Sheikha Moza


    together with adam smith scholars in glasgow, i have spent about 18 months of my last 10 years trying to understand what brac did (scaled, transformed) which none of the other microcredit or other womens networks did during the 22 yeras since 1997 when they joined globalsiation annual debates of the worlds's great and the good and the world bank etc- i concluded that everything ever taught and advertised about bangladesh microcredit in usa and west was systemically wrong or historically time warped- sadly this caused most of the major manual microcredits to fail to find the right digital partners- conversely brac's choices of partners is extraordinary 50 year journey starting with james grant UNICEF and chinese rice scientists in the 1970s as well as the calcutta lab that invented oral rehydration

    sequencing of partners matters because those who study brac can find totally different livelihood education models (than those formal runs government examine) without which about half a billion women would not have livelihoods - we are not going to achieve any sustainability goals by just funding more of the old education systems that have failed them, and will increasingly inhumanise ai and destroy climate- adam smith made notes on how bri9tish empire education was not designed to achieve yoth's sustainability goals- 260 year of failing to address this is the opposite of smart

    when my father norman macrae the economist's end poverty sub-editor died sir fazle abed kindly arranged 2 evening roudtables hosted in 2012 by the japan embassy to explain both sir fazle's work to date and his 2 big next challenges

    the first of these challenges finding the partners for digital banking a billion is now well in motion including both bill gates and jack ma as partners- its strange that these 2 people were part of the UN #digital cooperation panel for guterres but this year long process wasnt structured to report what digital can empower poorest women and indeed refugees to do- is there a way to put this right through the UNAI partners

    the second of these challenges - building the south and west asia sdgs university that will live up to all of bangladesh's poorest womens networking over the last 50 years even after sir fazle has passed has only just started finding world class partnerships this year - if anyone wants to more know about this i can introduce them to the vice chancellor vincent chang

    for those who love deeply experiencing the truth (many cultural and other conflict barriers)  of girl empowered networking - both real in village, virtual and infrastructure mapping - the next celebration of sir fazle is being hosted by the co-founder of the china's and the world's number 1 communications network Tencent - its called the yidan prize 2 december hongkong 2019 - Yidan Prize Foundation

    if people are passing through new york or dc always happy to share 10 years of notes on how brac became the world's largest ngo partnership starting with the least money and the most undervalued people in the world which is the situation bangladeshi women found themselves in 1971 when the nation was born

    chris macrae

    bethesda maryland +1 240 316 8157 valuetrue.com a norman macrae foundation project 

    student year 19/20 alumnisat newsletter 1 with thanks to inspirational friends in boston- to humanise ai millennials only need one sdg university, the best and freest

    you can download this ppt with The Economist's top surveys on what Entrepreneurial Revolution of Sustainability generation and nations will require as well as help vote for top 50 worldrecordjobs creators


    nb humans welcome as member of our boston inspired action networks - ask chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to send you invitation - we dont use ning approval listing as it wasn't designed to test for humans!!

    AFORE YE GO - 10 things you can do here student year 2019-2020

    1 join our twitter myUNUSlab-tell us if there is a moment your peers can co-create with us - ask for a whatsapp guided tour of out top 100 listings

    2 our teams next trip to boston october will catch up with latest world of ezra vogel who has inspired everyone who loves both china and japan youth for over half a century -

    3 we also try and drop in on tufts whose arctic circle student networks has no equal in usa

    4 we would like to understand if the legatum team who buu8lt bkash as banking for billion poorest is interested in brac university the studies of all tech for the billion poorest and all franciscan true service microfranchises

    5 prep your own pack of worldrecirdjobs playing cards - for student union and sdg events wherever millennials sustain communities futures

    6 reread my fathers consider japan 1962- of the G8 nations that needed in 1945 to stop world wars with each other- japan took on the role to improve engineering in such a way that two thirds of humans asians would win-win; the europeans were suppose to design west europe not to war and to reconcile over a hundred nations future that had been messed up by colonisation- america took on the jon of being the world cheerleader which it did brilliantly until the death of jfk- boston has always been the hub for entrepreneurs loving each others nations peoples development unlike DC which lost its way after jfk died and west coast usa that had first shot at coding everything but engineering almost zero infrastructure

    7 we love to chat to any stuidnet clubs uniting the new schwarzaman coleges www - in particular can we share any news from the dgs segments lof the following events

    aug -africa and japan ticad:

    sept geneva rehearsal of unga climate summit; new york climate and sdg summit of UNGA

    november apec

    plus everywhere you can help us reach between now and the tokyo olympics of www.musicforsdgs.com and broadwaygoal.com

    Since the management of life in a global world of markets accelerated -= eg 1984 issue of universal coding languages  led by WRJ Gates of personal computer webs- americans' biggest decision makers every 20 years

    -or two and half adminstrations - have issued a valuetrue query - help we know how to do 90 day extraction metrics but is there a second metric/audit of exponential sustainability

    related references WRJ: worldrecordjobs.com  womenuop.com bracu.net  EconomistDiary.com  BrandChartering.com 




    valuetrue queries happened around 2000 - when all sorts of digital enterprises went from hundred billion dollar valuations to zero - eg enron , worldcom, whole chains of interdependent dotcoms linked by a dream called cluetrain collapsed americas largest accounting firm Andersen was shut down for serially advising firms that fines for misleading numbers would be less than the profit their client boardrooms could make (and anyhow since boards' incentives were paid out short-term if huge profits now were being made why would an MBA care about the company in 5 yeras time- 99% of shareholders would likely be different too in many situations)

    so no new metrics of goodwill balancing exponential opportunmity and risk emerged- in fact most research in the genre unseen wealth that had been championed by


    brookings in 2000 got unfunded by the incoming administration from texas (later the eu infamously cancelled intanginles research -politicians dont think the public cares - if 3 euro enrins happen in one yera we'll revisit this - when that did happen with subprime 2008 onwards no such admission of what coluld have been saved was politically possible in buissels) 


    and of course the 2000s spun other risks - a decade of wars  spun faster than ordinary mortals could keep up with; climate has been exponentially melting down -Gates less than you might notice in 3 years much more than you might expect in 7- other less dramatic but extraordinary risks got ignored- look how many US big box retailers (category leaders from books to tpoys to department stores to ...) thought they had won the war of bricks and clicks only to find they have become an amazon honey trap, and this goes to the soul of how american communities are designed- out goes US driving to the mall culture, in comes potentially shops for fresh food and other immediacy purchases where you live , in comes local delivery logistics algorithms -probably the biggest AI money maker of the 2010s but only because this data was new arising from GPS , smart mobiles, valuing local architecture- and those who got the model working in one supercity could at a click of a button transfer the code to other cities-  

    THE SUBPRIME CLIFF suprisingtly there was no call by the obama administration for new metrics and perhaps even more surprisingly the next call was by 150+ us corpoirations turmed to 

    reach the news stands at the same time as the French G7 aug 2019 - a signal that the american corporate world was no longer going to let trumps advisers off every hook as america's only chosen on

     Dismal Case of J&J Brand- this used to be the USA's iconic health brand of motherhood and child care - but then it got taken over by a profiteering board probaly installed to handle what had been the underknow connection between talc and substances that appear asebestos-like not ideal for womens hygiene- anyhow this board decided it would play in the opiiod crosis - not with the main customers brand of opiod but with the main ingredient for strongest possible pillmakers- it bought an australian company to make this somethging it could later sell and deny responsibiliuty for- however not only is there no possibility of this ever being the brand mothers trust again but some of these board emmbers should be in jail under any common law jurisdiction representing the people -whether america has such a legal system is still being played out - all very sad really- the capiatlsm that 5% of the wordls people once ispired the world to tradewith is now terminally sick

    as far as valuetrue is concerned the simplest maths of goodwill is easy but deeply contextual, diverse even in combinatorial impact

    to define: what would each stakholders of productivity (including data platforms) and demand uniquely miss if you ceased to exist? - the problem in modeling an audit of this is it provides oppoiste information from old accounting that separated things

    again to simplify in the maths andersen used if eg value of doing business went upo and up even as value/trust of scoety went down to zero then billions + buillions = billions - in out view 

    goodwill is a measure of connecytivity between stakeholders- the operand is multiplicative not additive- this means if you reduice truat value of socety to

    zeroise : your whole value might suddenly be zero- what's notable is if politicians and hippocratic professions behaved transparently zeroisation would happen every time but the crisis of

    valuetrue metrics is not just to  do the audit but  the behavior of the biard who may interpret signals that their organisation is multipying more and more rsiks as needing

    a pr campaign to reduce transparency (to be clear the valuetrue board seeks innovation to reduce conflict between the goodwill of your stakeholers)



    I have been studying aspects of valuetrue all my lilfe since obtaining a post graduate diploma in statisstics corpus christi college cambridge 1973

    while i am happy to share veiws with anyone, I see no need to get into an argument about the maths itself which is very simple if you care to explore it 


    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk www.worldclassnations.com

    Inequality Urgent tour of Biarritz G7: links 1 2 =

    No alt text provided for this image

    All the best to the peoples who gave the world the values of entrepreneurial revolution .My 8 happiest years of work as a diaspora scot were in Paris of the 1980s in partnership with MIT technologists in Boston so I would be delighted if french miracles happen but forewarned is forearmed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc whatapp volunteer for NY Broadway's sister supercities in Asia +1 240 316 8157 Inclusion in G7 -  engagement groups: (Youth 7), (Women 7), (Civil7); (Labour 7); employers (Business 7); think Tanks (Think tanks 7); (Science 7); countries with big visions:

    No alt text provided for this image

    Nonetheless, Macron's vision of himself will be tested this weekend in Biarritz like never before or again. Remember he was the leader who leapt beyond France's bipolar parties with 2 youthful questions- can we intrapreneurially reform so we are not the most expensive place in the world to appoint full time employees? can we at least in former french colonies empower sdgs. Having seen how Trudeau was slaughtered by trump at canada's G7 for engaging in not dissimilar priorities Macron has tried to introduce diversity with additional guest nations and multilateral institutions. As Einstein would say it would be crazy to think trump will let this happen - the weekend will be about what will france give trump, what will germany give trump what will the EU give trump and so on down the G7 line.

    We can guess what will happen. Japan's abe will with extreme politeness indicate Japan has already hosted Trump individually the first to meet the new emperor, and clarified this nations busy diary of worldwide processes: next week its 31st year of listening to Africa TICAD, Japan will help the UN sdg summit where it has relevance insights such as Africa, its promises as part of its Emperor's new era to invite every kind of artistic youth to celebrate olympics and musicforsdgs and society5.0, it has announced the osaka track of how do nations share big data and it has the world leading ai investment partnerships, Japan will continue the G20 relay handover sandwiched between the future of saudi arabia and the history of argentina, japan looks forward to chile hosting at asean a lot of discussions the frail argentina economy could not at its G20, of course if trump wants to share next steps on north korea with abe this is heroically important but otherwise Japan has more than a full plate of commitments to honor 2019-2020.

    And now we can start to see the true problem of the Biarritz weekend. Italy may not even have a leaders at the weekend, a post-merkel germany hasnt yet a clear idea of what it aims to do in the decade when human and machine intelligence leaps and probably feels at home with swiss ideas out of geneva and the world economic forum, Boris if he is smart will avoid substance but maximise bonomie through the weekend with the exception of Japan where there are lots of potential win-wins a Queendom could rebuild just as prince charles did at the tokyo olympics of 1964, so Trump is likely to laser in on the french who are after all spending the greatest nation's greatest man's expensive time. This is not the same greatness as JFK who with miniscule technology inspired a generation with the moon race and whose foreign policy was never happier than ich bin ein berliner. Even though Trump's family tree is German, dont expect of Trump any celebration of another places peoples.

    Breaking- sad to hear italy appears without a leader 8/20 -italy's always brought a sense for good cheer (franciscan family and cultural development www.premiosciacca.it that france and germany alone cant mediate, thank goodness for japan increasingly the only nation willing to help other nations value what their youth and mothers of the nation need?.......... 5 july education - more talk after france G7 picks from EconomistDiary.com 28-30 Aug Ticad Japan & Africa; late sept UNGA sdg summit; november chile hosts apec

    Inequality Urgent tour of Biarritz G7: links 1 2 --- y7 historic d6 World Bank Group (WBG) P, International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Roberto Azevedo, International Labor Organization (ILO) Director-General Guy Ryder, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Secretary-General Angel Gurria and Financial Stability Board (FSB) Chairman Mark Carney .. dev-b E A1

    AIdemocracy.com: is it too much to hope that the west's six g7 leaders could get ahead of the next tech decade- in 2009 they subprimed and depressed the 2010s a decade that needed to empower youth to create what elders never had the tech to imagine -reread pope francis report on eu at strasbourg ; it wasnt china that took western jobs it was the western g7 leaders

    Economistrefugee.com in revenge for 9/11 they attacked the then innocent iraq starting a wave of failed states and hugely costly wars. Coming from 5 generations of immigrant diaspora scots, its not my place to ask whether the constitutions of these 6 big nations have any chance of serving what humans need if tech is to exponentially support sustainable communities and youth worldwide

    COULD AMERICA BE BANKRUPT BY 2021 -references trilliondollaraudit.com unseenwealth worldclassbrands.tv

