writes from washington dc and glasgow summer 2021: dear 7.5 billion human brains and beings - Back in 1984 our book 2025 report lead editor the economist's norman macrae and biographer of von neumann's legacy of 100 fold more tech each decade 2020 back to 1960 - argued that of the 5 deepest sustainability goals communities are built or destroyed around - education goal 4 needed total transformation so as to achieve goal 3 last mile health, 2 last mile nutrition, 1 end of poverty as well as goal 5 100% inclusive community- we haven't got on to 2020s sustainability orbits yet for the younger half of the world- while all 5 sdgs are crashing into each other we still believe that transforming education can resolve every other challenge - in the 2020s this viw was reinforced by 15 visits to bangladesh to listen mainly to fazle abed who built a netwtek of 100000 personal trainers of womens empowerment - his 50 years of servant leadership influences our top 100 catalogue of how education can save planet and humans from extinction

ABED & - help map who advises younger half of world to connect friends and alumni of late sir fazle abed founder of BRA-Coop = Bangladesh Rural Advancement and Cooperation with billion Asian poorest women sdgs and community building enterprises

Scots are about 1/400 of human species, 80% living around the world. Over two thirds of the world's mothers are Asian. In 1760 we Scota started up age of humans & machines: naturally what we have discovered about chances of human sustainability have come mostly from servant leaders of billion asian village mothers and a few euro-american maths wizards, notably von neumann, einstein writes: Dad, Norman Macrae, end poverty sub-editor of the economist during most first 45 years of the united nations died in 2010, the 250th year of humans and machines started up by Glasgow University's Watt & Smith: soon afterwards Japan's Ambassador to Dhaka arranged for a dinner party to celebrate Sir Fazle Abed as humanity's greatest entrepreneurial revolutionary - can you help us share the knowhow abed empowered a billion asian women to network? it could just save our

Saturday, April 10, 1971

welcome to in association with - we represent the scottish view of what james wilson sought to mediate when he founded the economist in 1843 just over 80 years into the age of humans and machines founded by glasgow uni's watt and smith - and about 140 years after scotland failed as a nation due to fraudulent banking on scots building the panama canal - many canals too far so to speak

wilson's legacy asked that the paper be closed once its defining goals of end poverty and end hunger had been achieved- depending on how you audit things wilson 17 years of journalism was as gutsy and optimistic about humanity as any we free scots have seen

he got queen victoria to start changing the english constitution from ruling over slavemaking empire to mapping commonweatlh

he organised repeal of the corn laws- in 19=843 london's democracy was stuffed with land owens interests who preferred corn was sold at a monopoly minimum price even if that meant buring corn rather than sendin it to the irish who were dying of famine

wilson was not however in time to prevent famine and hatred of the english which spun as troubles for at leat 150 years

wilson's most courageous exploit was a fiasco, at least in its day; victoria chartered a brank for him to take to calcutta to start investing in india by and for the indian people- there james died of diarrhea 9 months after arival; it wasnt until 177 years later that the no cost cure - oral rehydration became the life critical action knowhow that helped fazle abed scale brac

ironically as's ftrst ceo larry brilliant observed probably no 100+ million nation will suffer more from ice melting if climate reaches plus 3 degrees... so scots, bangladeshi are two of t  world's most fervent supporters of climate adaptability - tell us your youth commitment to this urgent global village collaboration

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