    20 years late hundred plus ceos agree that those who only audit 90 days monetary extraction are leading the most unsustainable systems/markets ever -Kevin J. Wheeler President & Chief Executive Officer A. O. Smith Corporation Miles D. White Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Abbott Julie Sweet Chief Executive Officer Designate Accenture Carlos Rodriguez President and CEO ADP Mike Burke Chairman and CEO AECOM Andrés Gluski President and CEO The AES Corporation Daniel P. Amos Chairman and CEO Aflac Roger K. Newport Chief Executive Officer AK Steel Corporation Brent Saunders Chairman and CEO Allergan plc John O. Larsen Chairman, President & CEO Alliant Energy Lee Styslinger, III Chairman & CEO Altec, Inc. Jeffrey P. Bezos Founder and Chief Executive Officer Amazon Doug Parker Chairman & CEO American Airlines Nicholas K. Akins Chairman, President and CEO American Electric Power Stephen J. Squeri Chairman and CEO American Express James D. Taiclet Chairman, President and CEO American Tower Corporation James M. Cracchiolo Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ameriprise Financial Gail Koziara Boudreaux President and CEO Anthem, Inc. Greg Case CEO Aon Tim Cook CEO Apple Eric Foss Chairman, President & CEO Aramark Alan B. Colberg President and CEO Assurant Randall Stephenson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer AT&T Inc. John A. Hayes Chairman, President and CEO Ball Corporation Brian Moynihan Chairman and CEO Bank of America José (Joe) E. Almeida Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Baxter International Inc. Philip Blake President Bayer USA Bayer USA Joe Davis Chairman, North America BCG Brendan P. Bechtel Chairman & CEO Bechtel Group, Inc. Corie Barry Chief Executive Officer Best Buy Co., Inc. Laurence D. Fink Chairman and Chief Executive Officer BlackRock, Inc. Charles W. Scharf Chairman & CEO BNY Mellon Dennis A. Muilenburg Chairman, President & CEO The Boeing Company Frédéric B. Lissalde President and Chief Executive Officer BorgWarner Inc. Robert Dudley Group CEO BP plc Giovanni Caforio Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Bristol-Myers Squibb Maurice R. Greenberg Chairman and CEO C.V. Starr & Co., Inc. Kewsong Lee Co-Chief Executive Officer The Carlyle Group D. James Umpleby III Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Caterpillar, Inc. Robert E. Sulentic President & CEO CBRE Group, Inc. W. Anthony Will President & Chief Executive Officer CF Industries Michael K. Wirth Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Chevron Corporation Evan G. Greenberg Chairman & CEO Chubb David M. Cordani President and Chief Executive Officer Cigna Chuck Robbins Chairman and CEO Cisco Systems, Inc. Michael L. Corbat Chief Executive Officer Citigroup, Inc. Hubertus M. Mühlhäuser Chief Executive Officer CNH Industrial James Quincey Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Coca-Cola Company Brian Humphries Chief Executive Officer Cognizant Brian L. Roberts Chairman & CEO Comcast Corporation Ryan M. Lance Chairman & CEO ConocoPhillips Company Wendell P. Weeks Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President Corning Incorporated Tom Linebarger Chairman and CEO Cummins Inc. Larry Merlo President & CEO CVS Health Hal Yoh Chair and CEO Day & Zimmermann Michael S. Dell Chairman and CEO Dell Technologies Punit Renjen Global CEO Deloitte Jim Fitterling Chief Executive Officer Dow Lynn Good Chairman, President & CEO Duke Energy JM Lawrie Chairman, President, and CEO DXC Technology Mark J. Costa Chairman and CEO Eastman Chemical Company Craig Arnold Chairman and CEO EATON Pedro J. Pizarro President & CEO Edison International Darren W. Woods Chairman and CEO Exxon Mobil Corporation Carmine Di Sibio Global Chairman & CEO EY Frederick W. Smith Chairman & CEO FedEx Corporation Gary Norcross Chairman, President & CEO FIS Revathi Advaithi Chief Executive Officer Flex Carlos M. Hernandez Chief Executive Officer Fluor Corporation James P. Hackett President and CEO Ford Motor Company Lachlan K. Murdoch Executive Chairman & CEO Fox Corporation Richard C. Adkerson Vice Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Phebe Novakovic Chairman and CEO General Dynamics Corporation Mary Barra Chairman & CEO General Motors Company David M. Solomon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. Deanna M. Mulligan President and CEO Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Gerald W. Evans CEO Hanesbrands Inc. Dinesh C. Paliwal President and Chief Executive Officer HARMAN International Steven R. Swartz President and CEO HEARST Corporation Craig Menear Chairman, CEO and President The Home Depot Darius Adamczyk Chairman and CEO Honeywell Mike Petters President and Chief Executive Officer Huntington Ingalls Industries Ginni Rometty Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer IBM Corporation Charles Phillips Chief Executive Officer Infor Mark S. Sutton Chairman and CEO International Paper Co. Michael I. Roth Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Interpublic Group Linda H. Apsey President & CEO ITC Holdings Corp. Steve Demetriou Chair and CEO Jacobs Samuel R. Allen Chairman and CEO John Deere Alex Gorsky Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Johnson & Johnson George R. Oliver Chairman and CEO Johnson Controls Jamie Dimon Chairman and CEO JPMorgan Chase & Co. Beth E. Mooney Chairman & CEO KeyCorp Bruce E. Grewcock CEO and Chairman of the Board Kiewit Corporation Lynne M. Doughtie Chairman and CEO KPMG LLP William M. Brown Chairman & Chief Executive Officer L3Harris Technologies, Inc. Beth E. Ford President and CEO Land O'Lakes, Inc. Roger A. Krone Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Leidos Stuart Miller Executive Chairman Lennar Corporation Marillyn A. Hewson Chairman, President and CEO Lockheed Martin Corporation Bhavesh V. (Bob) Patel Chief Executive Officer LyondellBasell Industries Jeff Gennette Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Macy’s, Inc. Mark Trudeau President and CEO Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Lee M. Tillman Chairman, President and CEO Marathon Oil Corporation Gary R. Heminger Chairman and CEO Marathon Petroleum Corporation Arne M. Sorenson President and Chief Executive Officer Marriott International, Inc. Roger W. Crandall Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer MassMutual Ajay Banga President & CEO Mastercard Lawrence E. Kurzius Chairman, President and CEO McCormick and Company, Inc. Brian Tyler Chief Executive Officer McKesson Corporation Omar Ishrak Chairman & CEO Medtronic plc Michel Khalaf President & Chief Executive Officer MetLife Sanjay Mehrotra President & CEO Micron Technology Ken Moelis Chairman & CEO Moelis & Company James P. Gorman Chairman & CEO Morgan Stanley Greg Brown Chairman & CEO Motorola Solutions Adena T. Friedman President and CEO Nasdaq Thomas C. Nelson Chairman, President & CEO National Gypsum Company Ted Mathas Chairman, President and CEO New York Life Insurance Co. David L. Stover Chairman and CEO Noble Energy, Inc. Kathy Warden Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President Northrop Grumman Corporation Steve Fisher President & CEO Novelis Mauricio Gutierrez President & CEO NRG Energy, Inc. Safra Catz CEO Oracle Brian Chambers President and Chief Executive Officer Owens Corning Ramon Laguarta Chairman and CEO PepsiCo Dr. Albert Bourla Chief Executive Officer Pfizer Inc. Greg C. Garland Chairman and CEO Phillips 66 Marc B. Lautenbach President and Chief Executive Officer Pitney Bowes Daniel J. Houston Chairman, President and CEO Principal David S. Taylor Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer The Procter & Gamble Company Tricia Griffith President & CEO Progressive Corporation Bob Moritz Chairman PwC Steve Mollenkopf Chief Executive Officer Qualcomm Incorporated Earl C. Austin, Jr. President and Chief Executive Officer Quanta Services Thomas A. Kennedy Chairman & CEO Raytheon Company Blake D. Moret Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Rockwell Automation Douglas L. Peterson President and CEO S&P Global Keith Block Co-CEO Salesforce Bill McDermott Chief Executive Officer SAP Jim Goodnight CEO SAS Institute Tamara L. Lundgren President and Chief Executive Officer Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. Jeffrey W. Martin Chairman & CEO Sempra Energy Lisa Davis CEO Siemens Corporation USA Egon Durban Silver Lake Thomas A. Fanning Chairman, President and CEO Southern Company James M. Loree President & Chief Executive Officer Stanley Black & Decker James P. Keane President and CEO Steelcase Inc. Kevin Lobo Chairman & CEO Stryker John F. Fish Chairman & CEO Suffolk Brian Cornell Chairman & CEO Target Russell K. Girling President and Chief Executive Officer TC Energy LeRoy T. Carlson, Jr. CEO Telephone & Data Systems, Inc. Richard K. Templeton Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Texas Instruments Incorporated Rob Speyer President & CEO Tishman Speyer Alan D. Schnitzer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Travelers Companies Inc. M. Troy Woods Chairman, President & CEO TSYS Peter J. Davoren President & CEO Turner Construction Co. Lance M. Fritz Chairman, President & CEO Union Pacific Oscar Munoz Chief Executive Officer United Airlines Gregory J. Hayes Chairman & CEO United Technologies Corporation David Abney Chairman and Chief Executive Officer UPS Stuart Parker CEO USAA Mortimer J. Buckley Chairman & CEO Vanguard Scott G. Stephenson Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Verisk Analytics Alfred F. Kelly, Jr. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Visa Inc. Robert F. Smith Founder, Chairman and CEO Vista Equity Partners Curt Morgan President & CEO Vistra Energy Stefano Pessina Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Walgreens Boots Alliance Doug McMillon President and CEO Walmart, Inc. John J. Engel Chairman, President and CEO WESCO International, Inc. John F. Barrett Chairman, President & CEO Western & Southern Financial Group Hikmet Ersek Chief Executive Officer Western Union Marc Bitzer Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Whirlpool Corporation Abidali Z. Neemuchwala CEO & Managing Director Wipro Limited Michael J. Kasbar Chairman, President and CEO World Fuel Services Corporation Jim Kavanaugh CEO World Wide Technology John Visentin Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Xerox Corporation Patrick Decker President and CEO Xylem Inc. Anders Gustafsson Chief Executive Officer Zebra Technologies Corporation Michael Roman Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer 3M



    Educators you have a problem - you are destroying childrens livelihoods unelss you are able to mzp

    which are the world least sustainable organsations and what to do about this

    Entrepreneurial Revolution research published in The Economist 1976 audits

     2 of the 3 weathsiet nations as not sustainabe and spiralling less so

    USA it is well known that american use many times mtre carbon and plastic than anyone else- if they are never going to take lead in turning round humans cant sustain the planet- it is possible that the arctic circle countries may together hold the key to human sustainability but again that wont happen while america doesnt start the positive waves rolling; on top of this trump's rule is doing exactly the opposite of what experienced people recommended he doing in west east relationships) this will boomerang back to make americas (5% of the peoples) the least trusted nation (among the majority of humans who live in asia)- hardly the goodwill position wise in an era of ever more connectivity

    germany has fixed the euro so every other country subdsises it; this may have made sense when tghe berlin wall fell but diesnt ow germany is far the strongest economy - on top of that germany was a majpor culprit in subprime and then punished european youth with austerity - the exactly wrong policy; on top of that germany is terrifyingly careless with EU borders; it was never going to help ukraine as it depmds on russsian energy- not having any borders with the med sea it has blindly multiplied every southrn europe, mid east and african proble the eu could have helped with 

    90% of top 100 western corporations as not sustainable and gettig less so 

    back in 1999 it was discovered that big corporates are blind to measuring trust which exponentially matters more than extracting from everyone every quatter- the book "end of accounting" makes a 20 yesr update on the chaos caused by those who pretend big corporations are e,ading humanity back to sustainabity

    if you want to audit a market sectir to see if its largest players are usng their sepcific skils to help or destroy sustainability email me chris.macrae@yahoo.cio.uki  

     8 of 10 of biog not for profits as not sustainable


     Do youknow that more human and social development is now possible in the next decade than the whole of history? see macrae family's Entrepreneurial Revolution 1984 fieldbook based on 20 yeras of leadership surveys out of The Economist starting with Japan 1962: 2020's will be most exciting times to be alive if we transform education and design 3 billion new jobs renewing community, planet and applying leapfrog tech to maximise local secirity and valueHow did Japan's Masa Son become one of the sustainability generation's top 10 hackhikers guides to the galaxy? Errors are solely those of chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - tell me what to edit. Son-San understood how Gordon Moore's law started up silicon valley and became storyteller of japan doing like wise. He's been mapping back when would the silicon chip brain of the computer exceed that of the human brain and when would mobile connectivity linkin thousands of times more machine brains than humans. He and moore agreed on 2020 as the make or break decade of every way that smart cities, youth and artificial; intelligence can win the race to end poverty and support girl empowermet networks putwit and outlast big brother rulers like Donald Trump. Son like Bill Gates first banked on coders asking what sorts of software to use as personal computer networking took over from big machines? Then he leapt ahead of early web start ups (which had become an American startup game) by timing when to get a mobile licence for Japan? He continued to spot youth leaders of the future investing in jack ma and helping unite usa-china, taiwan and japanese worlds with the help of jerry yang founder of yahoo, scout of stanford and silicon valley. Next at the heart of supercityuni.com he's invested in we- work hubs -the favorite spaces of communities who love technologists exploring every market's greatest intergenerational purpose not just driven by vulture capitalists extraction of money every 90 days. Son-san dreamed of webbing virtual and real words to be more than just making the world's 10 wealthiest men have more voice than the 3 billion poorest people. You might have thought that the west would learnt from 2 world wars were fought to end the extreme ineqialitues that 400 years of colonail behaviours including slave trading had spun- but apparently not.  Only the East decided to trust its families and communities to changing everything educators and youth needs toteach artificial intelligences if we are to continue to thrive at every community on mother nature's earth. Ask yourself is AIdemocracy.com alive and well in Japan (yes), Singapore (yes) Hong Kong (Yes) , S Korea (yes), China (yes), India (could be)- Mr Trump's America - no nay never while he's on tv, Justin Trudeau's Canada not while he abuses one of women word's 10 greatest tech luminaries...All we need now is china and korea to finally forgive japan for war crimes and the east can collaboratively develop every smart city in ts hemisphere to be sustainable and hopefully enough western and southerm youth will linkin time to go green, peaceful and human, not carbon-sick, wea[onised and robotic.



    The Collaboration Cafe  

    Rachel McCullough-Sanden, Spencer Chiimbwe, and Christopher Macrae are organizers of the Collaboration Cafe  10 years ago

    EconomistDiary.com & worldrecordjobs.com, in association with NormanMacrae (Order or Rising Sun with Gold Bars, Comander British Empire)

    Family foundation for goodiwll media, a coopertative of student journalists of how to celebrate ending poverty, 

    invite millennials and those who wish to invest and support them become the sustainability goals generation t help develop 33 valuetrue maps 



     EconomistDiary.com homework for march 2019 - who do you most want to design worldwide curricula of #digitalcooperation - attend un webinar 4 march monday morning new york time - help assemble twitter lists of who to learn with-linkin top 11 network guides on road to jack ma and tokyo olympics summer 2020

     List members @jimyongkim @UNSGdigicoop An independent panel of 20 experts convened by the UN Secretary-General to advance a dialogue on strengthening international cooperation in the digital age including Jack Ma Foundation charitable organization established in 2014 by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group. António Guterres Verified account of Secretary-General of the @UN António Guterres. vinton g cerf with tbl father of internet.. with.@melindagates Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, businesswoman, and mother. Dedicated to helping all people lead healthy, productive lives with Korea's AI inspiration Soowon Sophie Ohm with Amandeep Gill -project timekeeper : Digital, Diplomacy, Disarmament, International Learning. Executive Director of Sectt of UNSG

    11 concern markets whose purposes mater most

    11 concerning technology which between 2020-2025 will help people innovate more tha the whole world up to 2020 

    and 11 inclusive trading maps- if you think we have left someting out- we are here to learn

    - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk norman macrae family -scottish and womens economics association , likedin UNwomens, 

    co-publisher with adam smith scholars of the womens journal of social business, Economi9stDiuary.com QuarterBillionGiirls.com

    co-author worldrecordjobs.com , linkedin Unwomens, twitter @Obamauni - top 11 list searches comenuni.com clss of 2018-19 

    linkedin UNwomens, twitter @obamauni top 11 lists of womenuni.com class 2018-19 

    11 concern markets whose purposes mater most

    11 concerning technology which between 2020-2025 will help people innovate more tha the whole world up to 2020 

    and 11 inclusive trading maps- if you think we have left someting out- we are here to learn

    - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk norman macrae family -scottish and womens economics association , likedin UNwomens, 

    co-publisher with adam smith scholars of the womens journal of social business, Economi9stDiuary.com QuarterBillionGiirls.com

    co-author worldrecordjobs.com , linkedin Unwomens, twitter @Obamauni - top 11 list searches comenuni.com clss of 2018-19 

    linkedin UNwomens, twitter @obamauni top 11 lists of womenuni.com class 2018-19 

     purpose of market? because of diverse needs we start with what happy peoples dont wantby 2025 there wull be millions times moo0re  compoure brainpower- how to we design this as best not wors of times  
    0 tech in everything your livelihood learns and apps 0 AI & 0 from and to 15 neighbors of china
    1  finance services -no subprime! no trust losses or traps 1 G5 &

     1 from japan (and tech far east) to NW: Euro, UK, USA

    1.1 other asean pacific  

     2 non-edible goods people make and sell- dont want to own anything that has impoverished any maker 2 Biotech & 2 from and to the half of world girls depending on asia's coastal belts and often last to get tech
     3 services as lifelong learner and teacher in community 3 Cyber & 11 arctic circle designed to maximis includion of russian people as well as solve climate
     4 food and water security services- don’t want food water or energy that

    don’t want lack of local access nor food water or energy that makes my family ill or is not accessible affordably

     4 IOT including drones 7 muslim med- connecting asian gulf, africa med and south europe med as far as amrco polo's italy
    5 health and safety secutity services -affordability & access dont want family member ir anyine to die before their time 5 Augmented senses -some call virtual reality 5 rich europe and east europe
     energy and waste services- dont want to be tolld my gen cant transform to 100% renewable services i- dont want energy muddled up with walled in politicians power games,  6 3d printing br6 rich america
     home - dont want any abuse of anyone- space for family and community to develop 7 big data small platforms including clouds br10 latin america
     transportation- dont want to be exhausted getting to and from work- dont want any community excluded from trade 8 blockchains  and/ot value chains where every cost is seen by everyone who wants tobr 9 africa
     local participation sports, arts, fashions   
     media - dont want fake, addictive or irrelevant media or mediator  


    JournalistsforHumanity.com wish to congratulate Time's Husbands  WA LONE AND KYAW SOE OO & Wives of the Year #TheEconomist #BR1 #BR2

    welcome to AIDemocracy.com & AIAmerica.net- co-exploration by womenuni.com normanmacrae.net #TheEconomist EconomistDiary.com 

    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk linkedin UNwomens  -  DC whatsapp+1 240 316 8157 

    --thanks to friends of 50 years of transforming education round jobs curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution

    aibeltroad.jpgsummit AI NY1 ; China AI1        views - finland  worldbank

    View Tweet activity 

    guides welcome to entrepreneurial revolution's and world record jobs favorite tours of Beijing:

    •  tsinghua open source youth and tech ambassadors of sustainability generation
    • beijing normal world class curricula of 21st c early girlshood education; 
    • silicon futong; 
    • aiib bankers for sustaianbility world series - 16 beijing-17korea-18 mumbai-19luxembourg; 
    • geneva-china partnership hubs in cooperation in digital tech revolution to 2025_ wef's sister cities of industrial revolution 4 (geneva beijing tokyo san francisco) ; jack ma's cross riads between WEN, DAMO, UN-DC-UNCTAD-VALUING YOUTH-OLympics: tokyo, Beijing, Paris, LA
    • mapmakers of top 13 sustainability world trade Belt Roads
    • cgtn's epicentre of wise womens journalism - TW, XL ...
    • 21st C education-for-youth livelihhods- global summit partners eg WISE@Beijing including first 6 laureates Fazle Abed &...
    further references rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Linkedin UNwomens - ChinaCapitalism.com ; EconomistDiary.com; worldrecordjobs searches; youth journalists for humanity alumni of normanmacrae.net; FutureCapitalsm.com :AmazzonUni.com, AlibabaUni.com, WomenUni.com; SocialBusiness.tv - #TheEconomist............................................................  

     aipart.JPGCurrent Text of The AI Bill 115th Congress USA Sponsor:Rep. Delaney, John K. [D-MD-6] (Introduced 12/12/2017)Committees:House - Energy and Commerce; Science, Space, and Technology; Education and the Workforce; Foreign Affairs; Judiciary; Oversight and Government ReformLatest Action:House - 05/22/2018 Referred to the Subcommittee on Research and Technology.  (All ActionsThis bill has the status Introduced Subject — Policy Area: Science, Technology, Communications Text: H.R.4625 — 115th Congress (2017-2018)  -extracts follow below - whole Text available as:XML/HTMLXML/HTML (new window)TXTPDF (PDF provides a complete and accurate display of this text.) 

    A BILL To require the Secretary of Commerce to establish the Federal Advisory Committee on the Development and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, and for other purposes.  SECTION 1. SHORT TITLE. This Act may be cited as the “Fundamentally Understanding The Usability and Realistic Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Act of 2017” or the “FUTURE of Artificial Intelligence Act of 2017”.

    It is the sense of Congress that— (1) understanding and preparing for the ongoing development of artificial intelligence is critical to the economic prosperity and social stability of the United States; (2) as artificial intelligence evolves, it can greatly benefit society by powering the information economy, fostering better informed decisions and helping unlock answers to questions that, as of the date of the enactment of this Act, are unanswerable; (3) for the reasons set forth in paragraph (2) it's beneficial to better understand artificial intelligence and foster the development of artificial intelligence in a manner that maximizes its benefit to society; and (4) it is critical that the priorities of the advisory committee established under section 4(a)(1) include developing guidance or recommendations—

    (A) to promote a climate of investment and innovation to ensure the global competitiveness of the United States;

    (B) to optimize the development of artificial intelligence to address the potential growth, restructuring, or other changes in the United States workforce that results from the development of artificial intelligence; (C) to promote and support the unbiased development and application of artificial intelligence; and (D) to protect the privacy rights of individuals.

    SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS(a) In General.—Except as provided in subsection (b), in this Act:(1) ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.—The term “artificial intelligence” includes the following:(A) Any artificial systems that perform tasks under varying and unpredictable circumstances, without significant human oversight, or that can learn from their experience and improve their performance. Such systems may be developed in computer software, physical hardware, or other contexts not yet contemplated. They may solve tasks requiring human-like perception, cognition, planning, learning, communication, or physical action. In general, the more human-like the system within the context of its tasks, the more it can be said to use artificial intelligence. (B) Systems that think like humans, such as cognitive architectures and neural networks. (C) Systems that act like humans, such as systems that can pass the Turing test or other comparable test via natural language processing, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, and learning. (D) A set of techniques, including machine learning, that seek to approximate some cognitive task. (E) Systems that act rationally, such as intelligent software agents and embodied robots that achieve goals via perception, planning, reasoning, learning, communicating, decision making, and acting. (2) ARTIFICIAL GENERAL INTELLIGENCE.—The term “artificial general intelligence” means a notional future artificial intelligence system that exhibits apparently intelligent behavior at least as advanced as a person across the range of cognitive, emotional, and social behaviors.(3) NARROW ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.—The term “narrow artificial intelligence” means an artificial intelligence system that addresses specific application areas such as playing strategic games, language translation, self-driving vehicles, and image recognition. SEC. 4. ESTABLISHMENT OF FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.Purposes Of The Advisory Committee.—(1) ADVICE.—The Advisory Committee shall provide advice to the Secretary on matters relating to the development of artificial general intelligence and narrow artificial intelligence, including on the following as they relate to artificial intelligence:(A) The competitiveness of the United States, including matters relating to the promotion of public and private sector investment and innovation into the development of artificial intelligence.(B) Workforce, including matters relating to the potential for using artificial intelligence for rapid retraining of workers, due to the possible effect of technological displacement.(C) Education, including matters relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education to prepare the United States workforce as the needs of employers change.(D) Ethics training and development for technologists working on artificial intelligence.(E) Matters relating to open sharing of data and the open sharing of research on artificial intelligence.(F) International cooperation and competitiveness, including matters relating to the competitive international landscape for artificial intelligence-related industries.(G) Accountability and legal rights, including matters relating to the responsibility for any violations of laws by an artificial intelligence system and the compatibility of international regulations.(H) Matters relating to machine learning bias through core cultural and societal norms.(I) Matters relating to how artificial intelligence can serve or enhance opportunities in rural communities.(J) Government efficiency, including matters relating to how to promote cost saving and streamline operations.

    (2) STUDY.—The Advisory Committee shall study and assess the following: (A) How to create a climate for public and private sector investment and innovation in artificial intelligence. (B) The possible benefits and effects that the development of artificial intelligence may have on the economy, workforce, and competitiveness of the United States. (C) Whether and how networked, automated, artificial intelligence applications and robotic devices will displace or create jobs and how any job related gains relating to artificial intelligence can be maximized. (D) How bias can be identified and eliminated in the development of artificial intelligence and in the algorithms that support them, including with respect to the following: (i) The selection and processing of data used to train artificial intelligence. (ii) Diversity in the development of artificial intelligence. (iii) The ways and places the systems are deployed and the potential harmful outcomes. (E) Whether and how to incorporate ethical standards in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence. (F) How the Federal Government can encourage technological progress in implementation of artificial intelligence that benefits the full spectrum of social and economic classes. (G) How the privacy rights of individuals are or will be affected by technological innovation relating to artificial intelligence. (H) Whether technological advancements in artificial intelligence have or will outpace the legal and regulatory regimes implemented to protect consumers. (I) How existing laws, including those concerning data access and privacy, should be modernized to enable the potential of artificial intelligence. (J) How the Federal Government utilizes artificial intelligence to handle large or complex data sets.(K) How ongoing dialogues and consultations with multi-stakeholder groups can maximize the potential of artificial intelligence and further development of artificial intelligence technologies that can benefit everyone inclusively. (L) How the development of artificial intelligence can affect cost savings and streamline operations in various areas of government operations, including health care, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and disaster recovery. (M) Such other matters as the Advisory Committee considers appropriate.Report Due Dtae- end JUne 2019 latest. 

    16 AIs India surveys public on " AI & Billion person digital ID, &healthcare, accessibity tech ie aid for differently abled, &education, &fintech, &agri/food processing, & manufacturing, &retail/customer management, &entrepreneurship, &environment, public utility services, &human-robot interaction,  &security - enablers for tech dev, enablers for entrepreneurship, enablers for product commercialisation, other AI issues

     Update from forthcoming publication of World Record Books of Jobs -according to the hy[pothesis we first ecxplored at time of moon race, we have reached 87-years period'

    of accelerating through 1000-2000 moore technolgy connections- for world frreocrs jobs cfreatirs today iot seems that competence to big data analyse and premission to

    access relevant databanks will be key- here are 40 world record jobs creatrs chiosen with Human AI data networks and digital cooperation potential in mind 


    from south asia - with one quarter of world population and need to innovate girl

    empowered solutions from bottom- in numerical and goal 1-5 terms linking alumni of these WRJC is critical - to resolve many of the world's most extreme development challenges 

    Fazle Abed - NPR estimates brac's livelihood education has cfreated over 150 million jobs among poorest village mothers and thius isnt couning bkash.com which may be cashless banking's leap to a billion poorest women now that brac the wprlds largest ngo partnership has seen jack ma take 20% of bkash as well as returing full time to educatiuon spet 2019 with goal of being oe of top 3 educational revolutionaries 

    no databank relevant for sustainbility goals matches that Nilekani has built with ovefr a billion  peoples digital ID in INdia;  this project was started over a decade ago with personal supplor of the late graat chmapion of youth - india's chioef scientist kalam- bot NIlekani and Kalam wrote 2020 books at start of 2000s- kalam went further and told students to get ready to tear up any curriculum which was not sustainable

    Muhammad Yunus played role of greatest modern dreamer of end poverty - now we have over 1000 times tech to leapfrog his dreams of eg how bangaldesh could grow up wiuth giants of India and China are worth revisiting- yunus loves tech brainstroming but his business models dont sustain the patience to collect big data- findings our avialable at journal of social business edited by adam smith scolars out of Glasgow University

    paul polak's life work for the bottim up mainly in sout asioa is hroic too- this octagenerain has 10 bottom=up mulytintaionals he dreams of designing with partners each ti sevre a bottom billion- the point is that bottoim billion need markets with smart local mixes - no point in tv ads when ajority of extreme poor dont have electorcity yet 

    manmohan singh- finally steered India towards world market place in early 1990s resulting in exponential growth; was tutored by Keynes main disciples at corpus christi cambridge early 1950s; india's relationships with china through the age of acclerating up to 4000 t6mes more tech will be critical 

    maharishi's spiritual curricula has had significant imoact around the world wherever youth heave needed help in developing self-confidence and consciousness- 

    amma's movements in kerala are extraoridnary in lifting up over 10 million people's communal spirit and her partnership with the UNAI linking in many of the world's nanotech experts to apps tackling vilage poverty is important to benchmark 



    from the west G7 (excluding Japan) Amazon's Jeff Bezos now has 3 citioes to hub out of to linkin all his interests- probaly no alumkni netywork is more important to Amereica's AI futures than that of Bezos

    Its interesting to see who Bezos linkin most to now  he has 3 back from futiure supercities to connect through and access to both East and West Coatal Belts of Ameruca- his old friend Leonsis is deeply concerned trhat USA join the world with supoercity benchmarks as our his partners at revolution including aiol's steve case and special connectiosn with 1776's hub through criystal city dc ny brooklyn and dubai

    witho the quadits- us hq in boston mit and harvard, timing of acquiring vilage mobile phones for the poorest wouldnt have happened- now would the emergence of bkash.com with worldwide tech support including ,pesa's electronic engineer in chief 

    of course embedded in MIT is time n=berners lee- the father of the www is for everyone 

    paul rose and michael palin as bbc broadcatsers tell the truth about climate and the difficulties of eg reconciling the  bodres that over 4 centuries of colonisation by britiosh empoire spun

    from China and Eastern coatal belt where another quarter of world live mainky in China 

    Jack Ma - you cant really choose to separtae ;libaba from the BAT fopunders nor of HUaawei and the 2 x-facturs Xi Jinping, and founder of Xaiomi - but tost6art with jack ma's redesign of global value chaineto include SME are by defiition applicanle round the world of youth jobs and sustainability 

    Lee Kuan Yew the father of singapore is another late grea- most of his work is now chsmpioned by Mahbubani until recently chairman of the  National U of Sing[pore- two special values of Lee to study with his alumni- how did singapore get housing right for all its people and bechmark joy of each potehrs cultures 


    Breaking 12/12.18 Is a technology world war between east and west truly necessary and if so does the west truly want donald trump to lead its moves?

    1. Donald Trump says he could intervene in Huawei case ...


      4 hours ago · President Donald Trump has said he would consider intervening in the case againstHuawei executive Meng Wanzhou if it would be in the interest …

    2. Huawei CFO arrestTrump could intervene if it helps US ...


      11 hours ago · U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would intervene in the JusticeDepartment's case against a top executive at China's Huawei Technologies if it would serve nationalsecurity interests ...

    3. ExclusiveTrump says he could intervene in U.Scase ...


      U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he would intervene in the Justice Department's caseagainst a top executive at China's Huawei Technologies [HWT.UL] if it would serve national security ...

    4. Huawei CFO Wanzhou Meng Arrest Threatens Trump-Xi …


      Dec 06, 2018 · On the same day Donald Trump and Xi Jinping struck a trade war truce in Argentina, some 7,000 miles away Canadian authorities made an arrest that now threatens to …

    5. twitter.com.
    6. Can the Arrest of Huawei Executive Upend Trump's China ...


      Dec 06, 2018 · On the same day Donald Trump and Xi Jinping struck a trade war truce Canadianauthorities arrested Huawei executive Wanzhou Meng. How the Arrest of a High-Profile HuaweiExecutive Could Upend ...

    7. China suggests Trump 'can use Huaweiafter iPhone tapping ...

    8. https://www.cnet.com/news/china-suggests-trump-can-use-huawei...

      Hua's comment is pointed since Chinese device maker Huawei, whose Mate 20 Pro arrived in Europelast week, has long dealt with security concerns regarding ties to China's communist government.

    9. Can Huawei’s founder Ren Zhengfeiwho survived a famine ...

      South China Morning Post

      2 days ago · Hardliners in Donald Trump’s administration are especially keen to prevent Huawei fromsupplying wireless carriers as they upgrade to 5G, a next-generation technology expected to …

    10. USChina trade warHuawei CFO arrest proves Trump battle ...


      The arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou is a clear example that President Donald Trump's trade waris more than just tariffs and the trade deficit.

      • messing with a fifth of the world development hero is the end of the rest of the world's attraction to the American Dream. For those who understand that telephone markets only came to China in the 1990s, it is clear that Huawei is the heartland development brand unlike any other- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
    dec 2018-in what is turning out to be saddest month world class brands journalists have ever cooresponded- a story of hope- 9 years ago at MIT summit convened by th 1996 mobile entrepreneurial revolution family (Quadirs) I spent a day with 2 extraordinary female spakers- one the former president of ecuador - the othe nigeria's 25 year old founder of country's flying doctor service- read her new book on sorting out Nigeria's health service  votes on blogs from scottish heartland of freedom and happiness urgently welcomed:: brandscotland.net:: unfinished journey through korea & nigeria 

     To ask canada to help attack (seek to publicly humiliate) the founding family of Huawei is the most stupid thing trump or any 21st C American adninstration could do short of starting nuclear war. As timelined by The Economist curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution started at time of moon race, 2016-2023 is Death of Distance's era of being 1000-2000 more interconnected by tech than 1946 (whose constitutional thinking Washington DC seems to be timewarped in) To better appreciate telecom's core role in ending poverty between 1990 and 2010 across the whole south and east cloastal belts of Asia consider Bangladesh - excerpt (with special thanks to adam smith scholars and their journal of social business - launched out of Glasgow Universityu as Nobel Laureate Muhmmas Yunus 70th birthday wish)

    Experments in Bangladesh in 1996 on how mobile telecoms could end poverty were a world first -even ahead of what the Chinese knew how to do That is because it would appear that the first personal phone market in China began in 1992 and was briefly fixed line but the technolgy of mobile came in time for wealthier coastal parts of China to leap almost straight to mobile. Global providers raced for huge contracts in these most profitable rgions if China. It was left mainly to the heroic Huawei to help poorer inland regions of China linked into telecoms too.   


    EconomistDiary DigitalCooperation chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk: My father and i have been journalising world class entrepreneurs over 60 years. Our criteria- massively improving the human lot.  Gandhi, Mandela, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, Maria Montesori, John Von Neuman, Deming, Borlaug, Freire, Fazle Abed, Jack Ma, Lee Kuan Yew- entrepreneurs multiplies value and livelihoods and so scale goodwill worlwide - their creativity transcends nations both locally and in 21stC at digital speed of webs. We ordinary people in USA - parents , teachers, children cannot claim USA or any G7 nation truly values entrepreneurs while Mr Trump attacks world class entrepreneurs. December 6's case of Ren Zhengfei family crosses a red line- how did american media, policy leadership and jobs education get to this?... at a time when sustainability's final exam as Buckie called IT will determine extinction or children everywhere being first sustainability generation ..sources on huawei include Edward Tse original 5 chinatech disruptors: Alibaba Baidu Tencent Huawei Lenovo
    in 25 years Huawei went from 5600 dollars of personal savings to a private company that has taken over number 1 in telecoms network equipment from swedens ericsson. in 1992 china embarked on massive telecoms -from a country that previously had no private telephone lines- the big winners were the global equipment makers siemens motorola nortel nokia ericsson-they had huge customers in big telecom providers china telecom china mobile china unicom to rich coastal citiesshenzen-based huawei focused on being a provider to poorer inland regions -lower cost, always aiming for higher quality and more customisation however small the client were its service hallmarks..

    From Beijing Entrepreneurial Revolution tour 9 , sustainability and womenuni.com world's favorite uni tsinghua x-elerator helped us learn about arctic belt cooperation  1ckgsb helped us understand commonwealth, UN and chinese views of valuing women ;we were given an extraordinary tour of China-American tech and arts startup culture in the middle ofWhatever happened to Beijing hutongs; our sino-india club brainstorm focused on what will happen next to Nilekani's billion person digital id - tech rebooting india

    we started homework on Beijing Normal's massive attempts to make 2019 china's year of early childhood education the way girls would edit articfial intelligence teachers assistants - noting that this begins with AIcurriculum in all of china's primary schools

    - join on us on our next search of beijing late january 2019 or if you can help us with our new year dream free Ms Huawei  positive ideas always welcome chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Washington DC  
    What ever happened to Aden?  Through its history, the port of Aden had been important. As a part of the British Empire, it was even more so, for that Aden was situated about equidistant from the Suez Canal, Egypt; Mumbai, India; and the British protectorate of Zanzibar in eastern Africa. In 1937, the port of Aden was made a Crown Colony of its own. During WW2, the British Forces Aden controlled all military forces located in Aden, which was primarily aerial in nature. During the war, the No. 8 Squadron RAF, flying Blenheim light bombers, conducted anti-submarine warfare out of Aden, while supported by units flying various aircraft, including Hurricane fighters, Catalina seaplanes, Gladiator biplanes (for meteorological observation missions), etc. After the war, the port continued to thrive, becoming one of the busiest seaports in the world. In 1959, states within the Aden Protectorate began organizing under the name of Federation of Arab Emirates of the South. In 1962, the Crown Colony of Aden joined the federation. In 1967, the federation became the sovereign the People's Republic of South Yemen.

    Urgent Agenda Beijing BRI.school strategic cooperation week 20-27 November

    Progress Best news of October-November for under 30s livelihoods as sustainability generation

    Geneva Belt Road (UNCTAD Digital Cooperation    ITU  IR4-WEF)

    Shanghai Belt Road- world's first Import Summit  1

    Philippines Belt Road -29 MOU strategic cooperation with China -nb 51 talk innovating 10 times more economic english with filipinos

    Liechtenstien and Blockchain Belt Road - Blockchain Law  - ref 1

    Arctic Belt Road Tsinghua district student networks update ThinkinChina 20 November  -host Tsinghua X

    Rwanda - africa's first in world EWTP 

    Bangladesh Valuing GIrls Belt Road-Adam Smith Glasgow Scholars Journal of New Economics Special Issue on Sir Fazle Abed's top cooperations of first 43 years of brac as largest NGO partnershop including Bkash-Jack Ma since summer 2018 

     queries welcome year 50 of Entrepereneurial Revolution coooeration 4000 moore tech

    started by The Economist's Norman Macrae www.normanmacrae.net - year 56 of consider far east as epicentre of sustainability 21st C 

    these are the most exciting times to be alive 

    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk macrae family are grateful beyond words for optimism remembramnces including - BRAC & Japan Embassy 2012, Baroness Hogg, Glasgow U launch journal youth economics 2010 and 2018, South Afruca's Free University 2012 ...

    edutech 2019-20  

    025 report - last 7 years to global sustainability


    Eastern hempishere has developed over 2 billion people out of poverty- to see how engineers and lifelong students and educators celebrate this: map 4 #BRI trading routes;

    • #BR2 where half world lives
    • #BR0 where one nation invested 21st C in railways and supercities shared economies
    • #BR1 how shipping maps connect 90% of world trade
    • #BR3 what to do with the poreviously uninhabitable land of the (old) world's main continental mass
    to  celebrate what youth needs to value next with tech help 9 other #BR trading routes linkin 

    selection of AI in education

    squirrel summit shanghai nov 



    4000 moore TECH, Humans train Artificials or vice versa: Sustainability of youth = changing education -help search 50 ways with special thanks to alumni of female entrepreneurial revolution's jack ma * antonio guterres* sir fazle abed * xi jinping

     LoveQ - jack ma values exponential progression of IQ, EQ, LQ- quotients of intelligence emotion and love- if next girl born is to have fair chance of a happy life we need loveq rising up round every community and school- coach kids on how to open space before they start adolescence.. moore on eq and lq in education replacing the empire's selection of 11 year olds as admin rulers in days of millions times less communications tech  Exponential Timelines- 50 years ago inspired by Moon race Entrepreneurial Revolution curriculum founded in The Economist to question lievlihood sustainability of over 4000 times moore communications tech 2030 versus 1946 (Moores law doubling social consequences every 7 years). 34 Years ago (1984 at about 11 times moore) ERworld first started asking leaders how to design the 3 billion new livelihoods shown what every child needs to explore through curriculum of markets: in search of new silk roads- by the time keynes was wring on employment in the 1930s: the possibilities of any places children were expoentially locked in by rules old economists had scribbled (and lawyers made most money making tyhe big bigger!) -moore 


    2020s most exciting times to be alive if everyone is lifelong tecaher and student 

    Bridging e-edu with ecommerce and e-finance- which of the 2 richest market makers is helping develop children more bezos withhq2 leaving virginiua tech to build him an innovation campus or jack ma who's building a new university with 100 scholarship branches chosen by the UN's need for sdg community coders of big data small  jack ma with 30 national leaders edu commission 2016 - there's never enough money to invest in education but even more urgent now- half of youth everywhere will be unexmloyable unless we design livelihood training beyond the classroom - more on how Top 10 missing curricula eg self-serve health, other 20 largest market's categories valuetrue purpose. 4 most valuable languages for worldwide youth to share, how to celebrate arts out of any place youth hub, supercity and top 13 sustinability world trade Belt Roads- why and how did they go missing- eg because half most valuable info newly innovated over next 5 years? how will youth web them - eg understand main beyind classroom cooperations -moore debate sustainability goals consequences of  the 7 biggest tech wonders of 1000-2000 times moore to 2023 (eg blockchain, AI in classroom and every public space, what billion person datasets can do for sme value chains, how does wearning sensors change peoples safety, nature's climate and what matching infrastructure will eg make guns irrelevant,,, and 7 biggest wonders of 2000-4000 ties moore  Having designed sustainable livelihoods around million poorest village women focused on building a last mile health and food security service, the women asked sir fazle abed to build over 60000 schools- have you ever studied with alumni of the inaugural education laureate selctted by sheikha moza and womens un eminent panel reference: Up & Out of Poverty: Xi JInping spent his last years as a teenager experimenting with high school education in a remote village- as an undergraduate he was asked to help tsinghua design their curriculum of village education by 1988 he was publishing solutions to out of poverty. China aims to be everywhere's benchmar of muhamad yunus race to poverty museum. The only western parallel we know of is when Paul Farmer and Jim Kim were students contributing cases to Harvrads course on medical anthroplogy.Since 1988 Tsinghua has become the world's furst open university of servant leadders of sustainability. Its graduates lead the way in serving china- spending a year in rural areas reporting what tech apps are needed next. Today the largest tech entrepreneur suburb in world (epicentre of china's 5 million start ups hubs next to Tsinghua's main gate) -if MIT tours offfer a square mile of futures of business and society, Tsingua offers 10 times moore. Not surprising as China has half a billion under 30's livelihoods to sustain, USA about 5 times less   moore on 50 ways to change education so that uner 30s co-create 3 billion new jobs renewing community, renewing planet, celebrating how 4000 times moore communications tech shares economic and social wellbeing for all.      


    Valuing sustainability is the hardest urgent challenge rulers of large organisations ever face. One English-speaking ruler faced up to this with mighty courage- 7 quarters of a century ago in 1843...

    Previously when a messenger says: dear ruler- did you know your organisation's constitution is starving millions of people to death - the ruler's reply: silence! off with your head. ..Instead in 1843 queen victoria did something truly innovative

    she said to him : how's that? he said to her - the majority of your parliamentary members have passed the landowners law that corn must never be sold at less than a fixed price- they would rather burn the excess corn than save a million starving people in ireland

    she said to him - will you start a weekly magazine questioning this? he said to her - if i may call it The Economist

    the consequence was: the corn laws were repealed but not in time to prevent 150 years of terror  permeating the waves between two islands: england (sometimes called Britain) and ireland

    part 2 : later james said - what about India mam? did you know that Empire has decimated (reduced by tenfold) the livelihood potential of the people who share the South Asian coastal belt

    victioria said- go and re-bank the commonwealth - James started up the the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China and then his "bridge too far": in 1860 he located to India where he died 9 month after reaching calcutta of diarrhea- it took another 120 years before girls in bangaldesh were empowered by sur fazle abed to build a rural natiion round a health service that ended diarrhea and vilage enetrepreneur netwiorks that ended starvation; also in one last dismal thrust England demand China accept opium as a currency for trading silks and species; the Chinese preferred to close out world trade for over a century than to be addicted and empired over; at the time of the race to the moon this fifth of the world's people decided it was time to try and start up new world trade routes- The Economist of 1977 was the first English speaking media to than them for daring to explore the 4 E's even if this meant that education would need to be led by women holding up half the sky, turning communities bottom-up and  questioning future-boundaries (not outside the box - rather there is no box) instead of backward referential man's image of perfection however wrong, instead of mothervearth's love and opennes however vaguely right freedom needs to be

    Back in London James' son walter bagehot changed the british constitution and started innovating currencies but not in time to prevent 2 world wars being fought over the need to end the mercatile era of colonisation

    part 3 what if sustainability now depends on all educators freeing youth to speak 4 languages and translating the meaning of the four e-words through big data anlysis that6 is small enough for communities to map with

    the languages being chiense english moither tongue and coding

    the e words being 1) e- 2) exponential 3) economics 4) entrepreneur

    consider the french word entreprneur - it was coined after the last time that any european peoples reversed the royal maxim - the revolution: cut off their heads in france meant guilotining heads of the royal family who were ruling over all the nation's productuive assets- the word entrepreneur wss coined by french economist JB Say who wanted to help his and other societies search for a better way of innovating productive human sustainability than cutting off heads- in this search, French Entrepreneurial Empowerment was inspired by james wilson as he had previously been inspired by Scot6 adam smith whose writings  from 1748 started with an inconveneont question - why is English-speaking empire designing education so that youth are forbidden to question sustainabilty's most urgent challenges? 

    If James could edit the sustainability goals of nations today - what would he do?

    he might back UN leader Antonio Guterres' urgency in saying there are only 12 class years left to 2030s deadline- what will be the most exciting new studies of 2018-2019-one o'clock rock - Time for DC : Digital Cooperation inaugural guest teacher appearances by Melinda Gates and Jank Maa- wherever nations UNIte, wherever youth alumni linkin to AlibabaUNI, and who know maybe even DC's and NY's AmazonUNI

    1 don't let us ever forget what women entrepreneurs of south asia did to built a nation round since 1971 (the poorest ever beginning to a top 10 nation in terms of population size)

    2 let young people be alumni of the most energised explorers of the 4 e's that jack ma cheerleads

    3 if educators are going to help the under 30s speak sustainbility's 4 languages lets help xi jinping start up BRI.school around 13 maps - the neighbors around china - starting from the old world's east- the traders with america start from the new world's west - anyone else stuck in between such as those in the arctic circle, refugees of the med sea, continents that have been most isolated until the era of 4000 times moore communication technology 2030 versus 1946 


    EconomistDiary.com - June 2019 will #BR5 Luxembourg Royal family do the right thing when AIIB brings 100 banking delegations to town? - and other cooperation/education SD opportunies of 2018-19 


     Although it sounds nice to say that the Chinese were stimulated by the moon landing to design capialism's happiest 21st C societies to replace a dismal communism- in the 1960s a famine killed up to 10% of Chinese mothers and children- from the scary cultural revolution that followed a Confucian miracle emerged- China became the first nation in the world to declare women hold up half the sky- goals 1,2,5 triangularise China's last quarter of the 20th C- end poverty, end famine, celebrate community economies that value girls development and productivity as much as boys. By accident or design China's one-child policy embedded this social fabric. When girls global village networking empowers the races to end poverty and famine, they demand to be involved in developing last mile markets of health and livelihood education. This is not just a Chinese Confician lesson, Bangladesh's Muslim mothers have networked around the same 5 goal compass from 1971-1996 with no electricity and no telecommunxayoons in the villages to a parallel mobile revolution from 1996. Will today's half of the world aged under 30 be served by education systems that map the extraodrinary amont of intergenerational trust and hard work that values sustainability as the most exciting of all human races. Will this new media truth rise out of celebrities and celebrations of the New Olympics Series 2020 Tokyo 2022 beijing 2024 Paris.. 2028 LA?

    ......BRI.school map top 13 sdgworld trade routes inside china, 1 East-Belt, 
    2 South-Belt; 3NorthBelt 

    4 centre eurasia &E.Euro; 5WEuro 6 N.Am; 7 MidEast8MedSea 9Africa 10LatinAm11 Arctic Circle 12UN-urgent.. 



    Part 1 - is this the most exciting story every told

     BRAC (1972-2018)  46 Years of Empowering the world’s poorest village women to build 8th most populous nation and world’s largest NGO

    Around BRAC Fazle Abed has redesigned 4 levels of market value chains round women-owned family businesses and small enterprises

    • One rural region
    • 200000 villages of the rural nation -eg building the last mile health service
    • National market leadership – eg being nation’s market leader in poultry
    • Globally – eg redesigning global aid around 2 models – some people now call these models social business and give directly

    Context between 1970-1974 BRAC and Bangladesh rural people faced 3 life-threatening and nation-destroying challenges-in-one:

    • The war of independence which destroyed infrastructure and caused a lot of internal migration
    • A cyclone that killed half a million people
    • A famine which killed one million people


    ABOUT ValueTrue - What are the goals of The Economist. With Glasgow U's scholars, we try to explore Scot Adam Smith's 2 main goals. In 2018, his alumni network's action learning curve is 260 years long (never more critical if sustainability of youth is the purpose of parenting and community)

    • end systemised poverty - eg end slavery, colonization, treating any demographic as an underclass be they women, youth, someone of another skin ..
    • bottom-up "mapping" of how trade and markets scale exponentially : up if multiplying trus-flowst of all who produce and demand over time, down (collapsing) otherwise 
    We also explore why Adam would reject Nobel search for world's best Economist- he would have begun seeking a micro-entrepreneurially trusted "systems" economist by market: eg health, food, nations/places, arts, university. NB he agonised over the faulty purpose of university mastered/ administered by the English. 

    sneak preview of papers selected by adam smith

    scholars celebrating how bangladesh was developed by women

     BRAC : The Citizen-Building Network

    celebrating International Poverty Reduction Center in China 

     eeking health transition in ... - The Lancet

    Humanity's Happiest Half Century? In the 50 years since moon landing the 2 happiest innovations advancing the human lot are:

    tech of human connections has increased to over 1000 times moore than 1946 

    Eastern hempishere has developed over 2 billion people out of poverty- to see how engineers and lifelong students and educators celebrate this: map 4 #BRI trading routes;

    • #BR2 where half world lives
    • #BR0 where one nation invested 21st C in railways and supercities shared economies
    • #BR1 how shipping maps connect 90% of world trade
    • #BR3 what to do with the poreviously uninhabitable land of the (old) world's main continental mass

    to  celebrate what youth needs to value next with tech help 9 other @BR trading routes linkin

    BRI.school girls shared treasure maps rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com 

     university students' 7 most valued reports 2018-2019

    rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk to nominate 

    related Paradox Francis 

    FR-youth nets 1 

    FINtrue youth curricula 1 2  3 4

    she told me more data has been collected in last 2 years
    than the rest of human history-
    i asked if i could help


     we were told un eminent finance report would be big - here it is released oct 2018  its authors nb zm fintechlab

    prep for report included stanford roundtable listed https://www.globalfinancialgovernance.org/


    • Marc Andreessen, & Alex Rampell Partner of Andreessen and Horowitz
    • Susan Athey, Professor of Economics at Stanford University, Founder of Empirical Economics Group at Microsoft; Board of Directors, Ripple


    • Fei-Fei Li, Associate Professor at Stanford University, Director of Stanford AI Lab; Chief Scientist Google Cloud AI/ML
    • Anish Shah, Group President of Strategy at Mahindra Group
    • David Wehner, Chief Financial Officer at Facebook


    • Lucy Shapiro, Professor of Developmental Biology, Stanford Medical School
    • Victor Dzau, President, National Academy of Medicine


    • George Shultz, Hoover Institution, Former U.S. Secretary of State, Treasury, Labour
    • David Mulford, Former U.S. Ambassador to India, Under Secretary of U.S. Treasury, Vice- Chair Credit Suisse Intl
    DC delight
     In spite of being an optimist
    i had almost given up being nicely surprised in Dc.
    This blochchain report issued ict 2018 is an exception-
    it leads to 10 non coin movement of Blockchain youth can map.
    Now that world benchmark for coining blockchains has been demonstrated by Lichenstiein's law-
    its certainly best if US legislators are removed from this curriculum.
    Note few things are causing more of a braindrain than preventing coders to blockchain... countries that want to attract blockchain coders would appear to include 
    DigitalCooperation.org we believe (blog) the un digital cooperation report due march 2019 is the most important report for young people everywhere racing to connect 4000 times more tech than 1946-tech has reached a stage of collaborative impact that we all need to share in views of people like jack ma, melinda gates and others these updates link will tourism become the sustainabity's generation boggest market -eg is airbnb just a first example of world cittizens shared economics

    Governments and Investors Share Knowledge on Tourism Technology at UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit

    Madrid, Spain, 7 November 2018 – The UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit, held yesterday by World Travel Market and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), was well received by participants from government and the private sector for its more dynamic new format leading to more concrete takeaways around this year’s theme: Investment in Tourism Technology.

    This year, the UNWTO/WTM Ministers’ Summit held at World Travel Market, one of the world's biggest tourism trade show (6 November 2018), focused on investment in tourism technology with a novel format. For the first time the summit featured a panel of private sector leaders alongside a panel of ministers, sparking an open and useful exchange of ideas and opinions on how to channel private capital into innovative tourism technologies.

    This meant that tourism ministers and high-level representatives from countries including Bahrain, Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Uganda, Uruguay and the UK were able to directly reflect on and respond to the opinions voiced by the leading tourism and technology investment funds involved in the panel, such as Alibaba Capital Partners, Atomico and Vynn Capital.

    “Without the support of the key tourism stakeholders, notably governments, corporations and investors, development and implementation of innovative products is not possible. Today’s discussions shed light on the influential role of both sectors as well as the need for stronger public-private partnerships”, said UNWTO Deputy Secretary-General Jaime Cabal opening the event.

    A common sentiment amongst the panel of private sector entrepreneurs was that disruption leads change in the tourism sector, but regulation can be preventative to obtaining the attractive investment conditions needed to support disruptive new business ventures. It was suggested that regulation should be fixed in order to give clear guidelines to investors who wish to put private capital into new technology.

    Several technology investors highlighted the need to narrow the opportunity cost and clear up the governance barriers for innovation in tourism. “It needs to be easy for start-ups to grow and expand – if rules change too quickly, investors will hesitate to invest,” Katherine Grass of Thayer Ventures told ministers.

    Lio Chen, Managing Director at the Travel & Hospitality Center of Innovation at venture capital firm Plug and Play, called for larger technology companies to engage with start-ups to boost ideas, human resources and investment. “I ask ministers to incentivize the top five corporations in their country to work with start-ups and foster innovation,” he said.

    On the subject of regulation, Michael Ellis, UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Arts, Heritage and Tourism, said: “It’s a question of balance, and it’s a challenge to get that right, especially in technology.” He also urged ministers to boost sustainability and help tackle the world’s climate-related problems, such as rising carbon emissions.

    Education was also highlighted as an element making investments more attractive. “Education allows technology to root into societies and contribute to making tourism more inclusive for communities,” said Benjamin Liberoff, Vice-Minister of Tourism of Uruguay.

    “We have brought the public and private sector together in a unique format, and hope it will deliver real change in the sector. As tourism grows, then technology will play a key role,” said Simon Press, Senior Exhibitions Director of WTM London.

    Moderated by Richard Quest of CNN International, the summit contributed to UNWTO’s ongoing priority to place tourism at the centre of the global innovation agenda.


    Useful links:

    UNWTO/WTC Ministerial Summit website

    World Travel Market website

    Pictures UNWTO & WTM Ministers' Summit



    UNWTO Communications Department

    Tel: (+34) 91 567 8100 / Fax: +34 91 567 8218 / comm@unwto.org

    Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeLinkedIn and Flickr.


    mapping what wuill happen next around

    #BR0 the fitthof people who invested most in railways and shared supercities

    ................................................................................#BR1the greatest engineers to ever share a continent's coastal belt and surrounding islands

    #BR2 two fifths of the world's people who share the east and south coastal belts of EurASIA

    #BR3 the people resourced with half of the land of the world's largest continent

    #BR5 the old north west europeans

    #BR4 the new south east europeans 

    #BR6 inside ameicas- the politically most infarstructure messed up continent

    #BR7  the opportunity and threats of being most responsible for both the world's oil and its deserts

    #BR8 can the unhappiest sea of the turn of the millnnium once again become the happiest sea of marco p[olo times 

    #BR9 whither young afriica

    #BR10 whither latin people's new world

    #BR11 whither the arctic circle

    #BR12 whitherevery other bordrer crisis the United Nations and nature most needs 8 billion humans to cooperatively help with linking in


    BRI.school ValueTrue world trade mapping

    - over 90% of world trade of goods is shipped - so wherever you live which superport do your peoples have access to is a critical question

    Planes are lest economical and least ecological but relevant to luxury markets where produce is perishable  as well as to special value markets eg tourism

    At one time car motor roads were the more economical of overland transporation across large continents but now fast trains are

    Given these truths #BR0 China is the most economically designed large geograpghical market for 21sst C trading goods and USA the least 

     However most of the value of the sustainability goals generatuion depends on mobiulising universla apps - ie distributing learning not physoical goods- and most sdgoals

    depend on replication of solutions across (borderless) communities. By which we mean  the need to share solution between communities is dependent on many urgency variables with nation that the community is in being just one variable 


    linkinto discuss how to write letter loving esch others countries across 13 Belt Road Imagineer Trading Routes and other missing curricula of BRI.school, AmazonUni.com and Alibabauni.com 
    whatsapp DC formal-informal hotline +1 240 316 8157 

    Part 2 of most exciting story ever told:

    In Bangladesh 1971, rural means without access to electricity grids or other infrastructure. Peculiarly it usually doesnt mean isolated as Bangladesh is the most densely populate nation on the planet. Up to 90% of village mothers were illiterate, so BRAC also was the core network in the middle of intergenerational progress of girls from village mothers to citizens who eg worked the second biggest but lowly paid garments market. A nation with no trade in 1971 now has 3 main export markets : garments, agriculture, remittances. It also has curricula of girl networks who innovate some of the greatest sdg challenges ever faced.


    IN 1972 Fazle Abed (previously Shell’s national CEO) went to live in a rural region. He identified over 30 solutions villagers needed to survive. BRAC for example became the nation’s lab for applying the green revolution to rice science.  Sir Fazle grouped solutions into two kinds:

    1 Those that could turn charity into a sustainable village business mocrofranchise- so eg village mothers shown how to apply the new rice science could now sustain family size businesses around husking rice whilst also being the solution to ending famine. This was one of 3 times (1072, 1996, 2018) when China and BRAC extreme development innovations-needs were interconnected – ultimately the half of te world’s people living around Eurasia’s east and southern coastal belts have similar extreme sustainability challenges to resolve

    2 Those that involved demonstrating action learning – eg training  every village mother to apply oral rehydration – thereby saving one in 4 infants who would otherwise have died of diarrhea. In this case UNICEF became BRAC’s give directly partner in taking this training across 200000 villages. Long-term give directly models are as integral as social businesses in making brac the one-stop knowledge and trust epicenter of village mothers. Today the world’s number 1 experts in diarrhea are resident at brac university’s James Grant School of public medicine 


     6 sister cities valuing youth sustainability - Geneva, Luxembourg, Dhaka, DelhiBeijing, Hangzhou guided tour queries/diaries isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com
    -triangular mapping class 018-019 (1'oclock sustainability rock- last 12 years 4000 times moore digital tech can save our species from extinction)


    Which are the most vital new findings of 2018-2019 for every student or investor in sustainability generation? Jack Ma & Fazle Abed voted top 2 World Record Jobs Creators thru e500-e1500 Moore tech

    -from volunteer blog DigitalCooperation.net -  nomination 1 proposed by UN leader Antonio Guterres-
    lead edited by Jack Ma, Melinda Gates - 20 expert friends of Guterres- DIGITAL COOPERATION- reporting date march 2019- rest of Economistdiary.com of UN year

    EconomistDiary.com ending summer 2019 includes
    • 100 nations leaders: April 2019 at Beijing Belt Road 2  chief host Xi Jinping-
    • 100 banking delegations chief host luxembourg- network AIIB -chinese-speaking leaders pres jin, english-speaking leaders daughter jin at LSE, sir danny alexander, lord stern lse
    related small neighbor nations to eu are using agile advantages of legislatirure to develop world's best blockchain law eg Lictenstein -ref unctadLict - this will destr\oy euro within 30 months 

     Part 3 of most exciting story ever told

    After Fazle Abed‘s 7 years in one region, the main challenge was to choose both the first give directly and the first social business to replicate through 200000 villages. It turned out that a cluster of health service and last mile agriculture market solutions all replicated win-wins. Microfinance plus was designed as a system to connect this 200000 village replication. NB microfinance was never about loans separated from empowering village mothers to run microfranchises. It was BRAC’s responsibility to redesign the value chains so that the mothers had village markets which were also the solutions to the nation’s sustainability challenges

    When you track BRAC’s market interventions. It is essential to understand that the first 25 years of village networking were person to person – no electricity meant no telecommunications. From 1996 Bangladesh became one of the rural nations to attract first technology partners both in mobile and in microsolar.

    All of these market sector value chains have gained from BRAC innovations. When , how and with which partners takes some searching which is sometimes most simply accelerated by direct interviews with Sir Fazle Abed. (Not surprisingly these markets map the whole compass of SDGs 1 to 6 as far as extreme rural poverty alleviation and culture challenges impact Rural Asian around the Southern Coastal Belt- most typically latitude 0 to 30 )

    Last mile food security markets/ agriculture -nation leading markets in poultry and dairy

    Last mile finance markets -nation leading bank for smes- world leading cashless banking model, and diaspora remittance markets

    Last mile health markets- Bangladesh’s rural health service, and with eg George Soros, Paul Farmer and Jim Kim leader in solutions to infectious diseases including MDR Tuberculosis

    Village livelihood education markets both for adults and children

    Crafts and silks markets

    The world’s number 1 NGO partnership specializing in the most extreme challenges girls and mothers face as being sustainability goals deepest cultural solution connectors

    Digital leapfrog partnerships – bottom billion women most need 

    2017-2018 jack ma starts coverting his life from ecommerce guru back to educator of worldwide youth's livelihoods



     Jack Ma: Education is the biggest challenge

    73K views5 months ago

    ALI education news from china - in englishchinese
    everything we teach from last 200 years machines can do better- we now need to teach creativity machines cant do because they have chips and people have hearts

    jack ma trains 3000 place commectors at a time - see eg canada's www.gateway17.com
    jack works for unctad (their lead ambassador for jobsd creating youthTECH) - every 6 months or so he visists african or asian countruies and pichs 20 tech entreprenmurs for personal 154 fday training at alibaba hq

    jack is china's education commissioner in 40 ledaers network hosted by un envoy for education gordon brown 

    Context- 2018-2019: 1.o'clock on sustainability goals last 12 student and Un years- this is also the year World Record Jobs Creator Jack Ma transitions back to education- while his work on digital cooperation platforms of ecommerce alibaba and efuinance- ant finance (formerly alipay) is well known, we are hopeful; that digital cooperation will included massive new clues on edutech- towards this understanding we welcome news on what the 7 most different serached of future oif education may be:


    jack ma survey at 7 futures of education --how can jack ma alumni most help youth develop the sustainability goa;ls generation through thriving livelihoods across every community-economics map?
    -big data small coders university- see alibaba global business school- search student scouts for jack ma eg head of unctad
    village and disadvantaged schools- see jack ma foundation rural china- note his gifts to eg queen rania jordan education.
    see digital cooperation report- make this main stdent discuss of year 19-20- note how it conects with 100 national leaders commitemnet to digotal belt roads
    follow up jack ma desire to support teachers and institutions interested in loveq - this is the most positive end of emotional and teamworking skils opposites to what iq used to measure
    look at jack ma's parthers in how will tech chnage the next 7 years - see his damo networ; searchg related hubs such as web industrial revolution 4 in sf beijing, tokyo- make list of top 7 tech chnages as we go from 100 to 4000 more tech- AI& humanI; g5; big data smal platforms eg india bilion person digitsl id; internet of things; blockchain - see 3 weeks of future of IT dialogue hosted by UN head of ITU- dubai nov 2018- see connections other un teams reporting back to guteers including unhabitat, women at unga, realuch un-academic impact
    helping chnage value chains so every community has thriving yout livelihoods and self-suffiency on sustainability goals- see ma relationship with bkash- look at this partnerships with sme value chain research eg at tsinghua
    -celebrations across every belt road where youth can connect cultures and host expos of community for all events- see expo associated with jack ma raids to olympics: korea 018 .tokyo 020 beiking 022 paris 024 la 028- link japan g20 with netwoirks jack ma started in prep for hangzhou g20 in 2016- the fiurst time 20 national leaders had discussed sdgs- also lonk with jack ma club in beijing where 50 big business leaders report what purspoe their industry sectir can mo0st help sustainability youth with

    official jack ma bio fro digitalcooperation.org. help youth develop Jack Ma founded Alibaba Group in 1999. He has served as Alibaba’s executive chairman since May 2013, and previously as chairman and chief executive officer. Jack is also the founder of the Zhejiang-based Jack Ma Foundation.pfficial bio Jack founded Alibaba based on the belief that the Internet could democratize the playing field for all types of businesses, particularly small businesses. This tenet continues to underpin his vision for Alibaba, both in China and around the world.

    In September 2016, Jack was named special adviser of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for Youth Entrepreneurship and Small Business. He also served as chair of the 2016 B20 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Development Taskforce, where he called for the establishment of an Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP), an internet-based trading platform to help bring small businesses into the global economy and make it easier for them to expand trading capabilities worldwide.

    Jack currently serves on the Board of SoftBank Group Corp., a Japanese corporation listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. He is also a member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum, a member of the Board of the Breakthrough Energy Ventures, chairman of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, and chairman of the China Entrepreneur Club. In January 2016, he was named a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) advocate by the United Nations.

    Jack graduated from Hangzhou Teacher’s Institute with a major in English language education................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

    .official bio melinda gates: Philanthropist Melinda Gates has dedicated her life to achieving transformational improvements in the health and prosperity of families, communities and societies. Core to her work is empowering women and girls to help them realize their full potential. As co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda shapes and approves strategies, reviews results, and sets the overall direction of the world’s largest private foundation.

    In 2015, Melinda created Pivotal Ventures, an investment and incubation company that enables her to bring together other new and emerging strands of her advocacy and philanthropic work focused in the US. Melinda received a bachelor’s degree from Duke and an MBA from Duke’s Fuqua School. After joining Microsoft Corp. in 1987, she helped develop many of the company’s multimedia products. In 1996, Melinda left Microsoft to focus on her philanthropic work and family.

    .Amandeep Singh Gill is India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1992. Apart from headquarters, he has served abroad at the Indian Missions in Tehran, Colombo and Geneva. From 2013-2016, he served as Head of the Disarmament and International Security Affairs Division in the Ministry of External Affairs. In 2017, he helped set up the National Task Force on Artificial Intelligence for India’s Economic Transformation.



    Amandeep Gill is currently Chair of the Group of Governmental Experts of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) on emerging technologies in the area of lethal autonomous weapon systems. He serves on the UN Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters.

    .Sophie received her Master’s degree in Finance from HEC Paris. After graduating, she worked at Oliver Wyman Financial Services as a consultant, and then moved to AXA, where she got the idea of using big data and machine learning to help financial companies give better credit scores. Based on this idea, she founded Solidware, who provides Machine Learning-based predictive analysis solutions to large financial institutions around the world. After her successful exit, she turned her frustration with complicated and inefficient digital marketing into a vision for what became Adriel....Vinton G. Cerf is vice president and Chief Internet Evangelist for Google. He contributes to global policy development and continued spread of the Internet. Widely known as one of the “Fathers of the Internet,” Cerf is the co-designer of the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet. He has served in executive positions at MCI, the Corporation for National Research Initiatives and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and on the faculty of Stanford University.

    Vint Cerf served as chairman of the board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) from 2000-2007 and has been a Visiting Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory since 1998. Cerf served as founding president of the Internet Society (ISOC) from 1992-1995. Cerf is a Foreign Member of the British Royal Society and Swedish Academy of Engineering, and Fellow of IEEE, ACM, and American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the International Engineering Consortium, the Computer History Museum, the British Computer Society, the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, the Worshipful Company of Stationers and a member of the National Academy of Engineering. He has served as President of the Association for Computing Machinery, chairman of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and completed a term as Chairman of the Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology for the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. President Obama appointed him to the National Science Board in 2012.

    Cerf is a recipient of numerous awards and commendations in connection with his work on the Internet, including the US Presidential Medal of Freedom, US National Medal of Technology, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, the Prince of Asturias Award, the Tunisian National Medal of Science, the Japan Prize, the Charles Stark Draper award, the ACM Turing Award, the Franklin Medal, Officer of the Legion d’Honneur and 29 honorary degrees. In December 1994, People magazine identified Cerf as one of that year’s “25 Most Intriguing People.”

    Sophia, a well-known humanoid robot named the world’s first United Nations Innovation Champion by the United Nations ... 
    who's open sourcing what 

     baidu open sources AV?


    Baidu is leading China's autonomous efforts, but when it comes to the tech, the company is 3-4 years behind Waymo. To catch up, Baidu launched an open-source development program called Apollo that executives say will become the “Android” of autonomous vehicles.

    • Apollo has already attracted more than 100 partners, including blue chippers like Microsoft, Nvidia, Intel, Mercedes-Benz and NXP.
    • The Chinese government's friendly regulatory approach to AI enables the collection of troves of data that are crucial inputs into algorithms at the heart of autonomous technology. (The
      •  approach also may allow for greater surveillance in the country.)
    • China is building a brand new city near Beijing called Xiongan that will feature high-tech infrastructure that allows autonomous cars to “talk to” their surroundings and other vehicles. Xiongan could be China’s blueprint for other key cities. 

       BR6 has america lost it - part 10


      part 1-9 

    welcome to digital silk road plus 6 youth Belt Road Maps ... Changing Education - the most exciting times to parent or grow up sustainably. Our old versions: EW , AU ...how can web maximise sme value and job creating education? -help welcomed in compiling top 100 alumni networks of alibabauni.com -UNited fintech & edutech & 17 goals-- notes on china's greatest educators ggv podcast limebike.. sinica -notes who's helping jos number 1 educator? Kenyann, Bangla girls Tsinghua, olympians-for-all, IR4-forhumans - rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

    official alibaba (also notable apps - eg missing children )
    *taobao university up to 100 million alumni in China - received training on how to taobao; as of 2017 established 1311 taobao e-commerce villages
    *Damo Academy 1 2 started with 15 billion dollar investment by jack ma's as intercity top notch research on humanising livelihood advantages of major components of Industrial Rev 4 such as AI, blockchain, internet of things .. related IR4 at world economic forum: san francisco hub; wef summer china summoit
    *gateway17 ma's 3000 citizens and leaders one day masterclass in ecommerce
    *ma's personal mentoring (aka efounders) of first 100 entrepreneur chorts chosen with unctad and developing nations that have asked jack ma to help
    +Aliresearch 1 tsinghua alumni network of Ying Lowrey's SME curriculum aligned to AliBaba model
    Podcast Ant Finance

    *hong kong 100 million dollar youth entrepreneur fund: AI webs 1 2 : Jumpstarter competition.-see also hk youth entreprenur curricula YFS & MIT -- taiwan ma entrepreneur fund
    *alibaba entrepreneur fund
    *poverty funds 1 :: blockchain research china poverty association 1 - alibaba 0.3 revenue to green foundation 1
    Breaking news 1 from

    jack ma- when i first studied (e)commerce in states i was surprised to find that each market was dominated by 2 or 3 manufacturers- i decided to design china ecommerce to maxise small enterprise suppliers and local jobs

    .ying lowrey is tsinghua's professor of small enterprises- her book alibaba way is eyeopening:

    foreword by nobel economist edmund phelps, columbia....Alibaba uses information technology to enable mass innovation to flourish.and to improve the lives of the people

    related tsinghua - innovation events
    lowrey beijing coorindtaor of aliresearch whose dean at hq is Hongbing Gao
    .partners of ma &
    *jack ma chairs cen 1- 2 = china's 50 most respomnsible businessmen - search curricula funds etc - location close to tsingua beijng

    example founder of shanghai conglomerate fosun actively celebrates CEN, and partners in one of Jack Ma's universities at hangzhou and supports new york greatest yoth-led arts movement singforhope.com

    co-sponsor: wise@beijing: Zhejiang Zhipu Foundation Founded by the six founding members of Alibaba Group, Zhejiang Zhipu Foundation supports rural education and promotes healthy and sustainable relationship between human and the society, as well as between human and the nature.
    Guterres UN Digital Cooperation Panel #DigitalCooperation
    The Panel is expected to raise awareness about the transformative impact of digital technologies across society and the economy, and contribute to the broader public debate on how to ensure a safe and inclusive digital future for all, taking into account relevant human rights norms.

    Panel Members


    Panel members

    • Mohammed Al Gergawi (UAE), Minister of Cabinet Affairs and the Future, UAE
    • Yuichiro Anzai (Japan), Senior Advisor and Director of Center for Science Information Analysis, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    • Nikolai Astrup (Norway), Minister of International Development, Norway
    • Vinton Cerf (USA), Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
    • Fadi Chehadé (USA), Partner at ABRY Partners
    • Isabel Guerrero Pulgar (Chile), Director, IMAGO Global Grassroots and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
    • Marina Kaljurand (Estonia), Chair of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace
    • Bogolo Kenewendo (Botswana), Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Botswana
    • Akaliza Keza Ntwari (Rwanda), ICT advocate and entrepreneur
    • Marina Kolesnik (Russian Federation), senior executive, entrepreneur and WEF Young Global Leader
    • Doris Leuthard (Switzerland), Head of the Federal Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, Switzerland
    • Cathy Mulligan (United Kingdom), Co-Director of Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency
    • Edson Prestes (Brazil), Professor, Institute of Informatics, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
    • Kira Radinsky (Israel), Director of Data Science, eBay
    • Nanjira Sambuli (Kenya), Digital Equality Advocacy Manager, World Wide Web Foundation
    • Sophie Soowon Eom (Republic of Korea), Founder of Adriel AI and Solidware
    • Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah (Australia), Secretary General, CIVICUS
    • Jean Tirole (France), Chairman of the Toulouse School of Economics and the Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse
    The deliberations of the Panel will be supported by a small secretariat, co-led by:
    • Amandeep Singh Gill (India), Executive Director, Secretariat of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (ex officio)
    • Jovan Kurbalija, (Serbia), Executive Director, Secretariat of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation (ex officio)
    • Patrick Bolton, Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business, Columbia Business School
    • Markus Brunnermeier, Edwards S. Sanford Professor of Economics, Princeton University
    • Bengt Holmstrom, 2016 Nobel Laureate, Paul A. Samuelson Professor of Economics, MIT
    • Lars Peter Hansen, 2013 Nobel Laureate, David Rockefeller Distinguished Service Professor in Economics, Statistics, Booth School of Business & The College, University of Chicago
    • Preston McAfee, Most Recently Served as Chief Economist and Corp VP at Microsoft
    • Christopher Pissarides, 2010 Nobel Laureate, Regius Professor of Economics, LSE
    • Yingyi Qian, Distinguished Professor and Dean of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
    • Alvin Roth, 2012 Nobel Laureate, The Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics, Stanford University
    • Thomas Sargent, 2011 Nobel Laureate, W.R. Berkley Professor of Economics and Business, New York University
    • Michael Spence, 2001 Nobel Laureate, William R. Berkley Professor in Economics & Business, NYU Stern
    • Steve Tadelis, Professor of Economics, Business and Public Policy, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
    • Neng Wang, Chong Khoon Lin Professor of Real Estate & Professor of Finance, Columbia Business School
    • Shangjin Wei, Professor of Finance and Economics, Professor of International Affairs, and N.T. Wang Professor of Chinese Business and Economy, Columbia University
    • Wei Xiong, Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance, Princeton University
    • Chenggang Xu, Quoin Professor in Economic Development, University of Hong Kong, Professor of Economics, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
    the wicked problem of missing curricula youth most need- as jack says this is a huge problem; correspondence case posted may 2018: moreover we have atended many world bank youth summits where missing curricula have been pitched and everyone cheered the value but getiing each different nation to newly cetrtify suc new learning is a fools erand
    -here part of a specific example- do you know a missing peer to peer curricula that needs similar linking in

    I am staying at brac in bangaldesh my favorite girls education network in the world as well as largest ngo in wortld and partnership networkwe will see dean of james grant school of public health at brac university tomorrow- do you still have any message you wanted passed to brac about the peer to peer adolescent health program you and lancet have been building? we are mainly working with brac's overall education director as specified directly by sir fazle abed when i met him in qatar 2017 - sir fazle kindly gave a lot of his time to remembrance parties of my dad norman macrae at the japan embassy in dhaka in 2012more generally brac and jack ma started fin tech partnership earlier this month with brac's BkashSMS in bangladesh but for s asia (the whole 2 billion of china's neigbors particularly poorest girls on china south and south westren borders), for sustainabiliuty generation to scale and gain from these 2 superstars we believe partnering relations will broaden into looking at skills education ; we will be trying to form team both on bangladesh and china side to monitor this however fast or slow it goesmostofa has been working on bangladesh side for very long time- he also worked with modjtabia sadria then at aga khan in london while they were in london at time muhammad yunus was at his social business peak ; i believe modjtabia is now back in iran after some years with paul at monash? ( i didnt get to pauls grn summit in jordan 2006; i believe sadria did; i note that jack ma just made donation to queen of jordans education fund)

    we are trying to invite any university student to form a club to see where is the nexus between what students most want to study practically and training that sir fazle and jack ma could mooc or otherwise maximally distribute to benefit livelihoods- togther the names of jack ma and sir fazle can be a top 100 web and top 1 web for open action learning- in branding terms this is easy as long as we quickly get all best friends of ma and abed signed up at one launch summit blessed by china and on the road to ma's sponsorship of huge expo at tokyo olympics

    after 8 visits to beijing i am reasonably confident that we can get as much additional support as we want from tsinghua university in beijing (over there they know thgere are half a billion undre 30s and that china cant afford any youth left legless by mismatch between jobs and what colleges like examining-- ) additionally tsinghua with aiib is heavily into belt road pitches to india this year so education can be 2 for 1 so to speak
    as long as both jack ma and sir fazle have approved a subject area as being one that needs development in this type 2 pee to peer or apprentice mode i believe we can help scale missing curricula

    as you think you know i first met pauil komesdroff in 2004- i love everything he was trying to create volunteer expereinces abroad around monash and medics and cultural/arts translators;I hope we can find the right way to linkin monash as this idea gains momentum

    The last 12 years of designing human sustainability are the most exciting times to be alive. 

    World Record Jobs Creators

    Practice connectors of SDGs  sir fazle abed  : jack ma : nilekani -
    world's top 3 building markets sustaining the billion poorest women-
    -add to survey rsvp isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com Norman Macrae Family Foundation

    Place leaders debates of beyond colonial world trade mapping :

    Xi Jinping, Antonio Guterres, JYK(Jim Yong Kim}, Moon Jae-In, Jin Liqun ,

    prince charles, pope francis, justin trudeau, Queen Rania 

    Diary: Valuing economies of:  youth women refugee 



    Humanising AI and 4 Industrial Reviolutions

    Billion person data apps sme value chains 

    Goodwill blockchains 

    Livelihood education

    Mediatrue Search 30000 microfranchises

    Best double-system model of
    Entrepreneurial Revoliution year 50
    & Economist Year 175:
    social business & give directly used to design
    most pro-poor markets in Bangladesh 

    Purposes of market value chains - to value
    communities get more sustainable or big get bigger -what can you do tho prevent Keynes fear that 90% of economits would be hored to make markets more costly and risky? -reference last chapter General Theory of money, interest & employment

    50 Shades of Green 

    Unless basic health and safety markets are getting 10 times less costly something's wrong with how we are using communications & tech

    The Economist. Saturday, 28 April 1984. pages 23,24. Vol 291, issue 7339.

    updates at EconomistHealth.com 

     More lower down


    Not only because for every mum and dad they will determine whether there is a future of our children's children .

    But also digital transformations in trade needed to be designed in sync with pre-digital investments. Strangely USA and other big western nations were not designed (by academics, lawyers, politicains, media or busniessmen) to do this- the soc-called dotcom era at the turn of the century was presented by old strategists as a war between giant bricks (asset heavy in pre-digital) and clicks (digital wizards).For proof of a decade of totally false economics note how almost every major retails sector in USA has seen those biggest 20th c retailers who were short-term in their clicks strategy face destruction in the 2010s. more footnoted

    The future of womankind and mankind is being compounded by history of 2030 versus 1946  is patterned by at least 3 trends worldwide:

    • going post-colonial - a challenge that was vital but needed far more collaborative mapping that the way it has actually been managed
    • going post carbon-  a challenge that neitger the heaviest users nor the heaviest suppliers of carbon have shared truly with our human race and whether mother earth sees us as the next dodo
    • 4000 fold more digital technology - in the most advanced countries doubling tech started every 7 years since 1946-  ny 1967, after 3 doublings ie 8 times moore tech advanced nations were using mix of human and machine intelligence to race to the moon- so imagine what 4000 times more tech will do , and imagine how sustainbility depends on converging the knowhow of the half of the world aged under 30 especially where they cam from a place that didnt smoothly double but has leaped  -we love hearing about leaps for the human lot chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc whatsapp hotline 240 316 8157

     Below we take a very quick tour of 13 regions where collaboration debates in sustainability may need different shades of green as well as tech leapfroging - and theninvite you to join a search -

    •  for world record job creators these are leaders who openly invite massive alumni to share in benchmarking a solution- this involves massively redesigned livelihood education of teachers and students alike -it needs outside classroom experiementation if future coders amd past societies are to know each other- there is no time to develop a perfect theory before we all just hack it- the good thing is now we are universally mobile connected- apps can empower such joint hacking by and for  the people in most need not just the biggest producers
    • who's humaniising the component technologies of going 1000 to 4000 moore- thats where we are on both technology accelerating curve and sustainnabiloity tipping points whoch are accelerating up or down- we are talking about technolgies liek blockchain- that desreve very bad press where misuded but need the world's most tansparent collaborations now in sustaianbility goals are to be our purpose
    • valuing puposefully market and contexual challenges- when you think about it tech's most exciting applications have emerged as partnerships with those poorest societies (and underclasses including women in many cultures) that had been left out of industrial connections- village mpothers who had no electricity have made some of the meoyts life-shaping apps of both mobile and solar- in other words the most valuable purposes markets cannext  serve involve celebrating big data small not big data big tech wizards

    more==  Ironically big western vested interests in USA and the EU have  hired macroeconomic guns to rig the banking sector -instead of failing those big banking bricks that subprimed the world they habe powered them to destrloy other sectors even faster. To do this media and academic sectirs were faked instead of failed. In every instance its youth's futures who have paid the piper, see eg pope francis chastising the elders of European Parliament whi have looked after their vetsed interests like pensions and soaring health insurances like there is no tomoorow. In that their behaviours show a maddening logic- if you don not expoenetiallly value the day after tomorrow then indeed it wont exist as far as species "human being" goes. Tick Tock.

    BRI.school invites you to treasure sustainability world trades top 12 livelihood maps; 

    help worldrecordjobs.com map Entreprejurial REvolution and livelihood connectors mapping sustainability world's trades top 12 routes to and from China #BR0  eg #BR2 south asia- between s asia and china half the world's live - no sustainability without solutions for their poorest women- top WRJC - Womens largest NGO led by sir fazle abed ; world's largest digita id led by India's nilekani- others to study ganghi46#br11 arctic circledeceased and j.gandhi schools; paul polak; quadirs with BR6; sal khan with #BR6- more... #BR12 UN Guterres overall leader , UNCTAD :KituyiMs Espinosa G leader UNGA 18-19Ms Sharif  unhabitat - on secondment jack ma and melinda gates ...#BR1 East and South of China is where post colonial world trfrade began with japan, s korea, china daispora superports study deming deceased lee kuan yew decesed , Singapore's Mahbubai, leader of japan's soft bank, Moon Jae-in #BR3 North and West of China makes up most of Eursia's land- muny peoples are either land blocked or ice blocked study sco as amazing cluster nations summit- guest study michael palin; gorbachev-soros but not thiose who hang rights movements above improving clean trade, #BR4 East europe study blockchain law, unga head 2017-2018 Lajcak- Walesa, Maria Novak#BR5 w europe study pope francis, prince charles, schwab, Torvald soros economics movements #BR 6 n america study kissinger, trudeau --Moore- Barrett, BernersLee &MIT, Musk, Williams, Bezos : more including bezos and yan and foounding arts leaders of c100 and monica yunus, jim kim and lary brilaint#BR 7 study leader of dubai, sheika moza of qatar, quuen of jordan, founders of abdul latif  #BR9 africa studymandela decesaed and what remains of his free university, ingrid munro and what hapened in kenya and reconnected with jack ma both through bangladesh and unctad with support from Kagame founders of ihun & ushahidi#BR8 med sea #BR10 america south/central study paulo freire deceased #BR11 Arctic Crcle 

     Valuetrue.com invite you to explore how to end 3 dimensions of fake media:

    media 3 All over the world, women neither feel, nor tuly are, as safe and free/1776/happy as men. This cultural problem has different causes in every place from big city to vilage without elevtricity. If Americans have learnt one thing in 2018 it is fix the justice of our own culture's truth in valuing women before bossing other peoples places. There is no corner of the earth where gender-law is 100% right (apart possibly the north pole at the epicentre of the Arctic Belt) but if you are a rich developed nation, for the sake of all the world's children please put your own house in order first- and of course support this year's head of the UN #BR12 General Assembly a woman from Ecuador who has promised that at least inside her assembly women and men behaviour will be valued as equal 

    2 All over the world family loving peoples must end politicans who ask to be voted for around short-term infighting and big vested interests.

    What sustains our children's futire is voting driven by opposite sorts of realities -eg is there any nation whose politicians are yet making health affordably better for all. If so how do we celebrate their lifelong achievements in mediatong such a wonderful social servioce- and if eg education is not designed to learn from such examples anywhere that is pioneering this now the technology empowers us to learn by action networking and big data small superapping- AMEN change the education as well as the political processes and the fake media. NOW befire sustainability's clock strikes 12 in 2030

     1 This website is mainly concerned with a 3rd fake media challenge : world trade mapping though such maps cant be made without everyone valuing 1 and 2. 

    Start with a simple truth- in the 21st century , over 90% of world trade is shipped.  If you thought planes were more imporant- yes they do rich peoples markets but thats all. They cant cope democratically with the bulk of trade either physically or ecologically.  What teachers and children and community leaders need to do is get out a map of the continent (or isle) they live on and ask questions which burst through fake market media. Hete are some examples of Belt Road Imagineering. If you live in landlocked nation, do you have good neighbour relations sufficient to share a superport and design container railway corridors so that all your peoples can trade equally. Dare to leartn from histiry's biggest mistakes - understanding that as recently as 1946 ther was 1000 tikmes less communications tech today- so oftentimes place leaders didnt know better than paper based boks, laws wriiten in stone age mindset . One of the most important world future questions you can ask relentlessly: is which were the 8 richest nations at the start of the 20th century and how had they get so messed up that half a century of wars spiraled. I am a Diaspora Scot. If there is one thing I know it is that English speaking history of where the human race was at start of 20th centiry was never taught truly by any grade of our education system : not at first grade, not at12t,h not the top professor of economic history with perhaps the one exception of Keynes who became hated by every other 20th C economics professor for defing the hipocratic oath of professions as compunding the end of poverty as goal 1. Educators were NOT given freedom of speech to open space for children to question: how England (and everyione who thinks mainkly in the English language including 90% of scientists up to world war 2 who were 99% men) dismally grew rich by coolnisisng quarter of the people in the world who lived in south asia and closing down the world trade of another quarter of the people who lived in china or close to its borders. In 1860, English shipping that dominated the far east made china the dirtiest currency propistion ever. You will get opium for the silks and spices we want to trade from you. What hapened next is that China preferred to close its quarter of the people down from world trade. This also weakened China which started finding its coastlines and Korea's colonised by the Japanese.


    If educators are to tell the truth about 20th century's world wars: they were caused by the developed nations in Eurasia. USA and canada who had prevously focused on developing their own conitinent generously steeped in between 1900 and 1950 to save humanity from total destruction. In spite of England having started the industrial revolution, Englands professors had always disliked engineers too dirty and working class for high minded people. So what happened in 1946 is peculiar - British leaders stopped training engineers completely whilst also running out of its Empire responsibilities as fast as possible. While it was certainly time to celebrate independence doing so by helping with engineering would have been most useful. The Japanese as the losers of world war 2 followed an opposite course- they develooped the world's best engineers. The Koreans wanted nothing from the Japanese other than being better engineers than them. The Diaspora Chinese in what were to become the great island suoerports took what they liked best of 1 engineering, 2 trading, 3 getting back confidence of an indomiitable chinese spirit which had always been pretty good for world trade (eg the silk road) until 1500 whence English mercatile colonisation expoenentially depressed livelihhods of all on the southern and eastern coast of asia, If we dare to accept this history then the good news journalised over 40 years by The Economist's end povert sub-editor was within the quarter of a century aftter ww2 the japanese became the 2nd biggest economic power delivering super advances in electronic , ciivil and shipping/container engineering which S Korea also made its business to learn. The diaspora chinese developed the greatest trading belt so that east-west hemisphere trade around these great new innovations could flow. Get out a map of this oriental coastal belt- make a straight line from japan to south korea onward via taiwan and hong kong to singapore. To go west every shipping trade had to pass through the straits that Singapore now watched over. To do this singapore needed to become the most multicultirally safe city the trading world had ever dared to imagine, as well as invite all of asean's biggest investors who wanted security above creed. Back in mainland China the peoples suddenly saw the last thing in the world they needed was stalin's communism, they needed the chinese diaspora's trading joys. The cultural revolution was sudden violent unfair but it did promise one vision that the family loving chinese agred to hold to future account- women hold up half the sky.  Since the Chinese Diaspora were by now the third richest investment network in the world, a fifth of the world peoples were suddenly freed to linkin worldwide. (In a peculiar twist they were to invest all their future security at the time of digital revolution on one child per family. That is how a nation with no non-state businesses in 1975 suddenly celebrated millions of startups a year during the first year of the UN sustainabiluty goals. The Chinese have to invent worldwide youth livelihood education to survive,

    Looking back with hindsight : the whole coastal belt from Beijing south to around latitude 20 then veering west at hong kiong before china turns into the asian peninsula blocking shipping until you have reached singapore was an open playbook for designing superports. So this is how the far east reconfigured all its suercities to be ready for 21st centuiry world trade while every other conteinental space on earth was locked into increasingly fake media and politicians/academics who had next to zero future expertsie in worldwide trade mapping. It doesnt matter what you call this mapping (BRI.school Belt Road makes litreral sense if you value the commons of how 90% of trade will be mobilised) but the architecture of your shippjng, citiies, villages and your suoerrailways is critical for social and economic growth- the mapping of your planes and roads secondary for the vast majority of 21st C lives. Its a very good thing for sustainability goals that Xi Jinping is offering to debate this with any cluster of national leaders (see what happens at the next bianniual meetoing April 2019); that guterres uses similar logic to ask how can we stop borders being the world's greatest risks and what are the cooperation opportunities for digital youth (see next repiort by Melinda Gates and Jack Ma March 2019); and meanhwile the world top digital commerce and educationalists and sustainable youth has a first chance to chat to jack ma at hangzhou g20 and get a great chance to talked to the redesigned educator jack ma at all upcoming olympics (Korean 2018) Tokyo 2020; Beijing 2022, Paris 2024). Lets hope that English speaking princes are joined by Luxembourg's ) as smart at celebrating sustainability trade's new new world as Charles was in 1964.

    Well ok maybe that is the bias of a diaspora scot speaking - we just love to see people/in every community improving sustainbily all over the world, That is because colonisation of ur nation from 1700 spawned the consequence that more of us Scots live worldwide than on our own mother land. Yes in 2018 we do feel particylarly homeless as britain exits europe and scoltand asks can we stay in every country. We are only sme networkers- we have never tried to harm any big nations' largets industry players with the exception of arms where we recommend bagpipes as a far greater detrrent,. We believe SME markets are what sustains family loving economies so that every locality can grow youth who serve local while thinking global; we hope these will be the free markets that women and future justice votes for even if that means restructuring very media baron old and new; and three cheers for jack ma's idea that the most joyful soicial markets health, arts, education need to be designed by worldwide youth not siloised elders sitting in their ivory towers nor their supreme courts nor courting iversexed media barons

    BACK TO THE SPACE RACE ON EARTH . with thanks to Yoko Ono

    If we were vaguely right intsead of ;precisely wrong in assessing how the future of the world was being reborn in the 1960s, we need to leep asking what was and will be happening to each G7/8country. We have seen how Japan @G2 whilst still the war tlke enemy had ebooted the far east. Kennedy @G1 had excitred the world with the vision that man and computing can blend intelligencws to race to the moon as well as popping in to W Germany with Iche been ein berliner- sadly he didnt get to see the wonders of his own goal blossoming, with his assination in 1963,. G007 Prince Charles attended the Tpkyo Olympics and became the first Euroipean to admit that Europe now needed trade with Japan far more than Japan would ever need the Euro. To Akio Morita Charles said if you are inward investing in Europe remember my country wales first- so to speak Britian and Japan first to bond unruling the waves .

    These are the most exciting times to be alive as primarily 3 generations choose whether to invest in worldwide youth as first sustainability generation

     which 20 markets purpose (true or fake) will determine if the half of our species under 30s are sustainable media true or fake 



    related normanmacrae.net brandchartering.com 

    alibabauni.com yunus10000.com 

    brac.tv collaborationcafe.tv 


    9961.JPG  which are the premier lueague of cities linking worldwise sustainability gilas of youth and whichcities should be demoted from any curricula taught to youth over last decade of sustainabilty world possible -n if you dont want ti whatsaoo with vauetrue at 240316 8157 whynot sunbit cases to head if unhabitat- her deadline is march 2019 for publishing this report to laucn 2020s un  who has designed health servioce so that as may as posiblbabies live to 65 and contrute to their natin;s devloment and who has desugned the pposite health sector- why mt let poe fracus help map the answer if yo0u dint know lawyers oro girls or elerly male raists (eg oxfam haiti or the estermes of us congress who claim taht america depends on which 15 year old boy or girl to believe- honestly both are not people i would elect as ruing the country and i dont tuink they would want their 15 yera old selces to do so either)  nig vaks who have subprimed youth out of eustence or the opposie fintech educatirfs who cafre morae about their monopolies to certify or those who realise that the amlounf=t of work milennials need to do to save our species is hugethose who are addiucted tio chociolarte of cafe society or thise who care whather the cop farers get 1% or 4% of the total value chain -nb usaid still gasnt made cist iof siuch value chains transparent 10 year after obam promised he would make that happen  what is the purspoe of arms- t increas peac or to incraese wars whats the purspoe of energy7 - to make our choldrns lot better or wiorse             

    Valuetrue explores the Moore Law Hypothesis that technology has been doubling the value of community- social enterprising worldwide trade mapping every 7 years since 1946- if correct that means that during the sustainability goals era 2015-2030 we the peoples need to help our under 30s navigate an era of 1028-4056 more digital connectivity; 50 years ago, the moon landing caused The Economist's readers to be one of the first networks to debate this timeline also dubbed Entrepreneurial Revolution by The Economist's end-poverty sub-editor Norman Macrae.
      1946-19531953-1960  1960-1967 1967-1974 1974-1981 1981-1988 1988-1995 1995-20022002-2009 2009-2016 2016-2023    

     2016-2023 These are the most exciting times to be alive- 3 generations : grandparents, parents, youth will decide future of our species- deadline 2030

    where we are now in 2018?

     All to play for around 13  Maps of Belts (Coastline), Roads (Continent Overalnd) - example half the world people need to blend digital cooperation networks of digital wizards like Jack Ma and heroic women empowered village networking eg Sir Fazle Abed who connects the largest and most collaborative NGO partnership BRAC. These leaders' half century of loving human development can be amplified by 10+ years of identifying a billion people social prioriities across Indian by tech geniius Nilekani. Click to the corridor map #BRO-#BR2 or unite  the world in wishing peace comes to N Korea's people locked into middle of 3 neihbors China #BR0, #BR3 Russia and #BR1 east asean including the enginnering genii of Jaoan and S korea, ..further south on the SE ASia peninsular: singapore continues to be worlds cultura fusion  jewel in the criown and the most intelligent isle -when you look at nations clustered around other shipping bottlenecks of suez and panama - why cant the singapore way apply?

    Intel and other tech luminaries say that G5 will mean that by 2025 the world 7.5 billion intelligent humans will be surrounded by an order of magnitude more intelligent machines- will that race work out well for humans? - IR4 hubs of WEF are so far localed in Tokyo Beijing and the valley 

    Do humans share enough good spirits to leap from old fears to new courage?


    Von-Neumann - programable computer open sourced

    as a sub-editor of the 1990s biography of Jon Veu Neumann, chris macrae believes that JvN would have championed the following true media alert 

    sustainability literacy will require sea-change in education including teachers as well as students exploring previously missing curricula such as who designs the future?

    Jack Ma: Trade War Could Last For 20 Years 马云: 中美 

    according to keynes (last chapter of general theory of money, interest, employment -- elderly academic macroeconomists are youth's greatest threat- wherever they (are hired by vested interests or people who hate innovation for the public good)- mathematically it is evident that only only economists have the (unseen weslth) power to exponentially lock in what is socially possible for next generation- let's try unlock how history's future can be joyfully entrusted to micro-designers- eg see 1981=1988 for the most economical health system ever designed by one of the 10 most populous nations or see  2009 onwards between digital finaciers of the poorest vesrus big subprme bankers


     American Deming brings quality enginnering systems start to rebuild Japan and Oriental world trade around post colonial win-win development goals

     American dream peaks with eg JFK announces moon race as visible test oif best of wht computer and man inteligence can do- uniquely in america about 10000 brains are assigned to this one goal freed from silos of corporate, government, nogov. This event causes 25 year debate if this time line to be chereld by The Economists end-poverty sub-editior whose annual surveys visit nations in different hemeisphers asking how can we the worldwide peopels helop each other in a "death of distance" and digitally borderless world

    World sees the new Japana at the Rokyo Oly;pica at 1964 and Prince Chareks leads rush of European companies to invite Japan (Sony) to invest in quality manufactiring in Europe. 

     Bangladesh starts up BRAC villages labs for realising dreams of world poorest village women in 1972 around former national chairman of Shell Oil - Sir Fazle Abed BRAC. In 1974 US trained macroeconomist Dr Yunus tears uo the text books and asks his most loyal students including Nurjahan Begum to start a 9 year experiment which becomes Grameen Bank by national ordinance in 1983



    China opens up youth dreams of coming back to world trade after over 110 years of being firced to close its gatweays to the world by the British proposition that opium be a currency for valuing global popularity of spices, and artistic silks and pottery. Keysian village economiics is innovated in both Bangaldesh and China around markets fir rice and barefoot health services. A post-modern interpreation of Cobfucius integrated a priority of valuing that girls hold up as much of the sky as boys. (Ironically the hemisphere where lack of electricity grids had valued male power over female as one consequence of how the west roolled out industrail revolutiin embedded me-too movements front and centre into what China and world economic form now calls the 4 industrial revolutions of 1970s-2025 

    By 1974 Japan has risen to 2nd largest economy- South Korea is replicating many of Japans enginnering leaps;  

     BRAC bottom-up girl empowered vilage economics transforms 2 models of westren aid - either turn scale goal of charitable partershop througj auditing postive income or give diurectly to obesreving specific scaling olution such as peer to poeer training if everyu vilage mother in oral rehydration(reason save lives of one in four infants previously dying of diarrhea)

    Hangzhou is designated a first tourist town. THe pre-teen Jack Ma teaches himselgf and peers engliksh so as to start a toutris guikde business inpired by his Geography teacher that this outside bthe calssrom process would be the most fun way to study the rest of the world (not in 1974 no such global geography curriculum could be studeid in a normal school). Later in 2016, Jack was to annouce at the UN education commision hosted by envoy Gordon Brown: that half of youth would be unemployable unless education was transformed itside the classroom. He would put his life expereince where his mouth was from 2019. The next day he was elected by UBCATD to lead their Youth Entrepreneur-livelihood partnerships 

    From 1976 China's first non-state busienss designed round invitation to Diaspora to be billion dollar inward investors . Villagers freed by advance in rice science (green revolution from eg American Borlaug) 

    BRAC girl empowerment scales health and agricultural microfranchises from one to 200000 vilages inspiring in 1983 a national ordinance to celebrate a bank for poor rural women called grameen. NB the constitution of grameen was compliacted - its blend of wonnership by poorest vilagers and goivernment applied to vilage development only something very different from the national ngo partnership constitution of BRAC. 

    While Paul Farmer and Jim Kim help Harvard redeaign its course on anthroplogy of medicine around living cases in Haita, the 15 year old Xi Jinping is asked to finish hi school in remote vilages and take that expereince to Tsinghua which is being redesigned as the university of public service and future technology. From 1988 a second wave of Chiense corporations is introduced around suoer-regions. Jinpings eassys out of poverty start to appear in 1988 as he is assigned rural revitalisation of a provinec adjave to the then undeveloped future city Shanghai 

    While Grameen circles of 60 women chnsats vilagers 16 decision cultural vision of women building a rural nation, brac delivers village mothers dreams round 40000 informal primary schools each pupiled with about 60% girls. Before presidency the Clintons visit Yunus and join the movement that new  grameen internationa organsiations be set up. By law these cannot use Bangaldeshi funds so both Grameen Trust (led by Yunus elder mentor Latifee) and Foundation (based in DC) become mainly American-funded  advocacy networks which also start intern-ficused Grameen Dialogues.

    After Jak Ma first visit ti USA in 1994 - he commits to 25 yeras of exploiring how thw workdwide web can be inyriduced ti chian to sustaina livelihoods. He becomes the epicentre of big data small platform designs which take 14 years to fully develo for a combination of reasons; extrenal angel invetsirs need to be found as china has no constitution for internet corporate, mobile infrastructure needs to gain nationwide availability- more at 2008  

    1996 Leapfrog experiments in both mobile and solar start in both Bangladesh and China 

    A partnership including george soros, MIT-Legatum (Quadir brithers), Telenor, and Yunus get Bangaldesh' s first mobile licence. The parters soon dusagree on startegy but what haoens is Bangaldesh's larest coirpoiration is born with about a third of its dividends assigned to developing grameen bank members. The Clintons and Sapins queen sifia ask Yunus ti jeynite an annula summit - microcreditsummit

    BRAC does something completely differenet as technology starts to  modernise Dhaka. It races ti become a leading national bank so that SMEs are repersented in the capiatls finacnial instutions. It also starts a university and turns its bih=ggest vilage value chains - eg putry and dauiry into nation leading enterpsrsies - polutry is for example stafeed by over a million vilagers! ONce tehse national foundatins afre secured BRAC selectively goes internatunal aiming to find one hi-tech or finacial partner most interested in each new nation entered

     Yunus becoes world famous but this also causes politucal difficultues back in Dhaka. Many of the origjunal tech partbers of Yunus start to quietly braisto a digital bank a billion fintech solution with BRAC

    2008 the year of subprime and of sart phone launch:

    Jack Ma has timed the development of Alipay  and Taobao/alibaba perfectly becoming one of the 3 digital corporate ecosystems offiicially accepted by China -the first time private companies have been alowed to use media to scale

    Xi Jinpings place based responsibilities start to include Shanghai as well as its neighboring prvovinces. He is being asked to devekop a national pan in case he is elected leader. In JInpings mind tow things are absolutely essential. Half a billion youth will need great liveklihoods- they are elders socil secutiry system as well as China's Dream. His work has helped end poverty in rural provinces close to China's golden caostaline- but ending poverty now requires building relationships with poorest neihbors whose place strategies can collaboratively gain on both sides of bordre only if new infrastructure invetesnt banking and digital startups mobilise 21st China


     Brac succeds in develooing fiontech for the poor around bkash and beoming te worlds largest NGO partershiop. WISE elects sur fazle abeds knowhow of women empowerrtment as the first education laureate.

    Xi Jinping and Jack Ma and Tsinghua all continue win-win upward goals for sustaining china and worldwide youth

    The UN launches sustainability goals. China G20 is the furst G20 to brfainstorm how could 20 natuosn embrace goals and teh era og 1000-2000 times more coms tech. With Guterres appointed heaad of the UN, it looks as if the twon thirds of the world citizens wholive in the East are ready to scale vilage woemn and youth empowered livelihoods of the sustainability genartion but which members of the G7 will join in mapping this, and could peace dividennds become part of the as yet missing funds for scaling sustainability goals across every community and racing to go as green as mother earth demands - help us search fpr more at Economistgoals.com www.worldrecordjobs.com

    incuding selected archives of BRAC's Sir Fazle Abed 




     All to play for around 13 Belt Riad Maps with digiyal cooperation netwirks of Jack Ma, Sir Fazle Abe Nilekani looking very exciting on the corridir #BRO-#BR2, the world wishing peace comes to where N Korea is piggy in middle of 3 neihbors China #BR0. #BR1 est asean including the enginnering genii of oan and S korea, .. singapore continues ti be worlds jewel in the criown as an intelligent isle -when you look at nations clustered around other shipping bottlenecks of suez and panama - the way singporae has navigated the future demands 5 gold stars

    people say that g5 will mean that by 2025 the workd 7 .5 billion intelligent hjmans will be surrounded by an order of magnitide more intelligent machines- will that race work out well for humans - IR4 hubs of WEF are so far localed in Tokyo Beijing and the valley 

    Back before 1946 system desufhed we study most in west include Keynes Einstein, Walter Bagehit , James Wilsn and Adam Smjith- this reflects the bais of Scottish Diaspora editirs among valuetrue.com but we are hear to learn any model that sees families and micro economic unit iof sustaining social world trade and celebrating birth if guilrs and boys futures everywhere at the same time   

    Valuetrue explores the Moore Law Hypothesis that technology has been doubling the value of community- enterprising economic mapping every 7 years since 1946- if correct that means that during the sustainability goals era 2015-2030 we the peoples need to help our under 30s navigate an era of 1028-4056 more digital connectivity;  50 years ago, the moon landing caused The Economist's readers to be one of the first networls to debate this timeline also dubbed Entreprejneurial Revolution by The Economist's end-poverty sub-editor Norman Macrae. Norman's case log of systems was influenced by what we may call 6 exponential schools of valuing intergenerational develoment: MAbcde - M=Moore; A=Adam Smith since 1748, B=Bangladesh womjen vilagers since 1972, C=China since early 1970s D=Deming (Japan) rising since about 1955,  E=the education of the unique cluster of mathematical jewish immigrants to America from Prussiona-Austrian most famously identified in the pre-digital systems mapping od Einstein and the first digital mapping of Von neumann the father of the programable computer. Some dates on conception of a world cahing idea are approximate. Note ,pst leap forwards in social technolgy took at least 7 yeras of hubbing a cluster of "Micr" community experiments before capiatalising on massive forward movement. This oofers a reason for optimisim that mkillennials maybe invested in  through the 1920s unite the world of nation, cities and vilages onto sustainable orbits by 2030. Hpwever this will require elders to confront that neither financial oir econmic models of globalisation are yet directed sustainably and that is why explorers of digital cooperation (see UN report March 2019), industrial revolution 4 hubs (WEF @Tokyo, @Beijing , @San Francisco) including eg how g5 is designed are critical as are eg explorers of how to use India's Billion Person Universal identity led by Indial's technolgist Nilekani but culturally backed by India's greatest architect of youth dreams - the late great President Kalam 

    www.economistbangla.com UN searches for what to do about humanity's greatest goals have next to no funding